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I've been lurking around awhile and reading threads. I recently recorded my swing and was surprised how much what I thought I was doing wasn't what I was doing. So I figured I might as well get involved here and participate it some threads and see if I can get a little help along the way.


I had some lessons 25 years ago when I was 12 but only played for a few weeks. Then I played maybe a dozen rounds over a year in my earlier 20s. Now in my late 30s I've gotten interested in playing consistently and getting better. So of course with the Internet now I read tips or watch youtube videos and practice a few air swings in the house and think I've got a swing grooved. Then I hit the course or range and realize I've got nothing. Then back to reading/watching more "tips" and next thing I know I've got dozens of swing thoughts in my head and hitting worse than when I just went out and gripped it and ripped it!



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Welcome! Hope join in the discussions. Lots of smart folks here that can help with your swing!
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Dobry den. ako to ide?  Vitajte na fore, pane.

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Originally Posted by bste View Post

Dobry den. ako to ide?  Vitajte na fore, pane.
Slovak?! That's a certified trademark of @RJH999 & @Ernest Jones b2_tongue.gif
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Yea, they threw that at me, I have enough trouble with english, I had to go back to my original post to copy it down.lol

Sorry OT

Welcome, lots of good stuff here.

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Welcome to the site. There is a lot of good and some "other" info out on Youtube. Lots of good info here IMHO.



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Welcome aboard, lots of great info here.

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