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Par 5 ninth at my dad's home course, Williston Highlands in Williston, Fl. My 5 iron didn't hold the green and rolled into the bunker behind the flag. I asked my dad to tend it, and was feeling pretty pessimistic because the bunker was soaked. Blasted it out, and it caught the slope perfectly and started tracking. He pulled the flag and it dropped right in. First eagle on that course, first eagle that didn't involve a putter.

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Played Stondbridge Golf Club near Monroe, NC. I actually had 2 shots that I was proud of today. # 17,  Par 3, 167 yds over a pond. Pin was on the front. Dead into the wind. I hit 6 iron to about 6ft. Made the put to win a 3 hole carry over. The 2nd shot was on a par 5, #7. Striped the drive and was 210 yds out. Pin was on the back of the green. My skycaddie said 223 hole. Hit 3 iron to about 8 ft. Missed that putt but made birdie which was still good enough to win a 4 hole carryover.

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I started a thread on this, but I might as well post it here too...


Hole in one on the 4th at Terra Lago (South Course)... playing 156 yards, hit a beautiful 7 iron that landed on the front of the green and rolled right up to the pin and dropped.

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Went out and played the other day. 37 degrees and steady 20-30 mph winds. Par 3 6th was 162 dead into wind. Hit 5 iron to 8 feet.
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Playing with the family yesterday.  Par 3, carry a small creek to an elevated green with a higher "shelf" across the back.  pin was forward.  Hit the pitching wedge and landed the ball on the edge of the shelf about 5 yards past the pin and dead on.  The ball rolled back to within 2 feet of the cup.  My first ever backspin shot like that. I couldn't believe it.


Of course I duffed the two foot par and blew the bird but it was still magic.

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Best shot was a hole-out from 140 with a PW.  Best swing in the last month.  Clubface was controlled all the way to the finish.  Balance was perfectly solid.  The ball got slightly wind-battered, but held it's line.

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Perfect lie, the short turf - just back of the plastic tee hole.

Nice little 7 iron aiming just below the center of the target.


Clean back swing - totally clear of the shelves, wall studs, tool rack and that string that hangs down from the storage access in the ceiling.


Pure contact, nice feel.  Completely missed the garage door opener, the light bulb, the space heater, and the snow blower.  Nothing but tarp.


SWEET!!!  (Spring can't get here soon enough)

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My best shot was the last of the day today. I played the Firecliff course at Desert Willow and on 18th I pitched in my 3rd shot from about 50 yards for eagle. A great end to an otherwise poor round.
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120 yard par 3 where I always duff the tee shot.....and made the putt!



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nice shot jekve!


I played a Par 3 last night and had my first chip in!  50' in the fringe with a really tricky break dropped beautifully.  I also shot consistently (for me) and scored a 66 (Par 3)

I did a DIY Jumbo putter grip/wrap and was FAR more confident/dangerous on the greens as well which was equally exciting.

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Par three ,130 yards , caught my tee shot fat , leaving ten yard chip , pond at the back and side with a sloping green , lovely chip landed rolled out curving round the slope , stopped on the very edge of the cup.
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Played a few days ago at one of my old stand-bys. 192 out on a mid-length par 4, pin tucked middle left near a slope that goes down to a large oak. 4 iron to about 5 feet. Naturally lipped the putt out.

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I peeked on my swing. About 150 yards away. The ball went rolling, skipped across a pond, back up on the land, on the green a couple feet from hole .
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7 iron on the par 4 - 18th at cypress lakes. I had to take a drop after over cutting the drive in the lake. I was in the rough behind a tree. I hit a nice draw around the tree, over the green side bunker to 4 feet. Made the putt for par.
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The par 5 6th hole at Rolling Hills Golf Club here in Saudi is the "eagle" hole. It's short - 481 yards - and usually plays downwind. Yesterday it was really blowing. 290 yard drive left me with 191 to the pin, down wind with a slight downhill lie. I hit my 7 iron flush and it never moved off the stick. Rolled 3 feet past the hole (the flag was between the ball mark and the ball!). The putt was never in doubt, but I was really nervous. My first eagle after 2 years of serious playing!!

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I barely went over on a par 3 with a back pin position and my ball released all the way down the slope behind the green.   The green has a steep slope/runoff area behind the green is a deep chipping area with tightly mown grass.    I was about 5 feet below the surface of the green with about 20 feet to the pin. I had to decide whether to putt,  chip into the bank, or fly the ball onto the green.   Because I was playing into a stiff breeze, I opted to go high.  I pulled a 60deg wedge and flew it to the green.  It hit like a sack of potatoes thanks to the wind, and trickled into the cup for a birdie.  LOL.......I love it when a plan comes together!

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177 yd approach with 4 hybrid to 2 inches
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Last Sunday I was playing poorly (after matching my best at that course the day before) and I pushed my tee shot on the par 5 18th.  I left myself with a small opening but I would go way left if I tried to hit the shot far rather than just punch out.  I decided what the heck and set up with a 5-wood and decided to try to hit an intentional fade/slice.  I hit it exactly as I pictured it and it ended up right in the middle of the fairway about 120 yards from the green.


The story ends badly though.  I ended up punching my third into a trap, played a poor shot just out of th trap fro my fourth and took 3 more to get down for a closing double bogey.


But it was a very sweet shot, that redeemed the poor round to an extent.

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