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My best shot of the week was a par 4 360yds, dog leg left. I hit a nice draw to the right center of the fair way! Second shot 112 yds with a gap wedge one bounce and in for a eagle 2!!
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I was about 140 yards away, made good contact with the ball and had it stick less than a yard away to help me save par. (I topped the ball the shot before that)
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167 yard Ace in the hole last week .Bad thing is that I shot an 81. Didn't help the score much.
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167 yard Ace in the hole last week .Bad thing is that I shot an 81. Didn't help the score much.

Helped it some. though.  Congratulations!

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First round of the year. Low handicap in a friendly better-ball match (with a few bucks on the line). #8 is the #1 handicap hole (444 yard par 4), so everybody strokes but me, and we are 1-up on the front.


I hit a horrible pull hook into a grass bunker. The lie is dicey, looks like a flyer. I try to hit my 4 hybrid and the club slides right under the ball, goes straight up in the air and leaves me 177 yards from the pin in the first cut. I carve a nice high, faded 5-iron that lands a foot from the hole and rolls about 10 feet past. Make it for 4, opponents best ball is a 5 for 4, so we half the hole. Half 9 and win the front 1-up. a1_smile.gif


That shot also put me in a nice frame of mind and I played great golf for the next 7-8 holes.

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On the downwind 430 yard par 4 with baked out tarmac fairways, I hit my best drive of the year over the rise. The guys in the foursome were looking for my ball and saw it 50 yards past everyone else. Shooting my laser back to tee box it read 330. Having 85 yards into a front pin, I fat my 60 degree from the tarmac and end up with bogey. Don't feel bad, I had the same exact shot on the next hole, this time the ball was on some grass and I stuffed it for a bird. I have never seen fairways so hard and fast before. 

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Hole # 18 , 569 yd par 5.
Hit a 300 yard drive pulled left a bit so I was sitting next to a red hazard stake.
260+ yards to go with a pond in front so the ball had to carry about 240.
I smashed my 5 wood pin high to the right of the green.... then proceeded to hit the pin on my eagle shot. Ball rolled 20 ft past the hole. Naturally i three putted and ended up with a bogey.
Perfect example of having the ability to smash the ball and still not be able to capitalize on it.
Still ended up with an 85 though.
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Par 3 180 yards. Wind in my face about 15 mph. Hit ball dead straight and hard and lands softly 8 feet out. Shot a 78.

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Hole 17, long uphill par 4. I hit a nice draw off the tee but it started just a little too far left and ended up in a small lateral hazard ditch just off the left rough. Took my drop and my penalty and hit my 3rd shot. 185 yard 5 iron uphill, small draw, stopped 2 feet past pin. Tapped in for a par save.
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Any of the ones I was able to hit outside today. Wheeee!!!!


Gettin' it done:



P.S. No responses allowed in this thread, but that's my Miura 3-iron.

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I had a downhill hooking putt around 25 feet. Very fast and hard to read. Took my time and rolled it in to save par.

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Amazing round today, first of all holed 2 chip shots one from about 25 feet and the other 15 or so. 

My best drive was a a beautiful 250 yarder. I hit a fade and aimed left, and the ball just faded beautifully right onto the middle of the fairway. 

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Short par 4, dogleg left. Pushed my 3W into medium cut of rough but had clean view of somewhat elevated green, about 175 to center green IIRC. Wife was in the cart (not playing). She had bought me a Taylor 4h late last year and I said, "this is the shot for my new club darling, the one you bought me!".

Maybe this was unduly risky of a remark.

Anyway I made clean contact, nice trajectory (slight draw) that landed just short of the green and rolled onto it about 5 yds. Boy did that feel good, esp. in the circumstances. I missed the 20 ft birdie putt by a couple feet and made a solid par.

My chances of a new driver for Christmas surely went up :>)
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I was sitting in a fairway bunker 127 yds  to a front pin. Took 9i and hit it hard. Ball landed in the middle of the green and spun back about 15ft  to within a foot of the hole. Easy birdie.

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After a terrible tee shot with a 3 wood which left me with 215 yards in to a (embarrassingly) short par 4, I'm sitting halfway down in some medium rough 215 yards from the green. I pull 5 wood, visualize the shot, and smoke one. It's a tight baby pull fade down the left side right up the pipe, runs up pin high, simple 2 putt par.

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205 over two bunkers to the narrowest part of the green was where the pin sat. Decided to hit a cut to take the bunkers out of play. 195 yard 4-iron baby fade to the right center of the green and a 2-putt from 40 feet for an easy par. Nothing spectacular - just the best execution of a shot I've ever made, especially from that length. I actually felt like a golfer, not a swinging guesser.

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110 to the flag, the ball was resting against the first cut. Weight forward with the PW, pulled it a little but I caught the bank and the ball rolled to within 2 feet of the hole. Made a birdie!

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Struggled all last season with getting distance from the the tee box and the fairway. Didn't matter where, i just could not get great distance. Driving average had dropped to around 240-250. 150 club had went to a 7 iron. b4_blushing.gif Used to be a soft 8 or a nuked 9 iron. I blame it on the fact of hitting forty, and trying to correct my swing flaws and over thinking my swing.


First nine holes played exactly average for my new yardages. Stepped up to the number 10 tee box and ripped the best drive I have hit in over a year. 304 yard. (Confirmed with both range finder and GPS within 3 yard of each other. I have been getting around 270 on this hole recently.) Granted it was downhill, around 25 feet in elevation drop from the tee box to the landing area before a creek. But still 304. Definitely not expecting this to be the new norm, but I will take it.

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