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I was happy with a long putt ,pin on angle that I made yesterday
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Playing last Sunday, I had a string of 3 shots. The drive was 312 down the middle in the fairway and left with 80 yards shot to the pin. Took my sixty and put it pin high with a little less than 3 feet for bird. Sank the putt for a 3.

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This happened last weekend: one of the holes at my homeclub is a doable par 3, 195 yards, but with a dense treeline on the left and a nice pond on the right till halfway the hole. Pulled out my 5 iron, took my stance, and what followed had absolutely nothing to do with something to be recognized as a swing. Something between a topped and sliced ball, it landed passed the ladies tee (whoohoo, lucky me), but wáy right, on the edge of the pond.


Walked down (my buddy went on to look for his slicer), only to find my ball tucked in the high grass, a good 150 yards to the pin, some small trees in my direct line, and a good 15 inch lower than my feet. Considered hitting it back to the fairway, but I was overruled by one of my other personalities. Took my 9 iron, adjusted my stance to hit a high one over the small trees, and wacked it. Unable to see the green from my current position, and losing the ball in the sun, I had no idea if it was any good, even though it felt nice. Walked back towards the fairway, and as my buddy yelled "nice shot", I saw my ball on the green, 2,5 feet behind the pin. He told me it actually landed a yard short of the pin, but with no real possibility to put a little spin on the ball, it had rolled, and kissed the flagstick. Walked away with par, but felt like a birdie. 

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185 yards away...








Tap in Birdie!

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Hit an approach that hit on the front of a green with a false front and the ball trickled a few feet off the front. Pin way back on a very deep green with a left to right break of about 8 feet. Decided to putt it.


Rolling, rolling, rolling, breaking, looking good, nice speed, looking right on track...Bang! Back of the cup! We measured it at 93 feet.

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Most recent good shot came after a really bad snap hook from the tee. Golflogix says I am still 251 out on a 422y par 4 and the lie isn't the best, slight uphill lie on a mogul in the left rough. I was expecting a flyer but struck it pure with 3w and it lands on the back of the green. Sadly I 3 putted for bogey because that green slopes back to front and I left it short before drilling it past. Been a problem this week. Good news is I've been playing pretty good and with the last update I'm down to 12.3 from 13 and I should trend down below 12 if the balmy Dec.  weather continues.

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 This could be said to be my best shot of today but it also was probably the worst result. 140 yards to a front pin hitting out of wet rough. Just hit it pure and it took off going right at the pin. As it comes down I am thinking go in the hole but it hits the pin about 1/4 the way up the pin and bounces off the pin directly backward and ends up 10 yards off the green. Pretty frustrating result from a very good shot but it was probably the best shot of the round. Just with a bad result.

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I had a chance to play TPC Sawgrass Tuesday and yes, I hit the Island Green, but my best shot came on the hole, the 18th. I pushed my tee shot short right and had to lay up to about 115 yards from a back pin. I hit a nine-iron to about 12 feet and sank the putt for par. That was probably the best nine-iron of my life.

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None, really for me this week, only one round this week a few birdies but nothing special.

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I was playing a long par4 today and hit a terrible tee shot into a deep fairway bunker.    I had 212yds to the pin and tried to hit a high cut 4-hybrid from the sand and pulled it off perfectly!  It cleared the lip and came to rest 12ft from the cup.......draino...birdie!!!   It's very difficult to reach the green from that bunker, and I managed to do 1 better todaya1_smile.gif

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Par 4 #6, 181 to the green. Big left to right slope, white flag right at the bottom of the slope. Hit a high cut over the left side traps with 6i and landed it at the top of the slope and watched it trickle down towards the hole. Looked like I had a tap in for birdie but rolling up I saw I nearly hit it over and it was past the flag so I had a tough putt coming back.

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  I am a 9.5 handicap, have been playing for 22 years now. I have had numerous birdies, never an eagle. I can't count the number of rounds that I have trashed attempting to get that eagle. I have never wanted to get the eagle by holing out from the fairway or a hole in one, I always wanted it to be an  on the green in under regulation putt. I found myself on the dogleg right  par 5 15th at the Oaks in Mississippi. I nutted a drive a few feet into the right rough behind a knoll and behind a tree at the corner of the dogleg. I had 220 to the center of the green - too much for my 2H and way too short for the 3W(lots of trouble behind the green). I figured I would hit a cut over the hill and around the tree leaving a shortish pitch uphill onto the green for my 3rd. I made good contact with the 2 hybrid, cutting the ball around the tree and out of my line of site. Driving up to the green, I could see my bright yellow Hex Chrome ball sitting just 6 feet from the flag. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I looked at the put from evry angle and then drained it into the center of the cup. Ironically, afterwards, the eagle has felt to be no big deal, like another birdie. I also was not able to see the ball reach the green.  Best part is now that I have gotten it out of my system, layups have become routine shots from tee and fairways.

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First time driving this par 5 in two. 510 yards. The hole is flat. No hills. 280 yard (slightly downwind, quite a bit of run out on the dormant bermuda) drive. 230 yard 3 wood for the 2nd shot. I primarily draw the ball so I had to hit a fade to avoid a tall pine tree that blocks out any chance at hitting a draw to the green. Weakened my left hand grip and opened my stance and opened the face of the 3 wood. A very thin lie---not sitting up. Picked it nicely and watched it fade beautifully. Not a very high ball but I guess because of the cut spin it landed softly on the front of the green and rolled to the back of the green. The kind of shot I dream about. Two putted for birdie. Now this is golf. Very sexy.  

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Hole 3 at Lake park, it's a par 3 165 yards. 

I set up a two club lengths back behind the tees, which was a mistake I think. I teed off with my trusty 7 wood and sliced right into a tree. I heard it hit the branches and drove up to find it about 30 yards to the green. I use the 56 vokey wedge and do a short pitch and roll onto the green. The ball lands on the green and the brake rolls perfect and I'm left with a short 2-3 foot put for par! 

It was definitely the best shot of the round, which was only 9 holes unfortunately due to the early sunset.


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DRAMATICALLY elevated green - hit awful approach shot fat & short - wound up on base of hill that led steeply up ~ 40 ft to the green.    Couldn't even see the flag from below where the ball was.     Walked back to get a look at the flag & hit awesome full power lob shot up over the lip to 3 ft.    Lucky yes to get it that close, but pleased that I pulled off the long range lob shot to save par from jail down below...

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Had 210 yards left on the Par 5 7th, into a 10 MPH head wind.  Hit a solid 4 iron onto the front of the green.  Had about 25 feet for eagle...............and three putted for par. 

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175 yard uphill (but downwind) par 3. 7 iron.  Nice little slight draw. Landed 4 feet from the pin (divot) and rolled an inch past the hole ending up 12 inches away. Tap in birdie.  After 33 years of obsessive golf, you would think I'd have at least one ace. But the golf gods are waiting to anoint me, I guess. I am not yet worthy. I have had many tap in birdies on Par 3's over the years. But the hole in one eludes me. Perhaps one day. And then I can take up Bow hunting or something. Or fishing. 

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my nemesis par 3 at Berkshire valley - 147 yds over water, with a long, narrow green that runs across the path of the ball - so there's practically no landing zone.    Sand protects front, steep hill on back.    Never par'd it.     Very windy & cold yesterday - played ball back & hit a knockdown 8i and it stuck for once.    Missed an 8 ft birdie putt, but it was a very memorable par.

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