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Two best shots on the same hole. After getting into trouble off the tee, my playing partner (dad) was sitting in the cart telling me "You can't get it there, that tree is in the way!" 140 yd 7 iron, with a draw, all the way to the back fringe. Holed out the chip for birdie. Went on to shoot my lowest round of the year. Couldn't have been better!

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Had to be this:


My drive went pin high on a 298 yard par 4, but 70 yards left (ouch). I had two old oaks right in front of me before the green. With a normal shot, I would have been in the trees. So I sized up the shot, pulled out my lob wedge, played the ball in the front of my stance and really turned into it. The ball went straight up and came down 15 feet from the pin.


It really was a great shot and I thought about it all day.

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Shot of the week, and possibly the year, came on a 340 yard par 4. It is a fairly open dogleg right. A big pine at the tee box prevents you from cutting the hole short. I hit a high long fade and end up pin high on the green. Naturally I missed the eagle chance, but I'll take a birdie and a good story-telling moment. I also actually made an eagle put today on a par 5. After a 345 yard drive, I was left with a tidy little 8 iron in and caught it a bit fat. I had a 25 foot eagle putt and sank it. Day. Made.

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Second hole at the home course.  165 yards. 7 iron.  Aimed right of the flag and hit a baby draw that hit slightly right and short of the hole.  Spun just a little left, rolled six feet and into the cup.  My first career hole-in-one.  

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Wasn't this week but I forgot to post it...


Playing the 17th at Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, I pushed my drive a little bit into the right intermediate cut of rough. Laser says 290 to the flag. Wind is about 20 MPH right to left, off the ocean. The ocean? Oh yeah, it's a less-than-full sand wedge to the WATER on the right, the actual beach is closer than some putts I've holed.


Anyway, 290 out, par five, with a green angled front right to back left. I play a little draw, and the wind is howling. I aimed a shot to start and travel 30 yards or more right of the OB stakes - right over the beach - and let the wind bring it back. Smeared it, and the ball hung in the air for a long, long time. 90% of its flight was over the OB, then at the last bit the wind and the draw was enough to bring it gently towards the green. I found my pitch mark five yards back of the final resting spot, ten yards or so from the front of the green.


It was exhilarating.



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Playing with a friend of mine yesterday... par 3 and the pin was in the back and he had left himself about a 50 footer. This isn't a hard course by any means but still a 50 footer.. he's been looking at new putters and was actually looking at the one I already own. Needless to say, he's nails with it, he's a 2 handicap and a VERY good putter. Told him $20 if he makes the putt and he never takes long to line it up. Took about 10 seconds to get down the path of the putt and let it roll and it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen especially since I had never seen more than MAYBE a 20 footer with someone I was playing with. He drilled it with the perfect speed it was so awesome I couldn't believe it!!


I've never chipped one in around the green and yesterday I hit one just about perfect but left the flagstick in from about 15 yards or so. Hit it a little too hard but it was still a good feeling hitting the pin!!

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i absolutely crushed a driver on a short (325 yards) slightly downhill dogleg left and found myself pin high just off the left side of the green, exactly 325 yards per my sky caddie.  it's the longest drive i've ever hit that i had a sky caddie to measure.  my dad was with me and just shook his head when we got to my ball and said "i've been playing this course for close to 40 years now, and i have never, ever seen anyone drive the green."

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Par 3, uphill to a green with 2 levels, 163 yards. 6 iron hole high, about 25 feet right of the pin. Made me happy. Then I rolled the putt, right to left breaker right in the heart for a birdie!
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Hit the flagstick from 142 yards today with a PW, made the 3 foot birdie putt

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Had a poor drive on a 440 yard par 4. Had 230 yards to the pin from a fairway lie, and there were no chance i'd reach it with my hybrid. So out with my driver, and ripped it with a small fade about 220 yards right infront of the green. A chip and 2-putt for bogie.

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12th hole is a 388yd dogleg left par 4. I've played this course a few times and my dad always says "with as long as you hit you can cut it for sure" It always gets into my head and I end up swinging out of my shoes and slicing it way right. Today I played with my brothers in law(s?) And figured I would go for it. I hit 3wood, cut the dogleg, made it over a big ol sandtrap and ended up right in the middle of the fairway. I hit a 60* wedge to the middle of the green and 2 putted for par. It felt great to finally beat that hole.
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I had a horrible round today. Could not keep my driver in the fairway to save my rump! Number 18 at my home course is just about impossible for me to par. The green slopes so much, it is hard to get an approach shot to stick. No way to run it up, bunkers protect it. A draw off the tee plays the best for this hole, so naturally I slice one into the pines on the right. I had 155 to the center, but had to hit a low shot under the limbs to get anywhere near the green. 5 iron punch shot. With a lot of luck, the ball made it through and ended up just 10 yards off the green. Still had do pitch over the trap. Hit a 56 that hopped and dropped 2 feet from the pin! Bam, par baby! Finally!!!

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I had a few good ones today but my favorite was on an 150 yard par 3.  Took out my 7 iron and hit it perfectly, it was one of those shots that feel and sound perfectly.  The ball ended up about 7 feet from the pin and I two putted it for par. 

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I had an eagle/par yesterday.  6th hole at my club which is an eagle hole (although it's number 4 handicap?!?)  Anyway, 481 yard par 5.  Hit a fair drive that left me 220 to the pin.  Aimed my hybrid out to the right playing for a fade (I'm a lefty), but it hooked and I lost it in the bushes.  Dropped another one and smoked it about 6 feet from the hole.  Drained the putt for a par!  Shoulda, coulda, woulda been an eagle, but you have to count 'em all.

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My 10th eagle of 2012 is in the books!  I was on vacation playing golf with my dad and his senior golf buddies....337yd par4: An extremely tight tree-lined hole as straight as you can point.....a deep faced bunker fronts the green.  My ball somehow came to rest just beyond the bunker/short of the green......it must have landed just short and bounced over.   All that doesn't matter because I chipped-in for a DEUCE!a2_wink.gif


This is also my 12th career par4 deuce!

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7th hole, par 3, 89 yards from whites (scorecard says 115, but stone markers reads 89 f4_glare.gif )


I was really dialed in with my PW that day, so I decided to use that for my tee shot. The flag was in the centre of the green and I hit my PW dead straight at the flagstick, landing the ball on the green, about 7 feet away from the hole. When I went to putt, I noticed my ball's 1st bounce mark about a half a foot in front of the hole. I ended up making the putt for a nice birdie.

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5th hole, Par 5.  Hit a ugly drive which nearly went OB... Had a side hill lie in the rough... Didn't want to be a hero or anything, so I hit a nice 5i with a low traj to get under a tree, and it took off with a nice line and a baby fade which went back into the fairway (center cut) about 175yds down range.  


As we are driving the cart up to my ball - the greens keeper is moving the flag from the back of the green (blue flag) to the center (yellow flag) as we were the first group off... So they were moving pin placements.  With the new pin placement, I'm 113yds out, and grab a PW.  Choke down a tid bit - and just smoothed it right on line.  Nearly flew into the hole and left myself with an 8" bird.  Nice way to recover and finish the hole.

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tee shot on the 210 yard par 3 8th hole at bethpage black.  stuck a baby fade 4 iron to ~10 feet. (then proceeded to lip out the birdie putt)

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