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I am in awe of some of you guys ....the only way I would get it out past 250 is doing a Don Johnson with a force five at my back.!But with a dud back and a 3/4 swing I'm happy it's straight.

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360 or so, on a 372 yard hole.  The tee box sits high up on a hill, and my ball was just left off the front edge of the green.  The distance was mainly due to the elevation of the tee box, but it still would have been a good poke on more of a normal hole layout.  In normal conditions on a normal hole layout I'll usually be anywhere between 260-280 with the driver.  Every once in a while I get some extra mustard on it, but that is a rarety.  The dryer times of the year (July and August in NY) usually help me get some extra distance of course.


My longest this year was 295 on a 310 yard par 4 (according to SkyCaddie).  The hole was flat and it looked like it hit soft, so not a ton of roll.  I doubt something like that will happen again anytime soon though.

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Years ago down in Oklahoma, I played a course built on hard clay soil. The course had two long Par 5 holes, each with a slight downhill run to a dogleg. Both fairway edges were banked back toward the dogleg. Dry weather + hot draw that ran around the hard bank = 330 yard drive several times a year.


Now we move to the Kadena Air Base course in Okinawa, Japan. Hole No. 10 is a 620 yd. Par 5 with a fairway that runs over volcanic rock underneath.  I regularly got 320-yard drives if I hit a draw.


Here in the Midwest with somewhat soft turf, I get a 280-yd. drive about every other round. Normal drives go from 210 to 230 yards, including roll.

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About 345 yds.  I ended up just in front of the 50 yd. marker on a 410 yd. par 4.  There was a bit of a dog leg right, and I decided to cut the corner.  It was a pretty open hole without too much trouble anywhere, so I decided to let it rip more than normal.  I guess I caught it right, and the ball went flying.

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411 yards!  


501 yard par five on my home course, hit my first tee shot well, my friends dad threw me a ball and said "hit this, i just wanna see what happens"  It was a rock flight.  30mph down wind, swung hard, hit the sweet spot, the ball hit hard pan on the down slope of a hill in the middle of the fairway about 300 yards from the tee box, ended up 90 yards out in a bunker just before a creek.  Hit a 60 degree wedge into the green.  I love that I actually had witnesses too, not that that makes any difference on here. 

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Mine is in the 330-340 range. My normal drives are around 260 but I just got lucky and the stars aligned on this one. A 294 yard par 4 on hole 7 at my local club. Wind was behind me, hole has a huge valley and small stream about 200 yards out so I usually give it hell and then just make a short shot to the green if it works out for me. 


I had spent the last 2 days working on my drives at the range (broke my back years ago in an MX crash so I don't have a "conventional swing) and I was trying to find a position to get more distance with the odd way I have to turn my body to swing. Well I laid into this one with everything I had, ball went HIGH and I actually lost sight of it. I hopped in the cart, drove to the green in the general area I thought it was, looked all over for a few minutes and couldn't find it. About to give up, take my penalties and head back to the tee box I spotted a yellow ball in the fairway of #1 and walked out to it and sure enough it was mine. I had completely over driven the green and landed/rolled to the middle of the fairway on the first hole. 

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I don't know for sure but it's 350+ for sure

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About 645,920 yards according to google maps.  I've gone further but haven't personally driven the entire way; I was just a passenger and/or swapped driving.


As far as golf goes, I have no idea.  I've gotten on the middle of a green once on a straight away 312 yard par 4 with very dry fairways, but who knows how accurate the yardages were on the card.  If I had to guess I'd say 290.

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I've been 300, but it doesn't happen a whole lot. Usually around 270.

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The longest I can remember that I verified with my laser was 320, slight tailwind, down hill.  I just got the Razr Fit and my driving has improved with it.  I have lasered several drives with it at 280-300, but that is maybe once a round.


That 320 drive I felt like I crushed on the sweet spot, was down hill, little bit of helping wind, firm fairways, and 2000 ft elevation.  It makes me in total awe of what the pros can do.

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About 2 weeks ago at Carter Golf Club, hole 8, I hit the most beautiful drive just right of center with a baby draw. It landed, rolled and stopped fairway dead center - 250 yards. My eyes misted up just a little. Haven't been able to hit a decent shot with the driver since. I guess I'm like Tiger that way... 

