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Thought I'd revive an old thread instead of starting a new one.


I'm working on a "retro" set of clubs. All bought at local goodwill stores in the area with the exception of the putter.


So far I have an old persimmon MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield Driver. $5



a bullseye putter bought at a play it again sports. $10



4-9 1989 Wilson Staff Fluid Feel blades. $18



As you can see someone has removed a bit of steel and with it the chrome finish on the back and sole of each club. I assume this was done to lighten the swing weight, but I'm not sure. Whoever did this did a nice job and both areas are very smooth and uniform from club to club



Grooves are in exceptional shape for being 22 years old. The worst two are the 7 and 8 iron, but even these two are in good shape.



I also picked up a Wilson 3W and 5W. $10 And to top it off a retro bag, that I wouldn't really be caught dead "gaming". $5





Total so far is $48. I'm still working on looking for a couple wedges that aren't totally destroyed.


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Not that old of ones, no! But if they work for you, use them. I still have a few drivers and 3 woods that are very similar to those that my grandfather had many years ago, but I don't use them. My grandmother told me to keep them after he passed away a few years ago. 

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The best irons I think I have currently are a set of older Hogan GCD's with s4 graphite shafts.  I try not to use these alot cause this set was owned by the rules director of the USGA and I bought them from his grandson.  Next up is a set of TM Firesole irons I just bought off the bay for cheap.  Love these things and always wanted a set. 


Let me just list the sets of irons I have played and bought since May off ebay"


Lynx Master Built from like 85 minty and like the GCD's some of the best irons I've ever hit especially for being cast

Standard Royal iron set that was like 30 bucks new in box, cavity backed irons with graphite shafts firm flex that actually hit very well

Ping Eye 2's that I bought and paid alot for but they had balanced and blue printed shafts that when I rec. them I couldn't hit them to save my life, had the fella change out the shafts to DG r 300's and still can't hit them to save my life, lesson learned.

TM Firesole irons.  Love them, DG s300  with sensicore and I just might pick this iron set to play all the time

Hogan Edge with S3 shafts and what can you say very workable irons not nearly as long as the Firesoles

Lynx Black Cat cavity back irons.  Don't hit these real well I think cause they have a thick sole on them.  During this type of weather they don't seem to dig into the ground but bounce along it a bit so it seems I skull the ball more often with these but they sure are nice all else being said about them.


As for drivers I just picked up a Titelist 975D at 9,5deg on a Stiff flex PF shaft of 46" that I hit pretty decently.  Again this was dirt cheap and the shaft and head are pretty mint.

I have 2 Orlimar woods, a 13 and 18 that just rocket the ball, these have EI70 reg shafts.  What a nice sound as the ball comes off a nice PING!

My favorite driver though is a driver I bought years ago and traded my original 975D for and that is a Titelist 975LF-E at 10.5 deg.  Stock stiff titelist shaft. 

I also own a D2 907 I think it is that I use too and it splits time with the LF-E mostly. 

An old KZG 13 deg with EI 70 that for some reason I just don't hit real well but I have it anyways. 

Some others that I haven't played with but own like Mitsushita woods that are superb too.

The best 3 wood I've ever owned is a 13+ True Force on a Apache shaft, I use this most times and can hit it long or choke down and not swing hard and hit it like a 7 or 5 wood.  It has a stiff Apache shaft but with a low torque so go figure. 


As for a putter I have a Big Mo putter like Nicklaus used at his final Masters win by oldest brother gave me and my tried and true forged blade putter I use all the time.  I don't know what kind it is but had it bent flat for me and it has I think and anvil pic on it with a guys arm flexing a muscle.  But I put duct tape over the top of it cause it was reflecting light off it and was to bright.  I have other clubs I 've collected over the years that back in the mid 90's when I started to play I would use, you persimmon woods and oil hardened maple woods and drivers.  thanks

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I learned on my Grandfathers clubs and they were given to me around 1995 when he passed away. They are Ram Fastback Shot Control with the old Ram putter that has the horn. I played on those up to the beginning of last season, still original grips. They are around 40 years old at this point and did me very well. My struggles with them at the end was more grip related but I really wanted to keep them as original as possible as they were my Grandfathers. Great clubs and I still pull them out for a round each year for fun. Also, if anyone by chance has a 9 iron of these clubs they can part with I would be glad to pay a few bucks for it as I lost my 9 iron sadly.

