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1. 140 yards out, way on the down slope and side slope, 9 iron to 8 feet.  


2. 18th tee, lying 73, trying to break 80 for the first time.  Drive 270 straight down the middle to 9 iron distance.

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This past Saturday I had a good drive that left me 148 to the center. I hit my 8 iron solid and high. Stuck it for a tap in for Bird. Word!

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Last night several in a row. Went par-par-par-birdie-par through 5 holes, all four pars the ball hanging on the edge but didn't drop. No scrambling just GIR and sticking it close enough for legit birdie putts. Sadly I got there late and could only make it through 6 holes before the sun went behind the clouds for a premature sunset. Lost my ball on #6 to end the run. Not sure what the deal was but I was rushing to finish so no overthinking it, few practice swings and no lining up putts. No glove, no tees, just a 3w off the ground from the box and 5 holes of the most "pure" golf I've played all year.

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Best shot from my most recent round was a lob wedge from about 85 yards. One of the guys that I play with regularly (we're really competitive with each other) had just put it to about 6 feet from about 10 feet to my right in the fairway. Mine landed about a foot short of the hole, jumped about 3 feet past, and backed up to about 6 inches. Playing partner missed his birdie putt d2_doh.gif

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Best shot in a long time for me was Saturday after I mishit my approach to the green that ended up in thick grass near the adjacent tee box. I was left with a blind shot and had very little room to work with as I was near low-hanging branches that disrupted my back swing. Despite the thick grass, I managed to hit a high lofted shot to a narrow green just a couple feet from the hole with almost no roll. Saved par. The cool part was my friend watched it hit the green and said it had some decent spin which helped slow it down. 

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Last week at River Downs,  5th hole short par 5, second shot was pin high in the tall rough on the riight ,ball was sitting up  about 15 yds from the pin , I took my 62 degree lob and took almost a full swing and put it 1inch from the cup . almost got the eagle.

  Yesterday at Fox hollow 4th hole hit a 3iron hybrid 190 yds to within 2 feet for birdie. I don't birdie that hole very often.

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Wednesday I duffed a chip into the trap and had a 8 yard sand shot to a short side green. I opened the club face wide and took just a tiny bit of sand and a ton of spin on the ball. It was so clear and I could see the spin as the ball flew. It landed about 3 feet to the right of the hole bounced and spun back, almost like I knew what I was doing. I impressed myself. Truly a pro shot for an average joe like me.

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I was playing a local course this past Wednesday and was playing really crappy, have been in a bad slump for the past few weeks after playing well for about 5 months.  Going through a horrible patch, handicap index 6.6,, playing more like a 15 or 20 during some rounds lately.  Short but pretty tight golf course, Was on the 7th hole, and playing badly to that point, 6 over. Pulled the tee shot into a pond, had about 150 yards uphill to the pin, had to setup for a slight draw, and was pushing a lot of iron shots lately, closed the club face and aimed a bit right, couldn't believe the shot.  Contact was great, ball had a strong flight, and with a little draw, flew over the pin and about 20 feet past. Much stronger iron shot than normal of late.  Didn't expect to hit the ball that solid, could have used one less club and bin close to the hole but of course when you aren't striking the irons really well you will use more club.   Ended up with a two putt bogey which is at least one better than expected after the drive.  Perhaps the best part is that I may have figured out why the irons have been going right.   The club face as been too open at impact.   Thankfully I thought more about that shot a few days after it happened.  Too bad I didn't think more about that shot the rest of the round because I didn't hit another one that good the rest of the round and continued to play crappy.  Things should be better next time though. 

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Yesterday. Dusk. 18th hole. Tight match. We won the front one up and were even on the back. My partner hit his drive behind a tree and had to chip out, 220 yards from the green and he can hit a fairway wood, tops, around 180 yards so he has to lay up. I pop up my drive into a fairway bunker, and bone it out into the right rough, about 130 out. One of our opponents stripes it down the middle and hits his second shot 20 feet from the hole. I have a bit of a hampered swing by a tree but am able to swing outside in and cut a nine iron to about 15 feet. Opponent two putts and I jar the 15 footer. Half the back, win the overall. That manufactured nine iron made my day.

