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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

Originally Posted by extremeld View Post
460 yards
Oh my Lord.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

326 using the "mark ball" feature on the skycaddy, on a flat fairway, sort of mushy--very below average roll out. Have hit plenty 380 plus on downhill fairways, but that is bs.

Measured many pitch marks next to my ball on very slow fairways and average about 280-290 carry.

Unless you have a skycaddy or GPS many golfers have no clue how far 300 yards is.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?


downhill with fairway going away from teebox in Arizona

not as impressive now is it
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

In a junior tournament we were playing I got to the 14th tee and it was a 420 par 4. I hit an extreamly well drive for me at the time (270 yards). Hit the 150 granite plaque in the fairway and then hit the cartpath eventually rolling to into the greenside bunker. It was about 410 yards but i dont think that can really count....gotta love the cartpath
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

SM11, that is one of the few stories on this thread that I believe!
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

Right around 290, that was 20 ft downhill to uphill fairway, with a 13.5 g10.
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Re: your longest drive

547yard-yeah I'll tell you how I did it.

I once hit a par 5 in one. It was 547 yards. I hit it sweet and there was a breeze and a slightly downhill fairway. The ball pitched 5 yards short ( I could just about see with my telescope) and rolled onto the green.

When I got to the ball, it had snow on it. I had to wipe it. Next thing I know this pilot appears..."you could of bloody killed 245 people, you f***ing fool!!!!" he says. I had hit it so high that it nearly took a plane out. I argued back, knowing full well I was in the wrong and should of shouted FORE. We ended up fighting on the green-I won. We made up in the bar afterwards though, he was actually a nice guy. A French fella he was, smelled a bit of garlic. After a few ales he gave me a go of his plane and we flew home. When I got home I went to clean my 3 wood (I never hit driver on that hole), and it had scorch marks on the face, incrdeible, I hadn't even middled it.

By the way I 4 putted for a par. What a waste of a good drive-but I will never forget that day.

The moral of the story is..."don't argue with French pilots". No, I mean "drive for show and putt for dough", yeah thats it.

Next week I'll tell ya about that 187 ft putt I holed...........

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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

362 yards on a lasered golf course.

Off a cliff, 30m above the fairway, slight tailwind, on a really hot day to a rock hard fairway.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

I'd say right at 320. 15-20 mph tailwind on a wide open hole that measured 360. My second shot was a pitch at the flag and I missed the 8 ft birdie.

I normally only drive about 260-270.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

Longest ever was in the neighborhood of 360 yards. relatively level hole with a helping wind and dry winter fairways. That was 17 or 18 years ago and measured in Google Earth. Longest last year was 321 years, measured with laser and confirmed on Google Earth. Longest this year so far is 290 yards measured with GPS... also with dry (not frozen) winter fairways.

Those are all aberrations though. My average with the driver not counting those bombs is more like 250-260 yards, and I play at over 5200 feet elevation here in the Denver area.

Added: Anyone who tries to measure a shot by the yardage on the scorecard and the course markings is probably kidding themselves. Do yourself a favor and check out your course in Google Earth and measure the drive that way... you will get a reasonably accurate straight line measurement which is far more meaningful. It may be ego deflating, but it's honest. On my home course I can even see the course yardage markers (white plaques in the fairway at 250, 225, 200, 175, 150, 125, and 100 yards), so I can measure quite accurately using the satellite views. When I measure from the tee to the marker, then from the marker to the green the total is almost always less than the total on the scorecard.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

Wow! I really have no idea. I did get an eagle on a 477 yard par 5. Driver was straight and long, then a 4 iron to the green, so I'm going to guess about 275 yards as my longest (and straightest).
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

Not really sure. At my course there is a 360 yard hole that I have driven (straight flat hole but very wind aided by Texas wind) and our 18th is a 375 yard par 4 with an elevated green and water in front and I have hit it in the water a few times so no idea how far it might have gone(straight hole but downhill and downwind when it happened). Both thse holes usually play into the wind but a few times a year the winds shifts and we get the wind behind us on those holes.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

363 is my best so far
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

400 meters. Severely downhill and downwind. I actually missed the green by 5 meters on that par five. I was on the thick rough and only managed to get a birdie
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

My longest is around 330, there was a 40 foot drop but there was a head wind, I nuked this ball and it payed off.

My most proud however is a 296 yard 3 wood off a tee. My playing partner saw my drive and decided to measure it. The hole is also ever so slightly uphill, so that was a real accomplishment for me. I still have that ball, in my room, in a box.
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

I personally don't use the driver that much, but my longest drive was on the first hole of my course. Its a 400 yd. par 4. I drove it to the fringe, about 20 yds short of the pin... greatest feeling when playing with a new group of people
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Re: Longest Personal Drive?

on the course i never swing for the fences... makes my score card look like a winter postcard with lots of snowmen... so longest on course is probably my avg of 200-230
on the range when i get a hold of one... i think its probably in the 260 range
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Originally Posted by gaz d View Post

250 my longest
average around 210

Oh God, Today I drove a green on a 271 yard par 4


Hit 292 last week, What am I doing wrong :(

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