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I was playing opening day and it really wasn't going all that well. On 9, a short par 3, they had a contest where they put a circle around the pin and you could pay $10 to take a shot at sharing the pot with whomever got in the circle. It was the best shot I hit all day and easily got my wedge in the circle. It being opening day, there were a lot of players, but only 5 of us got in the circle.


$330.00, thank you very much.

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Toss up.120 yd par 3,PW to 5 ft.Over water btw,was pissed that I could only par. 25 ft drop in putt ,for par.
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Torrey Pines, South course, VERY windy day. First hole, 445 yd par 4, dog leg right. Drove into light rough to right, then pushed 4h badly leaving ball behind a tall Torrey pine tree with a greenside bunker between tree and green (130 to pin). I pulled out my 8i but then realized I wouldn't clear the tree so switched to my 9i. Hit it hard and flush, the ball just skimmed the top of the tree and ended up maybe 25 ft right of the pin. Nice.

Two-putted for bogie ..... but it would have been worse were it not for the 9i. Scored a 92, not bad considering the length and difficult conditions (15-30 knot SW wind much of the time).
Blue tees: 7051, 75.3/137.
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Hole 14 Bethlehem golf course. Heavy wind right at me. Par 3 173 yds. Hit my five iron crisp into the wind.faded 5 yards to the right with the green slope and rolled 2 ft past the hole . Almost went in. birdied it .
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My game was pretty ordinary this week, so my best shot was 1.5 oz. of Jack Daniels.

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I went back to the Blue Course at Eisenhower this week. Out of the gate I hit a very nice long drive that put me 196 yards out on the opening Par 5, but it was pulled in the left rough.


I grabbed my 3 hybrid to play a cut to the middle of the green to a back right pin. It's so nice when you pull off the shot your are attempting. I hit it to 20 feet roughly. 


Unfortunately I missed the eagle putt, but walked off with a tap in birdie that I will never complain about.

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Chipped in for birdie on a 500 yd par 4. Didn't even need the putter
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I hooked a 5 wood off the tee on a 375 yd dog leg left. I ended up in a ditch with the ball above my feet and a tree limb about 15 feet in front of me from about 140. I had to carry a a small pond, but had some room in front of the green. I hooded an eight iron down and took a 3/4 swing. The shot came out perfectly hit the front of the green and rolled about 10 feet past the pin. I missed the putt, but didn't care. The round was not going well up to that point. Played pretty decent the rest of the way and finished 4 over.

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Was on a drivable 380 yd par 4.(strong wind at back) The 1st 2 guys crushed and were within 50 of the green. I toed it and caught some luck as it hit the iron rod fence and was still in play.

190 out, i hit a solid 4 iron that hooked, sailed way left of pin. Was pin high to the left 40 yds out and down in a gulley. Severe downhill lie and needed loft to clear the top

of the other side of gulley which was above green. Had 25 ft of green to work with. Normally I 60* lob over the hills but knew this wouldn't work due to lie. Chose to hard putt

a 4 -iron to skip the bottom of gully hoping it would have a putt-like roll once it hit the opposite hill. Worked perfectly, had even played the break of the green correctly as ball

was curving right to hole. Stopped 4 ft. short and I salvaged a par.  My playing partners were baffled, not because they managed to bogey from 50 out, but how nice a shot this was.

The rest of the day was like that. Pulling pars and bogeys out of nowhere with miraculous chipping. On the back 9, I started driving straight although I never did cure the iron hook that

day. The 4 iron chip solidified a strong start on scorecard that carried through the day.

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250 yard par 4, since I was playing from the whites on a new course. I had 240 to the pin, and busted a low drawing 3 iron to 10 feet, at least 30 yards of ground hook. I'd only had one birdie in my life, a chip in. So I knocked the eagle putt aggressively but hit on the lip, 6 feet past, hit the birdie putt and lipped out, salvaged par. Best shot of my life, any player on earth would have been thrilled to hit that shot, but the feeling didn't last long. 240 yards is a short walk.