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Love seeing all those old clubs c2_beer.gif

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Great thread-love all the Wilson Staff Fluid Feel love.  I picked up some '84-'86 Fluid Feel Tour Blades earlier this year for $39-new grips and they've seen plenty of range time and probably 8 or 9 rounds.  Got some early '80s Titleist Tour Model Blades last year, play them occasionally-but I definitely prefer the Fluid Feels.  Been doing most my putting since April with this:




Not old, but I also have a Louisville Golf Dogwood driver, persimmon 5 wood, persimmon "Niblick" 33*; and a Custom "Par Ace" persimmon 4 Wood.


I've played a couple rounds with just persimmon and old blades-when my swing is on there's not much difference in my score, and I frequently put old blades in the bag along with a new driver and fairway woods.  To the poster who was asking about distance loss with persimmon, not really noticeable when you hit the sweet spot.  They're definitely not as forgiving as modern equipment-but well struck shots look and fly about the same.

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i've got a set of hogan apex irons, though i don't think they're outstandingly old, but i've got them matched with a macgregor nicklaus persimmon driver, a compass 3 wood and a tommy armour 4 wood.  i'm pretty sure all three of those are at least 20 years old.  every five or six rounds i'll take the persimmon/hogan bag out with me instead of my nikes.  i usually don't have much difference in scoring.  i played 36 holes one day and shot 82 with my modern clubs, 81 with the persimmons/hogans.

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I play Some REALLY Old Clubs and i Shoot in the low 80`s every Time!  

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I play a 1971 Otey Crisman putter with a hickory shaft about half my rounds.

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See my sig-everything is pretty old except the hybrid and it isn't the latest.


My "new" set of irons are '92 Titleist DCI's, LOL.


I also have some 1979 Wilson Staff Tour Blades and a very modest collection of persimmon.


I don't have anything against new stuff except the price,  but have spent a little customizing some of my old stuff.

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Originally Posted by TourSpoon View Post

I play my 1992 845s with no problems. I hit them well and have yet to find something that is that much better. I hit them as far, if not farther, then some of my friends who play "jacked up" lofts with their newer stuff. My best golfing buddy still plays 1970s vintage Wilson blades and plays to a 3. He may pull the trigger soon for a little more forgiveness. I have updated my woods as I have really seen the technology explode there.

I just started playing this year and have inherited a set Evo Cavity 845s from the wife's uncle. So these are from the early 90s? I was wondering how old they are. They work great!


Anybody know how old these other clubs are?

Ping Eye 2 SW

Pinemeadow 4-ball Putter

Wilson Orca driver

Nomad 19* FD


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I use Powerbilt TPS from the late 80's.  They replaced my Wilson Reflex irons in the early 90's.  I really love them.  I extended each shaft 1 inch.  I guess I would try some newer irons, but I play so little, I don't think it would make much of a difference.



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i can only assume that my Dunlop SP 2000 irons are old.


i really don't know, but i got an entire "starter set" and bag for $40...i can just imagine how old these clubs are! 


of course, i only started golfing 2 months ago, so i didn't see the point in dropping 2-grand in equipment when i can barely get the ball off the tee (LOL)

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Not too far short of their 20th birthday...


My beloved Ben Sayers Crown Custom irons:




I bought them brand new in 1994 when I was 17, and have no intention of ever parting with them. I've always looked after them and used headcovers, so even now there is no evidence of "bag chatter."


My irons were made in North Berwick, Scotland. A few years ago, Ben Sayers was bought out (as I understand it) and the Scottish factory was closed after a century of golf club manufacturing. The new "Bennies" are made in China, I believe.


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Hahaha..Hoho....heheh....Ok...I'm being serious here..........


Nice pics of vintage clubs and all.....funny stuff...


 Surely....there is no FN way you play those same clubs today, right???


penny for thoooose thoughts...

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Well...although mine are 17 years old, I'm guessing they're not that different to modern irons.


So, yes, to answer your question: they're the only irons I own, so I play with them all the time!


Don't see any reason to change.

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I don't use old clubs but own a couple of sets of "steel shafted woods, Circa 1970" that I take to the range once in awhile to remind myself of how difficult they were to use.  So IMHO if the old clubs suit you and you're happy that is what America is about, freedom of choice.  But I'l have to say I don't understand such a choice unless you just like increasing the challenge.  If there are enough of you guys out there I think I start up a Balata golf ball manufacturing business.e5_innocent.gif

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We use old clubs as 'special challenges' in some of our group bets. Basically, we all bring the oldest club we have (for me, it's an old Wilson Sam Snead Persimmon driver, very nice), and at any one point of time on the course, we will make a 'call', obviously at tee off, and force a guy (usually the one who is killing us in the round), to tee off using the old driver instead of his normal driver. Always gets the laugh.


But I don't know, wouldn't whacking the modern urethane balls with the old school persimmons do some damage to the old drivers? My Sam Snead now seems to have cracked a little.... 

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