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Help from wife

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While on vacation my wife noticed that my shoulders and hips were open while hitting balls at a range. She told me to close my stance some and everything lined up and I was hitting the ball at the target and not pulls to the left. Is it ok to have a closed stance to line up correctly?

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Or you can close your hips and shoulders at address so they are square and see if that works for ya'.

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If you are hitting the ball more accurately with a closed stance, then it is not a bad thing. Successful golfers for many decades have used closed, open and square stances with regards to their line of play. That said, I believe more golfers use the square stance, than the other two.


I know in my own game I use a square stance most of the time, but there are some shots where I will use an open, or closed stance to get a desired ball flight.


You are lucky to have a wife who can help you out with your golf swing. :dance: 

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