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Re: Project X shaft reviews.. anyone please chime in..

I tried the project x 6.0 today in callaway x20 tours and I loved them. I am hitting ping i10 right now and I actually hit the ball one club length longer with the callaways so hit it straighter and better. I dont know if it was the shafts or the clubs all together but I would recommend you getting them, I am thinking about getting them and putting them in my pings. I would just say do what you want to if you want them try them out I think getting fitted is over rated but thats just my opinion. So you just do what you want.

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A couple points- Ping irons are generally conservative lofts with many if not most clubs being 2 degrees stronger. So it is likely that you are hitting a half club stronger. Also was cuious earlier, what is an 18 handicap doing with MP-33's and Project x shafts other than stimulating the economy? Even my old Muirfields look like stilletos to me know, and I can actually still get around a golf course. Would be cautious taking info from someone regarding how responsive and workable a shaft is when they rarely break 90.

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I rarely take advice from people who have 1 post on a forum, and have a piss-poor attitude. (See above)


That aside, I love my PX 6.0 Flighted shafts. I play them in my Bridgestone J36's and they are much more crisp feeling than the S300's I have in my other irons. I notice the biggest difference is the ball flight with the longer irons, I'm hitting those longer and with softer landings than my S300's. 

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I had the PX 5.5 and 6.0.  They are noticeably longer than DG's but they feel different,  I played with the PX's for an abbreviated time.


I like the DG's way better

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went from DG's to project X's a few yrs ago and LOVED em. Clubs were a little heavier, but felt  good in your hand. Ball flight was higher, I didnt need that, but learned to live with it. overall, Im glad I did it.

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New poster here but I just wanted to chip in. I play the callaway x-forged with flighted project x 6.0 shafts. And the only reason I got the project x shafts was because I think they look damn cool. 

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Just thought I would add my .02 cents.  Just got fitted for some MP53s.   Used the Mizuno shaft optimizer on two different occasions.  It recommended the DG X100's (soft stepped) as #1.  Then the Project X 6.0 and finally the KBS X.  I demoed all three shafts.  I was already hitting the DGS300's in another Mizuno iron, so I familiar with their feel and have no problems with them. 


I did not care for the feel of the Project X .  I am a picker of the ball and seldom leave much divot so my misses are usually thin.  They felt harsh on thinly hit shots.  Even when flushed they just had a different feel than I am use to.  They had the lowest spin rate of the the 3 shafts.


I liked the feel of the KBS alot.  I hit the X,  obviously without a soft step, but they felt very managable and playable.  The only concern I had was the spin rate of the ball.  It gave me, by far, the highest spin rate which concerned me the ball would ballon into the wind.  I tend to hit the ball high with my short irons anyway.


So in the end, I stuck with the trusty DGS.  For my game I think they suit me the best.  The KBS, for feel, were probably the best and if the spin rate would have been lower I would have gone with them. 


I am not into looking kewl on the course.  I want my score card to be kewl at the end of the day.

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I would hold off on the Project X Shafts till you try the KBS Shafts !!!  I just tried a set of TaylorMade MC Demos with the Project X Shafts 5.5 and they had little to no feel for me.  I then tried a KBS R Shaft from the TaylorMade Fitting System in a 6 Iron and WOW what a difference  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I'm thinking about a new set of irons, and I hear some good things about the Project X shaft.



I recently bought a set of Ping i20 irons (5-pw) and was fitted for shafts at a local golf shop.  I was able to try the standard Ping CFS shaft and Project X 5.5.  I have previously owned clubs (mostly  Ping and TaylorMade) with Ping AWT or Dynamic Gold S300 shafts.


I didn't like the Ping AWT shafts as they seemed a little "dead" to me...the Ping CFS shafts are much better.  The TT Dynamic Gold S300 when compared to the Project X 5.5 are a little "harsh".  The Project X's feel a lot smoother, and I would say the 5.5's are a little less stiff than the DG S300 shafts (maybe about 2/3 between a stiff and regular DG shaft).  With the Project X 5.5 shaft I can hit my 7-iron about 155 yards. The Ping CFS shaft was a few yards longer but didn't feel quite as good.


A lot of preference determination is based on feel so what I like may not be good for someone else,  Since Project X shafts or other upgrade shafts can increase the cost of a set of clubs by $200 or so, it's worth the effort to do a fitting.

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