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Strata Tour Ultimate

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My favorite ball in the past was the Strata Tour Ultimate. Loved every thing about it. Unfortunately they were discontinued.

This weekend at the flea market (swap shop for you Cali boys), I found a few in the recycle bin. They were like brand new. I think I may play these babies this weekend. I wish I had more time to rummage through the bin (1000's of balls), but I had my dog with me and he was impatient (if you know what I mean). I didn't want him to pee in the shop (or on my leg). a1_smile.gif
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That's a good find there. Are the Strata Ultimates like the wound balata balls of several years ago?


What makes them special and desirable? Not being snarky because I honestly don't know. I always played the Top Flite X outs or the cheapest balls I could find

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A lot of tour pros started playing the Strata. I don't believe they were wound. That's pretty old technology. The Strata were long and really spun. The cover is as soft as any I've felt. I think they're balata, but I never had a problem with damaging balata balls. Cart paths are a different story. Next time I go back to the flea market, I'll really rummage for more.
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