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I had been using a set of '90 Hogan Apex blades which hit very nicely when you get them right. Just switched to a nice set of Miuras though and the difference is huge.... 

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Currently gaming an old Wilson Deep Red driver.  I love it and have to plans to upgrade until I crack the face or break the shaft.

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I have a set of hickory shafts irons,woods, and putter I take out for a few rounds. The certainly are not as long as the modern stuff.


But they are good for my swing. You need to be smooth get results. Lowest round. Par for nine holes from the whites. Old but they still work.

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I had been playing with a set of Ping Eye 2 clubs from 1987.  I just recently switched to Ping i3+'s.  I'm very glad I switched, but really miss the Eye 2 sand wedge and 2-iron.  I still bring one of them sometimes.  That 2-iron is a laser beam off the tee.  It has a perfect ball flight and goes exactly where you aim it.  Overall I like my i3+'s better though.  The Eye 2's were lofted higher, but I still get more distance with the i3+'s at the equivalent lofted club.

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Hi ! Currently i am using a set of 1992 Callayway BigBertha irons. I loved my clubs ! c3_clap.gif

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A friend of mine is taking up the game, and I have been looking around for some irons for him for very little money.


I found these in a junk shop this weekend, and bought them for him. I managed to get them for what seemed like a fairly incredible price of $30 (with an old, beat-up Austad's putter of (I guess) 1970s vintage thrown in, too).





They are Tommy Armour Silver Scot 855s (3 iron - SW). A bit of internet research tells me that the yellow dot was allocated to sets with offset; and these are likely from 1996 or 1997 (or thereabouts).


Anyway, I couldn't resist taking the 5 iron and 7 iron with me to the range on Sunday afternoon. Fantastic clubs!


To be honest, I came very close indeed to giving my friend the Tour Edge Exotics XCG3s I'm currently gaming and hanging on to these Silver Scots for myself; but in the end I gave him the Silver Scots. Hopefully they will be of use to a beginner, once he's had a couple of lessons from the local pro and the chance to hit the range and the practice ground.

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Just bought 3 beater iron sets this weekend to mess around with.


Tommy Armour Silverscot CB

Tommy Armour EVO V-31

Macgregor Tourney PCB Tour

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Yeah I use two older sets, a set of Wilson staff progressive blades from about 92, great clubs...... but am currently suffering a little bit of a shoulder tear problem so have gone back to my spalding executive xe's (hollowbacks) about 87 vintage.


The best thing about the spalding's is they are basically a set of what we would call today hybrids, still my favorite clubs.

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recently for the beginning of the year i put my first set of wedges from a few years ago back in the bag.


Ram 55* BeCu Tom Watson Scoring System Wedge


and Ram 60* Stainless Steel (14* Rake") Tom Watson Scoring System Wedge


I had Macgregor VIP forged wedges, but mistakenly bought them with uniflex shafts. thats an easy fix but how they have felt and hit has sortve spoiled them. they dont look as good at address.


I decided to put them both back in the bag because i could control flight very well. and with the "60* SW" ive holed out 3 or 4 times from a variety of lies and distances from as close as 12 yards to 35 and up to 70 yards out. my boss who played collegiately and my golf shop pro both said, "why take them out"

it was a good question. they are now back in the bag.


the 55 is great for 20-30 yard pitch shots as well as chip shots around the green. both clubs have had great shots...but when it comes to the more vital shot when using a wedge, they fail. Going for the pin. yesterday i hit my 60 from about 55 yards and landed on the back half of the green. it bounced released up a slight slope and into a bunker...no spin at all to even hold it on the fringe. i shot another with the 60. same result.

i tried the same shot again with my 55* since i had time (i was sitting a hole behind league play) and was advised to maybe "practice" while out.

the 55 landed front of the green 3 yards from the hole and released onto the back of the fringe. it was incredibly  frustrating. realizing if i wouldve hit the 55 to the front fringe the slight slope wouldve held it up...and kept it barely off the green.. certain shots these wedges impress me. or the more unlikely...myself haha

they feel great, but no spin whatsoever and ive even considered re-cutting the grooves

i have alot of research to do and find something that may be able to possibly replace these

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Both my iron sets are almost 10 years old. My putter is a ping b60 from the late 80's - the only putter I've ever owned
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 I don't usually buy anything new - love buying 2 or 3 year old name brand clubs used for about 20% of what they retailed for.    I'm playing a 2009 driver in dead mint condition with upgraded shaft - paid $15 for it at Golfsmith.    Love blasting it past my buddy with his new R1 ...


PS - I had no idea so many played older irons ... always seemed to me with todays ultra forgiving cavity backed irons, playing older ones would be a disadvantage.     I guess that holds until you get into the blade class - they probably haven't changed nearly as much over the years ... would also seem that fresh grooves in irons is overrated.

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My current putter is a 1940's Higgins.  Not joking at all.  I cant bring myself to buy a more expensive newer putter, when I play quite well with it.

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I still play the titleist 983 e driver
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I play a Northwestern Tom Weiskopf-309 putter. My best guess is that it is older than 25 years, if anyone knows I would be very thankful  as it used to be my dad's and he is not around any more.


My bag is also equipped with a MacGregor Tournament spoon but that one will soon be replaced with a modern gigantic 5 "wood".  

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i broke out my old Hogan Directors from the 70's earlier this month, but only for one round with my dad.  found it helped my ball striking a lot -- going back to my TA5's the next week, i was hitting my shots dead-on.

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Found an old Spalding Ultimates starter set in my dad's garage. 3,5,7,9 and pw. Look to be mid-70s cut MBs. Thinking of getting them regripped and have the heads re-apoxied.

Hit a few old balls into the woods with them and liked the feel.
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I am playing Ping Zing's, orange dot, which I just put TT DG R400 shafts in.  I love these irons.  I think I am going to be consistently using them this season, and NOT swapping them out for my Titleist 695MB's and totally throwing off whatever game I possess at the time I usually switch off. 

What happens with me, is that I get to a point every season where i'm swinging well, confident, and I say to myself, hmmmm, MAYBE I can play even better if I go to my other set, which has a completely different feel, set-up, trajectory, etc......THEN I have to RE-adjust, and that my fellow golf friends is how I mess myself up just about every season.

I should just stick with my Zings !!!!

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Just picked up a Wilson clima guard 6 wood from a bag at Goodwill.  It has no signature, other than the Wilson trademark, and there is an L etched on the sole plate.  I am assuming that the L means that this is a ladies club, but I don't know.  It is in very good condition so I am going to play it and check it for distance and accuracy.  I like the leather wrap grip as it has a flat side where it fits against the hand.  


Any info on it would be appreciated, thanks.

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