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Re: Difference between Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

The pro V1x will spin alot less than the pro v1.
but in my opinion, i dont think they are the best ball out there, there are many balls that compete with the pro v1's.
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Re: Difference between Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

Any suggestions to any ball that is close to better than the pro v1, maybe same caliber, but cheaper on the shelves?
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Re: Difference between Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

most premium balls are around the same price. here's the dl on the differences between the two. the X will produce less backspin on drives, thus resulting in a more piercing ball flight, that doesnt climb as high in the air. they perform the same around the greens. both balls are made for different ss, launch angles, and other types of swing conditions. normally those with high ss will use the X, but its not always the case.
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Re: Difference between Pro V1 and Pro V1x?

Originally Posted by clubmaker15 View Post

Are they the best golf ball out there?
For many players they are, and I'd argue that most pros think they are the best. However, no single ball is the best for everyone.

For instance, if you can't control spin properly or tend to put unintended side spin on the ball, the Pro V1 is the wrong ball for you. If you don't swing with a pretty high swing speed, then the Pro V1x is probably not the best ball for you.

Also, if you lose a lot of balls out of bounds, neither is probably the best for you
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Re: Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x

Originally Posted by golfbarefoot View Post
So you actually see a difference in distance, but the Prov1 is softer with irons. Does the Prov1 spin noticeably more than the X off the driver?

Also, you are saying I am not 'losing' distance by using the x since my swing speed is slower.

Im intrigued about the whole compression and if switching to a regular Prov1 is worth a try.

has anyone else with a slower swing speed seen a difference? thanks
I have a swing that tops at about 91 and a 7.0 handicap... I prefer the x as I get extra distance and that is a premium to me with the slower swing speed.. I tend to have a alot of spin on the ball anyway and though the 1 has better response around the greens, I would rather be hitting a lower iron into the green than being concerned with the feel around the greens. You can learn to deal with the feel of the ball, but you can't learn to swing faster so the premium to me is to maximize distance.

There maybe be a better ball for me out there, but I am just a Titleist diehard.
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Re: Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x

I prefer the V1. I dont hit it has high as a v1x, and my iron distance is increased with the V1. So what i loose off the tee playing a V1 vs a V1x, i pick back up with the irons. I don't swing fast enough to compress a v1x so i don't always get the results i want from it. Plus, around the green a can make smooth tempo strokes and the ball will still spin alot, or do whatever else i want.
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Originally Posted by Newbie Collection Agency View Post

A Pro V1 would be my next choice, as others have mentioned the V1X just doesn't seem to spin as much as I'd like it to. I've found the HX 56 is sort of the best of both, loads of spin, but longer for me than a proV1. Oh, my swing speed is in the high 120's.

I'm not one to give too much advice but I think you should slow your swing speed down a little and maybe bring down that 18 cap. Just saying, Bubba.
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I don't get decent feel out of pro v1s. My driver speed is 95 and it feels like a rock. It doesn't hold thin green as well as balls with more pronounced dimples. It putts different too, it kinda glides which can be good or bad depending on how used to it you wanna get.



Better ball to try Bridgestone bxs 330. probably about $10 less.



There are numerous options to try $20 less, but you probably knew that already.

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