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Indianapolis courses

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Hey guys and gals...


I'm relatively new to the Indy area and looking for various courses to play at...I've been to a few (Brookeshire, Prairie View, Bearslide, Plum Creek) but looking for "different" courses. I know Crooked Creek on the northwest side is kinda newer and exceptional considering the price...especially good for a qiuck round. You guys have any other recommendations?

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I can tell you all about courses an hour north at Lafayette but I've haven't played Indy.  I've heard positive reviews from those that have played The Fort and I've heard mixed reviews about Purgatory.   I've also heard good reviews about the Trophy Club(Lebanon) and The Golf Club of Indiana but they are just north of Indy.

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I've played both The Fort and Purgatory, and would recommend The Fort over Purgatory.

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I'm not from Indy, but I have always wanted to try Brickyard Crossing.

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I'll second that, Brickyard crossing is on my golf travel wishlist.  If I play there I'll probably pair that with a couple rounds at French Lick.

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I have played The Brickyard, honestly don't think it's worth what they want to play it...I played the Donald Ross course at French Lick last year the morning of my wedding...by far my favorite course I have played in Indiana!
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Try Southern Dunes on the southside
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I do not see what the big deal with Golf Club of Indiana is?   Layout is flat and uninspiring.


If you want to go north quite a bit -- there is Wildcat Creek in Kokomo, Mystic Hills (Pete Dye) near Culver and Swan Lake up near Plymouth.


Going south, The Legends south of Greenwood.

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Coffin Club on White River off of 30th street near Speedway is another fun layout.

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