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I have not really accurately measured any of mine.  I'm not really even sure how accurate my GPS is anyway (Golf Logix App).  I do know that I can drive the green on one of the local par 4 holes which measures 284 (flat ground), so at least that.  I'm usually pretty conservative with my driver on the course so I would guess on average probably driving somewhere around 265.

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360 yards at Curahee in Toccoa, GA on number 1 a 606 yard par 5 with a 100 yard elevation drop. It was awesome to have a 245 yard 3w o nthe green in 2!


*not awesome to 3 jack it for a par but I did hit a big drive!*

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My longest drive this year was 325 with a helping breeze and a high draw. I was very relaxed and it took off like a rocket and bounded down the fairway. Under normal conditions on the screws I can carry the ball almost 260 with my normal 105 swing speed. I am guessing that a couple of mph faster combined with the wind and the carry was more like 275-280 with a great roll out. I measured the tee to the ball wash and then from the ball to the ball wash with my laser finder and was just laughing at how ridiculous that was. I will probably nail a 290-300 yarder every 3 rounds but this was insane. 

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No idea.  It is "certainly" over 300 yards.  Quotes added because after all of this "I hit it 300" buzz for the last few days, I've been thinking more and more about it and I honestly don't know.  I have certainly hit some long ones in the downhill, downwind category, and have received some nice cart path bounces, but as far as my longest drive without extra help, I have no idea.  I'm going to guess somewhere close to 300, but it's really just a guess.  I just purchased golfshot gps for my iphone so I am excited to start measuring and find out.

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Downhill, downwind, hard fairway.

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I seem to get my driver swing in a groove in August / September every season. It coincides with the courses firming up a little as well. My longest drives on any course are in late summer and can be 30-50 yards longer than my best effort earlier in the season. The thing is, a lot of holes, and log par 4s and 5s in particular, have very specific desired landing areas and ball flights to take advantage of extra roll. On # 17 at River Bend (Red Deer) and #11 at Meadowlands (Sylvan Lake) I'm typically very happy with a 270 yard drive in the fairway. The fairway are wide from 240-280). But if you can clear the bunker on the right (about 265-85 for each hole) with a high draw, the result is mind boggling. A drive that carries that extra 15 yards with the trajectory goes a lot farther than expected. It's actually a great way to lose a ball!!

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Today my longest personal drive was? 300. I hit a few drivers on the range. I know it was 300 because a guy flipped me off at the other end of the range after he bent over and picked up my ball and threw it at me. I used my laser and he was 302 yards away.


And no, I'm not sure what he thought throwing a golf ball 40 yards back towards me was going to do. I'd already started to put the driver away when it was obvious I could carry it back to the mats. Oh well.


And I hit one that carried about 320 yesterday, safely. Maybe 330.


But I have no idea what my longest actual drive is. I don't tend to worry about these kinds of things.

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Not really sure....good question though. Maybe 300ish? 

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340, took a huge push draw over a bunch of trees. With wind helping.

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Longest ever measured at 292. Conditions were good and fairway had a nice slope, so it rolled out nicely. Perfect storm. Long drive for me is about 250 - 260 without any assist, ie wind or downslope. Normal is 230 - 240.
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Sugar Hill, GA to Portland, ME and back again, by myself.

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295 is my longest on flat ground..   Typically, my drives are in the 240 range with an occasional shot out to 260-270.   I did hit one that measured 328 but that was on a downhill slope, with really hard ground, so it doesn't really count in my book...

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My farthest drive I put the ball on the green about 10 feet away from the pin on a 320 yard par 4, slightly downhill, but it was wet so I didn't get much roll... My second farthest drive I hit my ball a few inches away from the 189 yard marker from 502 out, which is about a ~ 313 yard drive... Wish I could smash it like that every time! Typically, when I hit the ball well, my drive is anywhere from 280 - 300 yards...

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350 yards.  however, it was late summer (so about 95 degrees), the ground was hard and rolling forever, and i had about a 20 mph wind behind me.  it was a 510 yard par 5 and my ball came to rest about 10 yards behind the 150 yard marker.


as far as longest drive not getting help from wind or elevation change or hard ground, i've had two or three that were in the vicinity of 320.

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324y, slightly uphill, rock-hard fairway (no rain lately), no wind.  I'm still new at the game, but typical drives are 260s or low-270s, all with a TM Burner 2.0 9.5º club.


It only happened once, though...

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Not my longest, but probably most fun LD.


I did a LD contest 2 months back for fun at a charity tournament.  They had some very long hitters and a few names.  


Their range is about 320 to the rough unmowed hill (so if it hits it it just sticks and no roll or anything and they actually just called it 320 if you carryed to the hill (was for fun anyhow).


No real wind that day, range is flat.


Guy named Andrew in front of me (one of my friends on the Hooters tour) Puts one probably 335 in the air and they call it back 320.


I get up and put one about 330 in the air and they call it back at 320...



One of the big names comes up and smashes one 350 way over the hill and they call it back at 350.


He wins a burger or something from the clubhouse.  Was fun.



For the record... All 3 of use have special made LD clubs with grooveless faces 6-8 degree loft and 48.5 Inch shafts,  so really no fair for the others there if it were a real competition.




My furthest drive ever???  My old course in Alabama had a super high elevated tee that was even with the small tree tops that seperated hole 1 from 2  15degree dogleg left.  If you could carry the lateral creek it was around 300 and it was downhill from there up to an elevated green. 


Was a par 5.   I crushed one on a really hot day a few summers ago when i went back and played there with a friend ( I live in GA now)  I didn't have my GPS with me and no iPhone at the time, and wasn't really paying attention till I got to the ball, But I cleared the creek and lost it when it went in over the treeline. 


I knew it was good and straight, but it wasn't until i crossed the little bridge over the creek and started looking for the ball i found it all the way at the bottom of the hill with a "maybe" 100 chip waiting on me.


The hole it just over 500,   so low 400s i would guess.  Just a freak and probably won't happen again unless i play a vegas course one day or something.  I guess i hit the downhill perfect and it was very very dry out, plus its a muni course so they don't like wasting that water on the fairways lol.  On top of all that, the carts probably drive where I landed a lot to cut off for their 3rd shot, since most lay up short the creek.  


I really didn't get that much of a reaction from my friend, he played high school golf with me so he knows how I hit.....   very long and not very straight lol. 

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My longest personal drive was 1040 miles from Jacksonville, FL to Goshen, CT. I left Jacksonville at 5 PM on a Thursday and got out of the car at Torrington Country Club to tee off at 2:30 PM Friday afternoon.

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270 ... about a month ago. 

Somehow managed to hit a good one. 

Used the rangefinder from the ball back to the tee box.

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