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What Putter You Using....

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For the past 15 years or so, I have stayed with one putter.  Never have had another.  Been in the golf shop and tried others, but just can't get past my love for my SeeMore Original Bronze FGP Putter...What putter you using and for how long????? 

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In the past years the putter has been a revolving door in the bag. I have settled on Odyssey Rosie. Love it. Have used it all season. It is the older 2010 model.
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~1973 Ping blade putter, very old but very good.

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Ping Anser2 patent pending. I'm too old to remember how old it is.
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Right now, I'm between a Nike Method Core Weighted MC02W and Bobby Grace AMG Triumph. Need to play more consistently again to figure out which works best for me.
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My trusty old Odyssey Dual Force Rossie 1.  It's well over 20 years old.  I've occasionally tried out other putters in the store, but nothing has really made me feel like changing.  I am thinking about cutting the shaft down a bit and putting on one of those fat handles, though.

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I have many putters


Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Versa Taylor Made putter

Odyssey putter

Two ball putters

just to name a few


But my favorite is a Yonex ADX blade putter it feels so soft when I putt with it, I switch putter and always come back to the Yonex ADX.  I had three birdies in a roll during one round and I can't say that for any other putter and its currently in my bag.

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The first putter I bought was a Northwestern Tom Weiskopf I think. It's a blade style putter. I gamed that for several years because I was too cheap to replace it although I really lusted after those trillium models. They were just too much money and my game was too horrible to justify it.


The second putter I bought was a Bear Tracker... I gamed that for a few years but didn't like it because I couldn't line up my putts very well but was too cheap to replace it.


The third putter I bought is a Yes golf Valerie that I got off the internet for cheap... it's more of a mallet style and I like it. I doubt I'll be replacing it.

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Edel Columbia, 370 gram head weight, 40 gram counter balance, 34" length


Had it for about 6 months, will never get another putter again. 

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Scott Cameron 2011 Fastback 1, I started playing it with the start of the 2012 season.  I think I've landed on the putter that works best for me, I played blade style putters like the SC Newport and the Ping Anser for years, but the Fastback is the right size between a blade and a mallet.

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me a 45 year old bullseye and  in 2000  got a S/C bullseye make over

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Metal X center shafted #7. 7cs they call it. Its been a few years, about when Odyssey Metal X hit the market. Had to order it from London. At the time they only had those Tank models, which are too heavy for me.
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Using a Nike Method Drone I bought 2 weeks ago. First day playing with it sank a 25 footer for par so it's worked out well so far. Better than my old thrift store putter I had.

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Wilson Harmonized mallet style putter. Why? I was on a budget. But I'm not getting rid of it. Averaging right under 2 putts the last four games I'm extremely happy. For me that is good and its let me break into the 80's twice now.
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I use an old Ray Cook Blue Goose. Same putter for about 30 years. I have multiple Scottys, but I game this.
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New Odessey tank cruiser 7. 38 inch grip. I'm tall so it fits. My putting stance is a lot more upright and natural than before.
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:odyssey:Teron putter


:cameron: Squareback #2 Studio Select (I suspect is fake - I thought about sending it to the shop for authentication but I don't want them to keep it if it's fake! - I do like it...)


:tmade: Ghost Manta Putter


I'm using the Scotty right now, but I might go back the ghost Manta putter...  I like a little aim assistance

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I picked up a Taylormade white smoke and really like it... it's simple looking
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