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Par 3 - My tee shot spins off the front edge of the green back down the hill into a mostly dry water hazard between several tall clumps of grass. I can get a club on the ball but only if I swing Lefty. (I play righty) So I turn my SW upside and aim for a spot up on the green. Catch the ball perfectly and it comes right out, takes one bounce on the face of the hill and hops up on the green. To cap it off, I have a 12' putt uphill with a right to left break and roll it right in the middle for par.

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3W off the tee on a 300 yard par 4.  rolled up even with the flag just off the left side of the green.

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519y par 5 3w from the tee and a big 4h 2nd shot that rolled to about 15 ft behind the flag. Sadly I missed the eagle putt but it always feels good to 2 putt for birdie. A recent club change has me hitting par 5's in 2 since so I am hoping to see scores drop a bit. Need to stop the 3 putts on the par 3's, it's killing me. New putter as of Sat. and I saw improvement so we'll see.

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Second shot on a dogleg left par 5. Hit a very good drive and decided to cut the corner with my second over the trees to try and shorten the hole. Wasn't thinking about reaching the green, but pulled my 7 iron, so I would make it over the trees and hopefully land it around 50 or 60 from the green. Hit it perfectly with about a 10 yard draw, leaving about 40 yards. Shot just felt perfect - better than the plan, that's for sure.
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Played thursday, lots of good shots that day on the front nine. Two came on one hole. Par 4 291. Blind drive to a raised green that backs up to a river. I hit 4 wood to lay up, slight draw right at the hole must of hit the down slope and kicked to 30 yards from the hole. I set up for a pitch with my 60 and lay it out right at the hole and drops for an eagle. Second eagle this year, first one ever came about month and a half ago.

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170 yard 4h into a bunker, then bounced back out off the far side of the bunker and landed 2 feet from the pin. My partner was pissed because he hit a perfect 7 iron shot 150 off the green and landed on the far side of the green at the approach. I won that hole with the luckiest birdie. a1_smile.gif
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Sunday - 370 yard par 4 (water/sand on the right, thick woods on the left, doglegs left also) that I've never hit the fairway on yet.  Now, new driver, better hits lately.  Twice in a row (Played 18 and the 9, so saw it twice), hit dead straight drives that reached the very end of the fairway about 50 yards from the pin.  I had a bunch of drives like that on Sunday.  It's so nice to be able to see the ball on the fairway as you're driving up - and easier to measure the distance of the drive too.

Strung together 3 in a row on a VERY narrow par 5 to finish that hole in regulation (hardest hole on the course).


oh - and a SW on a par three that zero'd in on the pin - it was nice because  the divot was about 8 inches x 3 inches, landed on a straight line to the hole (ball and divot) and fit perfectly back into the hole it came from (divot) - such a super clean hit the edges of the divot didn't hardly break off at all.  (I missed the four footer, crap)

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Sunday on the South Course at Terra Lago, I was playing #8 (par 5) and hit a decent drive but it was into a fairway bunker, hit an ok hybrid from the bunker but it caught the lip and then another hybrid left me about 40 yards short. From that distance I hit a little pitch shot with my 60° and flew it straight into the cup... no rolling up to it and dropping, just flew straight into it.

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My shot of the  Sunday November 4 2013.   My home club (Trophy Club Country Club)  Trophy Club, TX.   Hole 17 on the Hogan course.  Par 3 playing 178 yards.   Six iron in the cup on the fly.  Not a single ball mark on green or the cup collar.


After 40 years, 1200 rounds and 100000 plus shots....one finally goes in.  

Ball  Titlest Pro V

club    Ping I 15  rifle shaft 6.1


Bar bill ( I was lucky)  75.00

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