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How Many Sets of Irons Do you have? What are they? - Page 14

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I have 5 I that I can think of

1. Wilson Tour CB Graphite 3-Sw
2. Top Flite IHS 3-PW
3. Spalding Tour Edition CB 3-PW
4. Cobra Gravity Back CB Graphite 4-LW
5. Mizuno TP-9 4-PW
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Originally Posted by Mr.Mongo View Post
I have 13... wondering how many you have and what they are! Looking forward to some cool responses.


I currently have 4 sets of irons...


1. Ping i3+

2. Ben Hogan Edge Forged

3. Wilson Staff Ci7

4. King Cobra II Oversize


Sets I used to own...


1. Ben Hogan Producer

2. Ben Hogan Director

3. Titleist DCI Gold

4. Titleist 962

5. Cleveland 792 VAS

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Powerbilt Citation blades 2-9 

Titleist 710 Ap1 4-w

Taylormade TP MC 4-p 


I owned some mp 59s and 69s sold them though I cry thinking about it.

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I can't believe some people have 10 or 15 sets of irons. My wife would kill me.

Just Two:

1) Ping G25 Silver Dot (2013)
2) Ping G2 Maroon Dot (2004)
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Currently own:


Wilson Staff Di9

Wilson Staff FG 51

Callaway Fusion

Wilson Staff FG 17

Hogan Director

Wilson Staff Fluid Feel 1985

Wilson Staff Dynapower 1961


Previously owned:


Lynx Predator 1979

Wilson Staff Ci6

Wilson Staff Ci7

Wilson Staff Pi7

Wilson Fat Shaft II

Spalding Executive EZX

Wilson FCB

Wilson Aggressor

Royal irons - not sure what model

Wilson Blue Ridge

Northwestern starter set

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TM R7 Nippon NS pro stiff shaft (in the bag)

TM forged MC TP TT SL stiff shaft - got em for $150
on craigslist haven't had a chance to try em out yet

Callaway Diablo Edge uniflex shafts - thought I would try the SGI so ordered these-hate em

Recently got rid of a set of maltby forged and a mizuno tzoid true
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I don't know...


Titleist        710 Ap-2s

Mizuno       MP-57

Wilson        FG v2

Cleveland    CG16i

Cleveland    HB# hybrids

Ping           SG59's

Callaway     X-18's

Cleveland    CG Reds

Powerbuilt   ?????

Pal Joey      Copperhead


Wow ...and I didn't list previous owned sets. The top 5 are in bags ready to go. I Got the gear...I just suck at golf...

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Right now I have 7 set of Irons b1_ohmy.gif


Ping G15 3-L

Ping Eye 2 BeCu 1-L

Ping Eye 2 + no + 1-L

Ping Zing BeCu 1-L

Ping Zing 2 1-L

Ping ISI BeNi 1-L

Ping ISI BeCu 1-L


I primarily play the G15's but it's fun to break out the classic Pings for a round.

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Four sets of clubs:


Callaway Razr X

Callaway X Forged (2013). Just got them today. Dying to take them out.

Ping G25

Ping I20


I have promised myself no more in at least three years.


My wife is so uninterested in my golf hobby she thinks I only have two sets (I keep them in separate rooms away from view)

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Hi, how do you find the Orlimars play?   I've seen them going pretty cheap on auction sites, wondered if they are a good intro to using blades....

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1. Hogan Apex II

2. Gigagolf Pursuit C510

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I only have one set. Once I get comfortable with a new set I give my old ones away to a new golfer. It helps them get into the game quicker. I always tell them they have to return the favor for someone else one day. For all I know there are some 1990 Lynx blades still tearing up the course somewhere.
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Wow some of you guys are real gear nuts. I thought I was crazy for having 2 sets and a few extra putters & drivers.

I currently play with a set of Callaway Razr X irons and I still have my good ole 2003 Top Flite tours.
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i have two sets.... one set is a MC Sport's special Dunlap's.... that i bought back in 2008 for 130$ for everything bag & drivers lol still have them...


Second set that I am using is my brother's hand me down Wilson Deep Red's i think he got them in 2006 / 07 ?? idk  But i snagged them from him for free last fall when he bought some new Titleist's AP1's ...  


So right now I am using the Wilson 6-PW Iron's, cleveland 52 & 58 wedge's, taylormade 5 hybrid, Nike Vrs 3 & 4 hybrid, and TaylorMade 2 Hybrid and a Taylormade white smoke putter....


I figure if they last my brother a few years and they are still in pretty good condition, they should be able to last me for a long time, since i am far from a great golfer and have no need to upgrade anytime soon....

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Wow, I was post #9 on this thread, having only my starter set (and it was a great set for a beginner!) at the time. I thought I was either moving up with that brand or switching to Cobra at the time, but haven't posted more in this thread about it.

So, I had my US-TOUR super game improvement irons (LX-7W) ; in fact, I still have them - they're the set I let friends borrow either for the range, a rare par-3 round with a beginner, or for beginning themselves.

In Spring 2008, I ended up with Mizuno MP-57s, and in Summer 2011, I knew I'd be playing less over the following two years (I've played fewer than a dozen rounds in that time), so I went back to more forgiving and got a set of Maltby KE-4s.

I also have a few partial sets: wedges from Nike VR blades (which I used when I played the Mizunos) and Maltby Glider-S long irons (4&5), a recent addition.
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2 sets that I can count and then various old clubs and sets that were my father's or grandfather's.
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