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My Swing (PJCdude)

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Sorry for the low quality. I'll try to get some better angles eventually but in the meantime, here is my swing. I have been putting this off for awhile.


I've been Playing Golf for:​ Played a little as a kid but have been seriously playing for one year

My current handicap index or average score is: Low 100's. Broke 100 once recently with a 98

My typical ball flight is: Pretty straight when hit well.

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push. I have also been experiencing episodes of the shanks in recent rounds that really test my mental game.




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Hey, I just figured out how to make it slow mo:


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If you look at the slow mo vid, you can see that move all over alott, then you raise up, and wind up on your back foot, when at least 85 to 90 % should be on your front foot. I suggest you have a look at the 5 simple keys. There's some great video for drills to help you.


Here's a link, one I would suggest in particular is head steady.   http://purestrike5sk.com/videos.php

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Went to the range today and worked on keeping my front foot down in the backswing. Majority of my shots were DEAD STRAIGHT. I thought I would lose some distance but I guess keeping the foot down created more torque. Please critique away:


Face On View


Face On Slow Mo

Down The Line View

Down The Line Slow Mo

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Couple things with the set-up. 

- Grip looks weak or palmy with the right hand

 How to Grip a Golf Club, Commonalities of a Functional Golf Grip 


- Set-up with the hips a few inches more forward so your spine is tilted more right.


Then with the swing you are going to feel like you turn your hips rather than slide them back to your left.


 How to Make a Centered Hip Turn 

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Thanks! I noticed the hip slide too. Have never tried setting up with the spine tilted but will give it a shot.

My grip is pretty neutral as far as thumb position but can definitely be palmy sometimes.

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Dusting the cobwebs off for the beginning of the season. When I hit the ball well I'm getting a gentle draw. My miss right now is a push though. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the video quality.


Face On

Face On Slo Mo


DTL Slo Mo

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Hi, I don't know your practice routine but some good advice I got from the folks on here was to practice slowly http://thesandtrap.com/t/54840/simple-specific-slow-short-and-success-the-five-s-s-of-great-practice so that you begin to change the picture. It is certainly helping me to ingrain the right positions and movements. Good luck
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My practice routine is definitely quicker paced then it should be. I have a tendency to rush
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Originally Posted by PJCdude View Post

My practice routine is definitely quicker paced then it should be. I have a tendency to rush

Me too, and I have to really concentrate to slow everything down!  It really does help though and I've found that my faults.....which there are loads of by the way, are starting to improve.  Try practicing the moves suggested to you at slower speed and film them to post on here.  Again this is advice I have picked up from the top guys on here so please thank them when you are playing off single figures!

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What I really want to know is how in the world did you ever manage to get into this position? I was trying to do it but my body didn't allow it.. It really looks painful ;)

Getting a more centered turn like Mike hinted will help you with getting your weight forward on the DS.. Right now you are spinning out of your shoes and that's why your ending up like the picture above where instead you should be ending up on your toes like the below.

Once you start getting your weight forward you will find that you are ending up on your toes for sure.. Good luck!
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One thing about me that might explain that. Even though I swing lefty, in most activities I am righty. In beer league softball I would actually switch hit. Righty for power, lefty for accuracy. I'm definitely more powerful on my right side, but golf swing wise you don't get foul balls. I'm not really used to pushing off with my left foot too much, but I agree that does look pretty painful and definitely something thats not textbook.


I think the fact that I don't get my weight forward is why I have the ball further back in my stance. I need to be willing to suck for a few sessions and top the ball by putting it forward so I NEED to get weight forward. 

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Check out this thread and consider that your hips slide back and then nothing can get very far forward at impact, with your weight well back: How to Make a Centered Hip Turn .

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So I got a chance to sneak over to the range today and try this move out. As you'll see by the video, there is plenty of other ugly shit going on (inner part of my left foot coming up and still having trouble getting weight forward in follow through) but I DEFINITELY feel the difference in my hip turn in the back swing. I am approaching this swing change with low expectations at the beginning but to be honest this was no worse than a usual range session with my hip swaying swing. I definitely had some shots where I felt totally in control and motivated to continue working on my hip rotation. I know I have a long way to go, and this video was taken in the beginning of my session. I felt like I improved later in the session but this shows two things that I still had questions about:


Why is the inside of my back foot now coming up? (never used to happen)

Why am I still doing the weird move with my back foot and not getting up on it?

Do my hips look any better? They feel TOTALLY different. I'm afraid I'm straightening the back leg too much.


Sorry, I only took face on videos:







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Thanks Mike!
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I starting getting the hang of key 1 but I was overswinging ALOT and had trouble getting weight forward for key 2. I feel like I make best contact when I have a short back swing so I focused on that for this session and magically I was getting weight forward. I feel like a little bit of my sway came back but overall I feel like I've made some decent progress considering my golf time is limited until the summer. I appreciate all the advice I have gotten from you guys and wish I had more time to put it to use.








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Much better with that left foot on the backswing and Key #2. Would still like to see you work on that grip, right hand looks palmy.


How to Grip a Golf Club, Commonalities of a Functional Golf Grip 

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