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9th hole - par 3, 190 yards all over water.  Hit my 5 wood sweet as a nut, right on line.  Lovely trajectory and stopped dead 12 feet before the hole.  Thought it was a bit closer til I got to the green but holed the putt so it's all gravy.

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My best shot was not this week but last season, I took a strong 8 from 150, hopped once hit the pin and dropped! Eagle!
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Does it count if it was unintentional?  Today, on a short dogleg left par 4, I hit a high draw off the tee with a 5i.  I was trying to hit a straight shot to mid-to-right fairway that would set up maybe a 7i to the pin.  The ball just cleared some trees in the inside left elbow, veering left and setting up a short approach shot from left fairway.  


What did Lee Westwood say about the high draw?  Me, I may never hit one like that again!

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165 meter par 3. My mate took a hybrid, but I grabbed my 5i and said I was going for it. He laughed. Hit it 3 meters from the pin. Only to 2 putt for a  par. I was still happy 

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About 200 yards out from the green, I played my second shot to a Par 5 with a 4i into a strong headwind. The shot was the perfect trajectory and right at the pin. When I arrived at the green to assess my eagle putt, one of two thoughts crossed my mind.


1. I came up a little shorter than I expected.


2. HOW is my pitch mark in front of my ball, I hit a 4i from 200 for christs sake!


Anyone checked up a 4i on a flat green before!?

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on 18, a long par 4 and my nemesis at the home course, pounded a drive down the left side and was left 190 to the pin, 175 to the front, normally a 5 iron.  Unfortunately I was practicing with my 5-iron the day before and forgot to put it back in the bag.  I decided to play it safe and hit the 6, OK with coming up a little short.  Well, I hit it about damn near perfect, even with a really easy free swing.  Ball mark was 3 ft short in line with the pin.  Ball stuck on the second bounce and came back a couple of feet to finish about 6 feet from the pin.  Missed the birdie, but my first par there in a few weeks.

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Had to layup on 18 after a poor drive. I hit it in a perfect spot to have a look at the pin. 60 yard pitch to 3 feet and make the putt for par.


Handshakes on the green were begrudging. It took until I bought a round for them to say "good shot". What the hell, it was their money.a1_smile.gif

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Par 5 berkleigh country club on Sunday. Hit a 302 yd drive , Obviousely happy about that. 263 left to the pin, pulled out my 3 wood, left it 12' short. Missed eagle, and lipped the birdie putt. At least ended up with par.I was just elated to get on the green in two from 563 yds away. I did it twice.
I was driving for show and NOT putting for dough !!!
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Hole #5, Fox Chapel Golf Club. I was training caddies on Sunday when I hit my second shot near the face of the bunker. This is the same hole that Greg Norman made a 7 in the Senior Players Championship when he found himself bunkered last summer.  With compacted sand from the tough winter, and the face of the bunker taller than I am (6'3"), I figured that I would give it one swing, and then throw the ball onto the green.  Well, my one swing was about as good as it gets without going into the hole. The shot lipped out and left me an 8" putt for par (which I made).

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I have 2..


1. 178 to the pin into the wind on a par 3.. I hit 5 iron and it was right on, left it about 5'..missed the birdie putt.


2. Par 5 hit a great far tee shot, I had 178 into the wind ball below my feet I hit a 4hy to about 12'.. missed the eagle putt, but made the Birdie.

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Had an errant tee shot go OB, had to re-tee up and than I holed a 70 yard lob wedge shot for a bogey save. I'll take it!!

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I hit a perfect shot today, but it didn't count!!!!   LOL........damn!


I had 137yds into a stiff breeze quartering in from the right.  I decided to cut an 8-iron......(I'm a lefty).  Of course....the ball drifted too far in the wind and I missed the green on the left.   I dropped a 2nd ball and decided to choke-down and punch a low draw at the pin with the same club.  The wind held up the ball beautifully so it only drew about 2ft...the ball landed softly about 5ft short of the pin and it rolled into the cup like a putt!   LOL..........OH WELL..... it was still fun watching the ball drop in the hole.   


Fortunately...I did get up and down to save my par with my first ball because I would have been really pissssed if I made bogey with all things considered.  LOL

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Hit a 3I to four feet on a difficult par three, three-tier green, elevation, wind, the works. Then I made the ten footer for par. a2_wink.gif

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There were several good shots this week. But I would have to say there was a great sequence of shots on #12 that all should rate as the best shots.


Here is the scenario:

A short par 4 (normally plays 325), but the tees were playing all the way up (roughly 300 yards on this day). For me the hole normally calls for a 200 yard shot (4H or 4I) off the tee and it leaves me a full PW in (sometimes I play a 3 or 5 wood but run the risk of it running out of fairway).


I was driving the ball amazing, so I pulled it out of the bag. It's a slight dogleg right and calls for a fade. With driver in hand, I hit it 257 w/the fade (have the Garmin S3 watch tracking the distance) and it just ran out of the fairway too long. Not that it mattered. The rough hasn't grown in NY and it was like being in the 1st cut. I had 75 to the back where the pin was tucked and had to pitch it over the bunker. I pulled my gap wedge since the wind was blowing and needed to keep it down. I made perfect contact and thought I might have sent it a little too far. I have no idea what happened, but it must have checked up because it was 7 feet beyond the pin (elevated green blocked my view). I made the putt for birdie after that. 


I never played a hole so perfectly in my life!!!! 

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I had a hole-in-one-in-two.


Practice nine in the evening on my own. Seventh hole, par 3, hit first shot pin high and 20 feet right. Cut a bit, which I don't like, so I teed up another ball, which also cut. But this one I managed to pull, too, and it went straight in the hole on the second bounce.


Counts for nothing. Worth nothing. But fun to see it happen.



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Originally Posted by inthehole View Post

Sara Brown has tons of pics in Google Images ... she's such a cutie - too bad she never had quite the game to make it on the LPGA tour

That's how I feel about Mallory blackwelder.
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Par three 182 yards pin in the back. Wind right to left.Hit a crisp 6 iron on the up side of the green , ball trickled down and almost made a hole in one , rolled 6 ' past the hole.Almost an impossible shot but it took the exact flight path that I envisioned before I hit the ball.happens very seldom.

Next par 3 I was on scoped out at 137 with the wind.I hit an easy wedge and landed the ball beautifully 10' in front of the stick and it rolled straight for it, but stopped 18" from the pin. Almost had 2 Aces in one day.
I also managed to hit my driver off the fairway on a long par 5. Great day on the links.
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375-yard par 4, with a 90-degree dogleg left after 220 yards.


Hit 3W off the tee and drove it right of the fairway in some trees. From in the trees, hit the same 3-wood through a gap, over some water and to within two feet of the green. Two-putted from there and made my only par of the day.

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