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Maybe a flaw has snuck into your swing without notice?

My buddy had a few rounds where he developed a long pause. Long enough for me to think "this is not gonna turn out good", which is a terrible thing to see someone go through.

Being the most stubborn person on earth, it took awhile to listen to our advice. He was taking the club back so far inside that it had to feel unnatural, as he didn't do this before. It seemed like his mind was telling him yes, but his body was telling him no.
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With my handicap I am not probably the best one to give advice so I will give my opinion.

Sounds to me that your head is getting in the way. The day that you played so well in the

wind is because you may have had the thought "hey the wind is blowing like a hurricane so my

score is probably not going to be that good anyways and you just went out an played with no thoughts

on how you score" The reason that I say this is because I know for me my head is my biggest enemy

and this year I have made a dedication not to think about my score or swing and just go out and

play the GAME. So far it is working I have played twice this year and been in the mid 80's each time.

Just a thought so enjoy and "May your putts always role true"



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Two years ago , I developed a hitch . I think it started when I tried to add power by winding up on my right side . Gradually , it got so bad that I could almost Barkley like , not get the club to the ground , stopping at the top . Ugly . I tried everything , "one , two "  ., shorter clubs , slow down . When there is no ball in front of me I am fine . Irons are usually not a problem . I was about to sign up for hypnosis  when I read an article about Barkley not having the hitch left handed , I bought a cheap left handed driver and have been learning the swing left handed . When the weather warms up , I'll go to the range and see how I hit it lefty , and whether I can then trick my mind to stop the pause righty

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I had all of the above and it ruins the game mentally and physically. I am embarrassed to play with others. A golf pro ( he isn't with the club anymore) helped me greatlu. I was taking the club back too far and also too vertical. A smaller , more horizontal backswing helps. Try it.

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I have all of the above, also taking the club too vertical while also taking it back too far, no way to get back. Try keeping your back swing small (as in short iron shots) and more horizontal.  Helps me a bit.

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It (changing to left from right) will work for awhile, but give it a few years. I have been through all the agony. I shortened my back swing (tell my mind I am hitting a 9 or wedge)  then take it back more horizontal than vertical and it helps.  I am also playing lefty now,so find it important to keep my right knee from collapsing downwhen I follow through. Just a few hints that work for me. 

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Think I may have found a cure . I was one phone call away from the hypnotist . I tried to analyze the problem one last time . It was clear that I had no problem hesitating with any club , including the driver , as long as there was no ball in front of me . So...., I tried tricking the mind by thinking of one swing thought over and over and over , before I set up and AFTER set up , anything BUT the ball . In my case , I had a tendency to sway way too much to the right on my backswing . So I repeated in my head : LEG , leg , leg , leg ,actually looking at my right leg , even on my takeaway , then going back to the ball at the last second , trying to focus on a stable right leg . It worked !!! I know it sounds crazy , but keeping the ball out of my head and even eye view  , until right before contact , brought me back to my practice swing  . We all have nothing to lose , give it a try .

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Wow, time flies! I haven't logged into this site in what seemed a few years but it is actually 6! My hitch disappeared after life's other priorities such as kids coupled with the lack of steady employment took over. I probably didn't play for about a year or two. I started playing again around 2009 and  I am at a point in my life now where I can play a bit more. My game is again a work in progress. My immediate goal is to break 100 consistently at this point. Baby steps back to being a decent 12 handicap golfer...

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