I also had a 120y PW to 8 feet, 2 300+ drives, including one to 150y on a par 5, and a hybrid off the tee to within 20 yards on another par 4 from 270. A bunch of other good iron shots too, but I made absolutely nothing. Short game and putting are absolutely disgusting right now... I didn't hit any good wedge shots all day except the 120y pw. 1 one putt green out of 18, and left a lot of good opportunities out there.

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This Monday while playing River Forest (heavy emphasis on Forest) in Freeport, PA,  I hit trees on 11 of 18 holes, and still managed to shoot an 81. Amazing!  The best of my recovery shots came on #10. The hole is a dogleg left, par 4, with trees on the right and left, I tried to hit a high fade over the dogleg, and instead of a fade, I hit a draw (the Johnny Miller double-cross)


The shot

• I found myself deep in the trees with only a punch out shot, but two options, one conservative leaving an 80 yard pitch and one a little harder, but the ball had a chance to get close to the green

• I opted for the harder shot and pulled it left

• After pulling the ball left I waited to hear the ball hit a tree, but amazingly it barely missed two trees and ended up pin high with a 15 foot, left-to-right slider


While this was my best shot of the week, I wish that I could say that it was totally intentional and that I made the birdie putt, but neither one of those statements is true.


My best intentional shot of the week came one hole later on #11 at River Forest, a par 5, with trees right and left. I busted a drive down the left side of the fairway and only had about 230 to the green. I thought I could go for the green with my new Rocketballz 3 wood but pushed it to the right and into the trees.


The shot

• I found myself 110 yards to the hole and a very large tree between me and the pin with two options, a low punch under the branches or a high shot over the tree.

• Having hit a punch shot on the prior hole to 15 feet you would think that is what I did. Wrong! I elected to open up a nine iron and go over the tree.

• I hit the ball perfectly, barely missed the highest branch, and landed 12 feet short of the pin.


This time I did make the putt for a birdie, and after staring at two potential bogies, I played 10 and 11 in one under par.  I love this game!

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Hole 18 par 5 .veeeery long hole. Hit a 290 yd drive which left me around 260 yards to the pin. I usually don't try to hit any cute shots with my fairway woods but I grabbed the 5 wood rocket ball. Couldn't have pured it any better.hit the green about 25' from the pin from 260 out straight as an arrow.
Perfect eagle putt that stopped 1/2" from the hole.I waited awhile and gravity didn't help me
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This doesn't really count as one, but the first shot of the season always feels nice!
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Dogleg left par 4. Stupidly (I'd played the course before) I hit driver through the elbow and into a pond - should have played 3W. Next shot was a 6i that went long, about 30ft into rough behind the green. I visualized the downhill SW chip onto short grass about a yard off the green and a two foot left-breaking 20ft roll. I played the shot and it all happened! Nice par but one of only 3 and a round of 88. Bad driving (2-&-in mostly).
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175 yard par 3, into the wind. Hit a nice shot that was going for the flag. A couple of hops, and a nice roll up to the flag. Not sure how it happened, but the ball ended up about a foot behind the flag. Can I be disappointed that it was not my first ace?

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400y par 4. Hit my drive in the fairwaybunker. That day I carried a wood 7 because I was'nt happy with my hybrids out of the bunker. So on hole 9 got my chance and played the 7 wood. Still 170y to go and a good lie. Ball exploded out of the bunker, very high trajectory and landed at 2y. Birdiea1_smile.gif


7 wood is going to stay for a while.

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a friend and i played a scramble against 2 other guys and we both had to make our putts to tie, but i didn't give them the chance and made a 15 foot putt on the last hole which was a steep downhill with alot of break. i couldn't believe i made it considering putting is the worst part of my game...


on my own i was in wet sand on a par 3, about 15 yds from the hole, hard sand wedge swing and almost went in, ended up 3 inches from the hole...

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60' putt to save par !
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