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My average drive goes about 300 yards. 



230 yards forward, 70 yards to the right.  b2_tongue.gif


For a long time,10 yards short of a 275 yard par-four was my best drive.  Then I hit one that I saw got a lucky bounce off a sprinkler head or rock, we were in a drought, and by the time it stopped bouncing and rolling on a hard fairway, it was 300 yards out.  Twelve years ago I actually spent a good $150 at the range, got out and played a couple of times a week, started getting stronger golf muscles, and better form, and was hitting the ball a lot farther.  On a 400 yard par four, I was trying to lay up on the top of the hill in front of us so I hit a 3-wood, but caught it absolutely prefectly and was surprised to see it rise and continue over the crest of the hill.  With assistance from the downward slope, it rolled down into the valley between the first hill and a second one on which there was an elevated green.  When I got down to my ball, I was surprised to discover that it was about 15 feet directly to the left of the 100 yard marker.  I parred the hole with 3W, SW, another guy in our group parred it also, but with D, 3W.


In the past two years I've been playing a bit more than in the prior half decade, have a newer driver (Titleist 905T), and have been playing a great ball that goes as far or farther than anything else I've played, the Srixon AD333.  I've had at least half a dozen drives in the 280-290 range and have had a couple of drives on 400 yard holes that I hit a gap wedge (usually my 100 yard club) to the green on second shots.


Last month I had one 500 yard par-5 hole where I was trying to hit a draw to avoid a bunker on the right edge of the fairway 260 yards out.  Instead, I hit a very slight fade but very solidly, and figured I was in the center of the bunker.  Getting closer, I saw no sign of my ball in the bunker or marks running through it, and my ball was 20+ yards past it in the rough.  There was a creek running in front of the green, so I laid up with a 9-iron hit a bit softly.  I hit a 60 yard pitch to within 4 feet on my third shot.


I'll usually hit at least one decent drive per round out beyond 250 yards, but have been getting puzzling results, with some drives seeming to connect hard with the sweet spot, have a perfectly straight flight, but I'll walk out and find it is a few yards shy of the 100 yard maker on a 350 yard hole, far short of where I think it should be.  Mostly, those shots seem to come when I'm using assorted balls like Callaway HX Hot, Warbirds, Taylor Made Burners, or Nike PD Softs.  Well-struck drives with either the Srixons or with a found Pro-V1 seem to get out there to the respectable distances.


I think the internet forums tend to add 10-30 yards to a lot guys' typical drives.  In the past decade, I've seen a couple of guys consistently hitting it out beyond 280yds, but they were assistant pros from another course on an off-day.  I've seen a few big guys who could hit it a mile when they connected right, but, like my average drive, typically sliced it pretty badly, so I'm sure they were usually hitting mid-irons from the next fairway over on 375 yard par-4s.  I'm an average height guy and I seldom see many people hitting it further than I do when I hit a decent drive.  I think there are more 300 yard drives on internet forums than are actually hit on real golf courses.  In 19 years of playing, I've only seen two or three drives hit in the 310-320 yard range, with none longer than that, even on windy days with a tailwind.  I will admit, though, that I see a lot more guys in their 40's, 50's and 60's playing when I go out than big-swinging guys in their teens and 20's.

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Not another thread like this...... come on. Erik, you should lock out any topics containing "Long Drive", "300 Yard Drive", "How long do you drive the ball?", etc. z6_surrender.gif


These turn into 30 page debates over made up stats and figures. lol I made it to page 7 before I couldn't even read any further while taking it seriously.

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I roped one last time out - best feeling drive I've ever hit - was so good, actually had my wife drive the cart up & stand by it & lasered it.   255 yds on the flat with little roll.

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I just laughed my way through some of these responses.

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hit one this morning about 240... longest ever? maybe 260 - 270 ish... lol, probably not worth posting in this thread now that I think about it... so lets just say 320 uphill, in the wind, 1 yard roll.e2_whistling.gif

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Originally Posted by RonTheSavage View Post

I just laughed my way through some of these responses.


There are a couple good ones for sure, but I suspect most are either one-offs (flukes) or people not understanding the concept of dog leg holes. I encourage taking people's claims at face value, but gotta admit there are a couple who seem to have cut a dog leg corner but did not measure "as the crow flies".

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302 yards

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