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I did the back 9 holes at a really nice course the last morning of my vacation and was doing all right, all things considered. I was on a course I never played (using rental clubs mind you) and had blown a few shots at par after some rather decent drives and was frustrated by the time I reached the 18th hole (a par 4 400-ish) . I hit a terrible tee shot that sailed left into a thinly wooded area. My 2nd shot was not much better and left me about 80 yards to the green. my 3rd shot went left failing to reach the green and landed about 25 yards from the flag. Looking at a double bogey to end my vacation, I half-heartedly pulled out the sand wedge and gave a well calculated chip that landed about 8 yards out and rolled sweetly the rest of the way into the cup... felt great to drive home on that note. 

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I had two great shots yesterday. 

First was on hole #13, a par 5 and the #1 hardest hole on the course.  They had a young gal at the tee box video recording each players swing to be emailed to the players later in the week.  So I tee up the ball and pull off the best drive of the day.  Right down the middle long and low.  Ended up parring the hole.

Second was hole #17.  Almost worn out from the heat and drove about a foot short of a water hazard to the right of the fairway.  But my 2nd shot, with my trusty rusty vokey 52, put the ball two feet from the pin.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  Birdy. 

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We have a 333 yard, dog leg left shortie at my home course. A drive over the the left FW bunker shaves off a few yards off, but.....


I hit a really solid tee shot a couple of days ago. As we drove to our balls, one of my playing partners said, "There's a ball on the green." Knew it had to be me, as I was the only person filing that particular flight plan on that hole. Sure enough, I was about 8 paces on with ~50 feet for eagle. Two putt birdie.


GPS measured the shot at 316 yards. I don't hit the ball anywhere near 300 yards, so I'm sending out a thank you to the rabbit, squirrel, coyote, or whatever helped get my ball OTG. Seriously, though, there's a big downslope that I must've hit just right (along with a sprinkler head, maybe). Regardless of its length, we don't ever consider this a driveable hole (yes, I know that 82.9% of members here would drive the green every round), so bonus points for that, too.

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8th hole of the scratch division horserace at a Member-Guest this weekend (I was the guest).  It's me (weekend warrior - who no one knows) and two other guys (one college player and one pro) on the 165 yard par 3.  Pin is tucked middle left, just past the false front - with anything left of the hole being absolute death.  The college player goes first and hits his shot left of the green.  I aim out to the right half of the green thinking I just have to hit the green to make it to the next hole - no way can he save par from where he hit his.  I hit my 7 iron, and immediately know that I pulled it.  Thinking "crap, crap, crap, crap" the entire way the ball is in the air, I see it sit down within inches of the hole.  There was about 50 people watching us play, and it was pretty awesome to hear the slight roar that I got after hitting the shot.  For a second, I thought it went in with the way everyone was reacting.  I got a lot of compliments for how ballsy I was for going for that pin, but as I said earlier I wasn't trying to go anywhere near it.  Gotta love good misses.


That was the first time I've made it past the first hole of a horserace... Ended up taking second.

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Okay, not only the best shot I saw in the last week, but one of the best shots I've seen period. It wasn't me, but.....


We're playing a par 3 with a bunker that's like 25 yards short of the green. Shouldn't even be in play, but I practically whiff it and land in the stupid thing. Guy I'm playing with - maybe a 12 HC -does the same thing.


We get to our balls and I'm in the middle of the bunker. The front of the bunker has a nearly vertical grass face that's about 5 feet high. The other guy's ball is somehow in the face of the bunker like some weird suspended animation thing. It's not plugged, so it CAN'T BE HANGING THERE...but it is.


I'm thinking there's zero shot for him. Can't go sideways or backwards, and certainly can't go forwards. He HAS to take an unplayable.


He steps up to hit the ball while I wait for the comedy to ensue. Dude hits it to a foot. I stand there trying to figure out how the hell he did that even though I just watched him. I learned nothing, because what he did still doesn't make sense to me. I mean, I'm giving almost anyone pretty big odds that they can't advance the ball. WTF ever...I'm just not that smart.

