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I think I have a crush on the girl in "intheholes" avatar.......LOL

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I think I have a crush on the girl in "intheholes" avatar.......LOL

That's whatshername from the LPGA (what is her name?)


I'll take the girl in your avatar over her any day all day.

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Originally Posted by dak4n6 View Post

I'll take the girl in your avatar over her any day all day.

I'm hoping both is an option a2_wink.gif

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I think I have a crush on the girl in "intheholes" avatar.......LOL

Sara Brown has tons of pics in Google Images ... she's such a cutie - too bad she never had quite the game to make it on the LPGA tour

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Eagle Ridge GC in Raleigh,NC yesterday.  I hit a 307yd drive perfectly straight down the fairway.  It was the high point of my day.

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I had 3 awesome shots on Sunday.

#1 235 meter drive 

#2 75 meter pitch

#3 10 meter chip in the hole for a birdie.

My playing partners gave me high 5's, I was stoked, so stoked that I sliced my next drive and had a 7 on the next par 5. 😝

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Cheers. I will relive that hole for a while c2_beer.gif and try to block out the one after it for ever lol e2_whistling.gif

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Here is the setting; I missed the green and was about 6 ft from the edge of the green. But, the green was about 4 ft above the ball. Only option for me was a flop. Well, it was perfect. The ball landed about 1 foot to the left of the hole and rolled towards the hole leaving about 4 inches for a tap in par. It was the best flop shot I ever made. What makes it better, the hole before I pitched and run to the edge of the hole from 30 ft away for another tap in par. Two exceptional shots, for me, in 2 consecutive holes.

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Tee up on a 400yard par 4 with a hard dogleg left...beautiful tee shot puts me smack bang in the middle of the opening dogleg left with a perfect approach shot in to the green. Only problem is when I walk in to the opening I see at least 10 ground staff either mowing the grass on the fareway in to the green or mowing the green itself.


So I stop, wait for them to clear from the green and to stop mowing...and while they are watching I pull out an 8 iron for the 120 yard shot in to the green and the ball pitches 6 inches from the hole, which had been placed on the front left hand side of the green (short and it would have rolled back 20 or 30 yards down the hill...too long and I would have had a mean little downhill putt to deal with)!


These guys must have though they were watching someone who knew what he was doing BUT never fear...normal business was resumed with the putt as I went on to completely f9ck up the birdie putt and end up with a par! :D


I dream about my approach shot and the gentle applause from the grounds staff and imagine that must be what its like on tour :)





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#6 381y par 4, this hole is the most challenging on this particular course, for me. Not really a dogleg left but it does play that direction and the fairway and elevated green both slope severely to the right. They usually put the flag towards the left front and hitting it up there requires carrying a set of deep bunkers. If you can hit it past the 150 market and land it on the left side in the narrow fairway the ball will run out towards the green. I hit 3w and 52* wedge to the left side of the green and watched the ball trickle down to within 3 feet. Birdie putt made. I've only made par or better on this hole 6 times in more than 70 attempts. But it was a good day. Played the middle 3 two under so I was stoked. Just missed a birdie putt on 7 for 3 in a row. The par tap in was bittersweet. So really a succession of good shots.

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Shortish Par 4.  Pulled the tee shot like I was doing much of the day (lack of early hip turn/bump), poor second shot out of nasty rough did not advance ball far, pulled the wedge from 70 yds to about 20 ft off the green (ugh ...), maybe 50 ft from the pin - just pathetic.  Three stinkers in a row and now I'm looking at likely double bogey.


Calmed myself down, took a few practice chips with the SW emphasizing hands in front through contact zone and good shoulder turn, then hit the sweetest little chip that landed right on intended target, broke left and ended up wedged between the pin and the hole.  What a par! 

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Basically hit a 5 iron fat on a 192 yd par 3, leaving me just short of an enormous sand trap that extended all the way to the green. The pin was set just 4 feet in, with the trap directly between me and the flag. Opened the face of my 58 deg and hit a high flop (a shot that I've struggled with) that landed about a foot from the cup, took one hop and right in. 

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Ok, this was a couple weeks ago but I didn't get around to posting about it. 

It was a par 4, one of the harder ones on the course. I hit my drive slightly to the left in the rough. 2nd shot is good distance but hits a greenside bunker. 

I take 3 shots trying to get it out, but it's just not happening. My round was going bad that day, so I didn't let it phase me.  

The lie is right on the lip, but definitely still in the sand. I open the club face major, so much that the club head is basically sideways. I take my 56 degree Vokey and take an almost vertical swing. The ball pops up high, lots of loft, lands inches from the cup and rolls in. c3_clap.gif

That was pretty much exactly what I did, actually threw my right arm up and said "It went in!" to the group playing behind me.

First time I took 0 putts on a hole and it was a holed bunker shot. Amazing, one of the best shots I ever made for sure. 

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Last week on the par 4 9th on my home course.
Driver down the middle of the fairway, leaving around 155 yards to a two-tier green. I took a 7 iron to 3-4 feet and made the putt for my birdie!
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18th hole on the spectacularly beautiful La Jolla CC course - I played as a guest (view of the Pacific Ocean from almost every hole).  Severe dogleg left par 4, not long.  Decent drive (for a change) to light rough on right, looking at 170 yds steeply uphill to middle of an elevated green.  Couldn't see the pin.


Hit a career 5i, so flush I didn't feel the contact, just carried the front of the green but couldn't see where it ended up.  Well it ended up a foot off the back and I was faced with a 25 ft downhill putt on a super fast green.  Of course I putted long and missed the comeback for bogey.


But what a sweet 5i that was .....

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Hole 3 at the LInks at City Park Portsmouth Va. 326 yard par 4, slight dogleg to left behind a double line of pines that runs the length of the fairway. Elevated tee with a bulge of woods into  the right side of the fairway 100 yards in front of the tee. I drove down left side of fairway just to the right of the pines....don't know what happened but my drive went over 300 yards including roll. I have never hit one that far. The ball stooped 20 yards from the pin because it stopped in a pile of pine needles  at the base of the last right most pine tree while on a direct line to the hole. I chipped it off the right side of the tree  back to the fairway, chipped again to the green and sunk it with one put. Tough Par but almost great drive, a foot to the right and I could have had an eagle.   

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At the national indoor archery tournament, 3 X (center 10 ring) in one end. It means I hit a dime size spot from 20 yards 3 times in a row. That's my best shot(s) this week.

Hope to get back on a course next weekend!
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3 memorable ones from Saturday.

on 2 par 3's I made the green with 1 shot and had pars on both holes and on the 18th I was 125-130 out and hit a 7i to 2 feet from the cup. 

I was very happy indeed. Had lots of really bad shot too, but that's golf I guess

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