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My Swing (tholland)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 4 Years

My current handicap index or average score is: 102

My typical ball flight is: A Draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  Hooks , ball starts straight then hooks


Forgive the bad angles.  I need help with fixing a hook.  Any feedback will help.




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A few things I see are your hands are too low at set up partially because you are way too bent over the ball, I think your stance is a bit on the wide side and narrowing it up will allow a more free motion of your hips through the ball, basically what may be happening is your getting "stuck"  in your downswing and the club just swings around your body and not down the line.

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I can't give you specific advice on how to get rid of the hook, however I can give you some general advice that I think can go a long way in helping you improve!

I think you should switch gears from trying to "fix" the hook to coming up with a plan to solidify your whole swing and making it a structurally and functionally sound swing!

This way you can put together a road map to improving and owning a specific ball flight with a specific miss that is controllable! For example, I am working hard right now to make my stock shot a push draw and eventually the miss I want to have is a slight push if I don't draw it with an occasional over draw to boot!

So what should you work on? I would say take a look at the grip thread shared by Matt in the other thread you started.

Then go right into working on your pivot, you turn right now and your arms basically break down right before getting to the top, with your left knee kicking in on the backswing. Then when you start your downswing you lose your angles early an end up flipping at the ball because you are coming in so steep at the ball an if you didn't flip you would dig up the ground before even touching the ball!

So, sequencing will be important and having the correct turning rates will be a key for you in the backswing and downswing. You can find a thread on both pivoting and sequencing rather easily in the search function!

You don't shift your weight forward enough and that will be addressed eventually, but first work on the grip and the pivot piece and take some video and enjoy the process of improving an pay less attention to the results in the mean time!

I know I am improving my swing, even though my scores aren't showing it, but I'm sticking with it until I either get bored or get old! :)

Good luck
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Head moves too far up and to the right. Part of it is just the way you address the ball. 


- Need to get the handle higher, point the butt of the club closer to the top of your zipper

- Allow the head to "hang", lower the eyes


More on all that here

 Good Golf Posture (How to Address the Golf Ball) 


So the head moves too much which causes the shoulders to turn too flat and the left shoulder to travel too far back. This is going to cause some path and sequencing issues.


Note how the left shoulder (below) goes down and back, to about the center of the stance.


Some good drills to help you keep things more centered. The eyes being more down at address will also help, the left shoulder won't be able to go so far back.





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Thanks for the feedback. I will work on these drills and review more in regards to good posture
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