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After thinning shot after shot all 8 of 9 holes I finally hit a okay drive except it ends up in the trees just to the right of the fairway. Fortunately had a decent lie and line to the fairway. I get out the fairway and am about 70 yards up hill. I am between clubs on this shot and although struck nicely  end up short about 10 yards. The chip is about as straight as can be and frustrated that I wasted a par chance I line up to try to get it close. I chip it straight and it slowly meanders its way into the hole. Made the whole round worth it. Next trip needs to be at the range.

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Just joined, have been reading these best shot posts.  Very enjoyable.


Of the month, it came at Quail Creek in Kyle, TX.  On a par 4, I overdrove the fairway and found myself nestled on top of tall bermuda about 95 yards from the pin.  I took out a 60* vokey and made a few practice swings assuring I wouldn't go under (there were at least 3 inches of grass below my ball).  Took my swing, hit the front of the green and rolled to within 6" of the pin.  I fist pumped and the girlfriend smirked. b2_tongue.gif


Two days ago I hit the flagstick with a 52* approach on a par 4 (18th at that).  Tapped it in for birdie.  First time playing with the group I was with.  Think I left a good impression!!

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The shot of my week happened on a 337 yd par 4. Huge, high fade that left me 5 yards from the front of the green. Ended up finishing about 325 total and dead center. Had I not missed a ~10 ft putt, the birdies would have been chirping. z1_censored.gif

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After 3 rounds this weekend, only one shot seems post worthy. from 219 out with the ball about a foot above my feet and a creek that runs across in front of the green, i lined up a four iron aimed about 10 yards right of the green (i hope most of you know the ball above your feet naturally wants to go left for a righty) and landed it about 3 yards short of the green one hop and rolled out pin high about 8 feet right of the flag. 

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I'm not sure if any 1 shot qualifies as "shot of the week" material, but I did put 3 nice shots together to score my 8th eagle of 2012.  The 18th hole is a 528yd par5........I hit a nice (not great) drive in the fairway, a decent (not great) rescue club to within 5yds of the green with a nice fairway lie and easy angle to the pin......and chipped-in for eagle 3a1_smile.gif


There was no 1 great shot, but the sum total of 3 turned into a great result!!!

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Oh...I almost forgot!  I made a crazy birdie today...........


15th hole:  534yd par5

I hit my tee shot at the left fairway bunker and tall fescue grows on the high side of it.  I was lucky to find my ball in knee high grass and hit a great 56deg wedge to just advance it 30yds forward into the fairway.   I had 228yds to the pin and hit a rescue club hole high......20 feet right of the pin.  I was left with a downhill-sidehill putt with about 6-8 feet of break.......and drained the putt for a birdie 4........LOL


I definitely stole 1-2 shots from that hole today....

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Haven't posted here in a while, so I thought I would just pick one shot that stood out.  Played a quick 9 yesterday and hit a high 3 wood draw off the tee on a dogleg left par-4 to the first cut left side, leaving 102 yards to the center.  Pin was in the front, say 5 paces playing 97 yards, wind was from behind, shot was uphill on a plateau, 110 yards, flier lie said ball was going to knuckle and get knocked down by the wind, bounce and release.  I dialed in 95 yards of carry with my 56, hit it on a string to 3 feet.  Ball knuckled exactly as I saw it, hit the upslope at the front fringe, and I can only assume looked awesome by the stick.  Plus I had an extra group watching me and I was giving a little lesson so there was a little more pressure.  Unfortunately the guy was such a new golfer, he didn't realize how awesome all of that was b2_tongue.gif.  He didn't know how close it was until we got up the hill either.

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Hole #2, Par 5 - 517yds.


