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I was at a 510 yard par 5 yesterday and pushed my tee shot into the trees on the left. My 2nd shot out of the trees wasn't that successful but left me a clearing to improve my position with no real good look at the flag, about 245 yards out. I pulled out my 5 wood and hit a low flying scorcher right where I wanted it. I got in the cart thinking 50 yard approach with hopes of bogey. as we approached the green, I see a little white dot about 10 yards from the flag. 2 putts later i made my first ever par 5.

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My best shot wasn't that great in its self but really satisfying in another. I was playing the tips at my home track and they lengthened every hole they could this year in effort to make the course more challenging (the course raters were out 2 weeks ago) and since they've done that I haven't been able to reach the 541 yard par 5 17th hole in two. On this day I was using my new driver and did not know how much the stats would translate to the course from the fitting. I ended hitting a push drive that left me within a 3 wood of the green. It was nice to see a dramatic change in my drives.

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Hole in 1!!!! 4th hole at my home course. Was playing a skins match with 3 others. 165 yards uphill to the front of the green. The hole plays about 2 clubs longer than it actually is, due to the green being so much higher than the tee box.


Got up there with my 6 iron. I had just won a skin on both the second and third hole. Tee'd up my ball, took dead aim, and let it fly hard. My ball landed at the front of the green, bounced once, then rolled about another 4 feet for my first ever Hole in 1. To say I was happy was an understatement. On top of getting a hole in 1, the 4th is one of my problem holes on this course, a long with ten and sixteen.


Continued to have a great round after that, shooting 3 under on the front, and 4 over on the back after some problems at 16 (double Bogey). Went on to birdie 17, but bogey'd 18 for a 1 over 72. It was a huge dissapointment to bogey 18, as I was looking to make par for my first time ever. I think nerves got to me.

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Shot of the day, this morning 1st tee, put my drive in the neigboring fairway c4_mad.gif but the 1st few shots on a course with no range are always shotty. From 200 out I hit a draw with my 5i to get around a tree and left myself with a 20 foot birdie putt. Pretty satisfying recovery.

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Number 9.


Driver to 270 away

3w to the green side bunker

SW right next to the cup



Take your pick but they were all picture perfect shots.

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I saw a shot tonight that was so good it brought a tear to my eye. My fathers first this season, after battling with cancer since early February. It wasn't that high, it wasn't that far, but it couldn't have been more perfect. Great 9 holes, a round i'll cherish forever.

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Made an eagle 2 today as I holed out with a 9 iron on a par 4 hole. The week in not over, but I doubt I will top that shot.a2_wink.gif

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Pretty mediocre round Tuesday, shot a 43 on the front 9 from the tips at our club.  On #9 I drove into the trees on the left and had to pitch back out into the fairway.  From 115 with a downhill lie to an uphill green I holed a partial pitching wedge for a birdie 3.  Ain't golf grand?

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I had a 90 foot bunker shot from wet sand. Squared up the 60 and put it 15 feet past the hole. Made the putt for the ultimate sandy! 

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This week I'm going with a 190 yard tee shot, par 4, 10 inches from the cup. The second I hit it, I new it was going to be close. Just to let you know how much of fluke it was. That was the first time I hit that green in about 20 tries.

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I was  over the moon to chip in for birdie last night after missing the green on a short  par three ( 129yrds )

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Didn't post last week, so I have two of them.


Last week, was about 145 yards from the hole at the top of a little hill after hitting a dead straight tee shot on a dogleg left hole. I was behind some big trees about half-way to the hole, and was concerned that my 7I, my usual 140 yard club, wouldn't have the height to get over, so I decided what the heck and went full throttle on an 8I. It was a thing of beauty, just cleared the top of the trees by 10 feet or so (validating my decision to go with the 8 instead of the 7) and landed on the green, rolling about 25 feet past the hole. That was how my whole front 9 went that day---crazy tee shots, followed by miraculous GIRs. Unfortunately, I paid for it on the back 9 when I still had the crazy tee shots, but my approach magic went missing....


This week, after 3 miserable shots on the par 5 ninth hole, I found myself 155 yards from the center with a back left pin and trees blocking the left. Aimed for the right side with a 7I and tagged a slight pull that rocketed straight at the pin, cleared the tree branches, and came to rest about 20 feet left and short of the pin with a perfect uphill look. The icing was that I dropped the putt perfectly into the front of the hole for my first par of the day.

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247yd par3 playing into a light breeze...........nutted a 3-wood to 6feet.    Unfortunately, I missed the puttd2_doh.gif

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Actually was a couple of weeks ago in Maine.  Was about 135 yards out on the back side of a little rise playing to an green that was about ten feet uphill and into a stiff breeze.  I was in some light rough and I had a little overhanging tree trouble to contend with.  Hit a little punch/knockdown with my seven-iron to about fifteen feet.


On the other hand, I managed to hit three other punch shots that dead centered trees.  One, I hit with my four-iron.  I was about 130 yards out in the trees on the right.  Brainfart... drilled it right into the tree and it ricocheted all the way to the other side of the fairway, leaving me with about 165 yards up the hill.  Frustrated, I just went over and hit the four and hit it right over the pin.

And the green.


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On a 415 yard par 4 at a local course I had my first chip in since I was 13 I believe (I'm 18 now). Unfortunately I took three or four years off from golf and just got back into it this spring/summer (anywhere from 27-36 holes a week).


The par 4 number 6 was a slight dog-leg left with huge pines preventing me from cutting the corner (use irons off the tee since I cannot drive remotely straight due to my nasty slice). So I took a four iron off the tee and put it just over 200 into the fairway. I took the same four iron and put it about five yards off the green is some deep rough. Chose a lob wedge for my third and the swing was everything I envisioned. About five to six feet of roll and it fell right in!


I always say that one good shot compensates for dozens of bad ones. Shot a 91 that day and was fairly happy with it.

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My nemesis hole is a 465 yard monster par 4.   Its along a hillside & extremely narrow.    Never came close to making par - requires nothing short of 4 perfect shots with my length.     It was my primary goal in 2012 to make par on this hole.     Well, yesterday I hit a good drive, followed with an epic 3w just left of the green, long flop shot over greenside hill & bunker, made 2.5 ft putt (most pressure I've ever felt over a putt - I'm talking serious pressure).        It takes 4 very well executed shots & was the most rewarding feeling I've yet to experience in golf !!    

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I would say the birdie putt on the 14th par 5, but it was only a 4 footer. 


So probably the 4 iron from 205 around a tree with a hint of a fade on it to roll to 15 feet. Missed the putt by a foot... the damn thing didn't break on a green with what looked like a 6 inch mound from right to left.


Oh well, tap in par isn't something to complain about.

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Yesterday i was 10 inches from the pin after my tee shot on a 152 yard par three , missed the putt , worst shot and best shot on the  same  hole




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