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I have been playing for a year as well. I have had 2 birdies to date. Celebrated the 1st one quite a bit. They were on a par-4 and a par-5. As others have said though, Birdies are for advanced level..If you just started playing though and have only played 4 times, I would say you are in very good shape so far.

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Thanks for all the advice guys. I look forward to learning and sharing experiences on this forum. Going to focus on eliminating the really bad shots and the overthinking. Just play and have fun.
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If you've come to golf for instant gratification then you came to the wrong sport. 


For me, golf is and has been about time and patience. The less time you put in the less you can expect from your play. The less patient you are, the less you will play. While that may be similar to many, if not all sports, golf is different than most. It is  you against the game. Once you feel as if you conquered it, she humbles you. Once you feel you are dialed in, she hangs up on you. Once you feel trust in a shot, she double crosses you. But once you feel deflated, ground down, peppered, beat up, tired and hopeless, she picks you up, dusts you off and draws you back for more. 

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I made my first birdie pretty quick - lucked out and made a long putt on a par 3.     It's closing in on 4 years and still haven't made an eagle yet ... haven't even had a sniff at one under 10 ft  !

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Originally Posted by fozgolf View Post

Any tips on how to make bogeys feel good for those of us shooting over 100?

You just gotta forget about the big picture of scoring under than 100, and come up with lesser goals that are realistic. My wife, who has never broken 100, has some unique strategies when golfing:


  * When she started playing golf, her goal was to make a score that had a name:  double bogie, bogie, par, birdie, etc. Snowmen didn't count.  :-P


  • Now her goal is to break her age for nine holes.  :dance:


  • Another goal is to finish 9 holes without any three putts.  :surrender:


Just remember, enjoy the journey and don't worry about the destination.

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I have made only 4 birdies in my life, and I've played hundreds of rounds. Don't expect to make many, if any of them. Instead, think of par as a birdie - that will be rare enough. 

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I wouldn't worry much about the lack of birdies if you are new. It will happen but chances are until you get to certain skill level when it does luck will play a part. It is only recently I have come to expect a few here and there. My guess is my stats are similar to other golfers playing in the 5-9 range. Pars and bogeys make up the majority of my scoring average by a wide margin. My birdie average is pretty close to my double average, hovers in the 8-10% range.
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