First let me describe the hole... The tee shot is slightly elevated - and the fairway is fairly flat in all directions until you get to about 250 to 260yds from the tee.  Where once you pass the bunkers on the left, you will find the fairway drops about 15 to 20ft.  Then flattens out again and continues for the next 100+yds of the hole until you get to about 75yds in front of the green.  Then the front side of the green and green itself is severely sloped uphill.  So the last 40yds is at least 20 to 30yds uphill and anything that lands short will end up short (at least I thought).


I hit a nice tee shot with a baby draw and it carried out beyond the bunkers and hit the slope down to the lower portion of the 2nd half of the fairway.  The drive was ~ 270yds which was solid - and given I hit a perfect line off the tee I was happy.  


But to my dismay... When I got up to my ball - while I was in the fairway - I had a downhill lie from 245yds out.  I wanted to advance the ball as far as I could given it was a Par 5.  So I took out my RBZ Tour 3W (14.5*).  And played the ball closer to the middle of my stance - versus the instep of my left foot.  So moved the ball back a little in my stance.  Then I leaned forward - and placed about 70% of my weight on my left foot at address.  And really started to concentrate on my impact fix - keeping my hands in front - with a forward shaft lean - and hit down on the ball.  I took a little extra time envisioning the shot.


WHAM!  I cranked the 3W and the ball started out very low - but just was like a laser beam and carried ~ 220 and landed short of the green.  I thought the ball would just kind of check up in front... But to my surprise it had enough steam on it and was hit hard enough that it rolled up the face of the green to pin high - right.  I was stoked, and the guys I was playing with were clapping.  Felt awesome!


Sitting on the green in two... With a lengthy eagle putt.  I missed the Eagle, but had a 2ft for birdie and sank it.  Happy to say I won a skin $$ for making birdie on the hole. 


Yucaipa Valley_517yd Par 5.png

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It wasn't my shot, well technically!  I played in a golf outting yesterday and on one of the par 3's a golfer in my group hit one of the most akward yet amazing shots I've ever seen.  He struck the ball terribly, it may have gone 50ft in the air and somehow sliced perfectly into the pin and dropped 2 inches from the hole.  Needless to say we birdied the hole as a group and he went on to win a dozen golf balls for his closer to the pin

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About a week ago I was finishing up the 17th hole (Par 3) with a buddy, got to the 18th and have to wait on guys that had skipped us for no reason. So out of frustration I hit my drive with a little extra force and ended up driving the green while they were chipping up to it. The 18th is a Par 4 381 yard hole. So all in all got a new personal record for a 380 yarder to the middle of the green.

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Not quite a week has passed, but I hit a really good 7-iron yesterday.  Really good swing, 174 carry into a slight wind, perfectly pure and solid, great flight and so much crack and zip on it.  The guy I was playing with said, "What club did you hit there?".  I said 7 and he went back to his bag, but his buddy stopped him and said, "That's not your 7-iron big guy."  It was funny.  Thought it would be appropriate for page 174.

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played today at a local course, and had spectacular ball striking.  I hit 9/14 fairways and 13/18 greens.  Miserable putting, shot a 76.  But, best shot of week came on 18. Drive went right over some trees, giving me a lie with the ball way above my feet and a clear shot to the green.  Since i hadnt made a birdie putt all day, I had to try and put in somewhat close.  I had 85yds to pin and decided to go with the 60°wedge.  I knew ball would hit left on impact from the lie, and i was afraid of scooping it, but I hit it near perfect.  Landed 5ft away giving me about a 10ft putt for birdie.  This was my 5th birdie putt within 15ft for the day.  Miserable putting meant I didn't make it once again! Very annoying, but it was nice to see a well struck 60°!

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My 9th eagle of 2012 is in the books:


516yd par5........

Driver----rescue club to pin high...I was 10yds right of the green with a fairway lie. I was short sided and there was only about 10 feet of green to work with.  I hit a low chip just onto the green,  1 hop.....bite....and trickled the last couple feet into the cup like a putt.

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