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Yesterday I played golf with my dad.  On the back 9 I started to get the driver working (which had been a problem up to this point in the season)


The 18th hole is a short drivable par 4.  285 to the middle of the green, but the front is well protected with 2 bunkers making for a great risk reward shot. 


The hole is very very tight, and I decide to hit a 4w.  I generally carry the 4w around 215-220.  Not a club I would normally hit on a 285 yard par 4, but I was having fun with the Driver / 4w off the tee.  So I hit a nice 215 slight fade shot.  Being the 18th hole, I decided to hit one more shot off the tee to see if I could reproduce it. 


I tee up the ball, and decide I am going to try to hit a draw and see what happens.  I line up facing the left side of the fairway (left handed) address the ball, close my stance by backing up my back foot 4", focus on hitting the inside of the ball and hit a PERFECT mid flight draw that started over the left side of the fairway and drifts back to the middle of the fairway and ends up right between the two bunkers at about 255. 


I played both shots and shot 2 pars (the first shot I left the akward chip a little short and got up and down, and the second I hit a nice chip, and 2 putted. 


So my shot of the week was a 255 yards mid flight draw with my 4w.  It was EXACTLY what I imagined, and executed exactly like I wanted. 

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The last 4 rounds I've played have been the worst I've ever had.


But two shots come to mind.


A thinned bunker shot which hit the flag pole and dropped for birdie.


And my 5th shot on a par 4 - I put my drive into the woods. 110 yards to go, hit my PW, thinned it, it never got more than a yard off the ground, bounced a few times and rolled up near the pin, then disappeared into the hole a3_biggrin.gif

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165 meter par3, 6i to less than 4meters from the pin. Earned me a golf ball for closest to the pin. My first ever. 2 putted for par but.
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375 yard par 4, 14th hole. Hit an okay drive to about 140 yards, but landed a 7I just left of the green on a hill. I then managed to chip in from the side of the hill (about 40 yards away from the hole) with a SW. Not bad for the first round of the year!

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My best shot was almost a better shot.
I was playing an up hill par 5 , which I thought was a par 4. Hit my driver up hi about 265 yds right side of the fairway.
then hit my 7 iron 175 yds. steep up hill, probably 40' elevation in 170 yds.
Lands 6' from the pin and backspins to about 12'.
I just ever so slightly lipped the cup and it rolled back to 3 on my eagle putt.' ( very steep pin placement)
I sank the birdie putt, but walking off the green my buddy tells me , hey u know that was for eagle right!
So that was my best shot of the day.
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I completely nutted a 5 iron 199 yards over the green on a par three tee shot. It was straight as an arrow and towering. 197 yards of it was carry carry and landed in thicker rough over the green. While the result wasn't desired, it felt great to hit that club 15 yards farther than normal. The best part about that is I made a nice chip and sank the 4 footer to get up and down. It was one of the few highlights of today's awful round.

So...it's back to the range and a lesson tomorrow morning. I guess the long iron lessons helped last week!

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1st round of the year.

Hole 7 is straightaway 540 yard Par 5.


Today it's VERY windy and this hole is downwind and I've been crushing my driver.  Excited to hit a good drive to leave a chance at getting there in two.

Not this time....pushed it to the right - wind helped - so I'm sitting in the rough about 250 from the tee - still 300 out - no way, hit a good one and hope to get close.....


So best shot of the week.

Now, I'm in the rough, about 300 out, a nice 20 yard gap between the trees just frames the flag.  No hazards on my line once I hit through that gap.


Did I mention it's pretty windy and blowing right at the hole?


3 wood super clean, super straight, hardly even felt the contact.  Lasered straight at the hole.  End up rolling right up about 8 feet onto the green leaving a 40 foot eagle opportunity.

Missed the 1st putt but got the birdie.


I normally hit 3w about 250 or so on a good strike, including roll out, so this was the highlight of the day by far.


Wind is great.....until you have to play the last two holes coming back into it.

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I played my second round today, and in my first I was awful with the driver. Today, it was really working, so very happy with how I drove it. A short par 4 that reads 313 on the scorecard but 265 to the pin if you go right at it. Slightly uphill, but a helping wind and I hit a laser right at the green. Lands short and rolls through the green, so 270 or so. I'm not usually a long hitter, so that type of drive feels amazing when it happens. Got up and down for the birdie as well!!
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First day open on my track, I am on the 11th hole, a par 5 475 yard hole. My drive was perfect and left me in the fairway 191 out from the stick. I hit my 4 iron with a fade to within 6 inches. I made the putt :)

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Saturday pushed a drive right which hit a tree and went the wrong way into an adjacent fairway.  Had about 12 feet between two trees (staggered at 5 yards apart) with a 6' bush in the middle of them.  Sitting just under 180 took my 6i and played it through the tip of the bush while keeping it under the branches of the pine tree in the back.  Faded it to 20' on the green and pared to win the hole in a match play individual event. 

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Yesterday I played terribly again but on our last hole (hole 9, we played the back nine first), I played it beautifully. It is about a 550 yard par 5. I crushed my drive 322 yards an ha 250 going in. Obviously I hit 3 wood and crushed it into the green, about 15 yards from the pin. Two putted for bird. I think it's the first time I've ever gotten it on in two, usually I don't hit it that well. Felt good.
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Yesterday playing Terra Lago here in CA, #4 167 Yd par 3, large deep bunkers guard the front of the hole with the pin in the front stuff an 8 iron to 3 feet, missed the putt. pretty sure the whole course heard that one  z1_censored.gif

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I am jut driving the ball great this season so far. My average drive has been around 230 in recent years, but this season I am averaging upwards of 240 and have hit some of the longest drives of my life (I'm 60 years old).

Dogleg left, 365 yard par four. Beautiful draw off the tee, leaving me 90 yards from the green. Just as I visualized it.

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I only played once this week and I did make a couple birdies, but my most satisfying golf holes were pars made on 2 holes.   Both are long par4s playing into a cold 47degree wind and the fairways were soaked, so tee shots were plugging and backing up.   I had 3 wood approaches and made par both timesa1_smile.gif  On one hole, I had 217yds up hill into the wind and I hit the green....2 put par.   I had 234 to the pin on the other hole and got near the front of the green.  I had a long pitch to a back pin position and got it up and down to save my par.   It's pretty bad when my most satisfying holes are pars...LOL

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Long par 4 . I hit my drive 310 yds out into the left side second cut. A little thicker grass then usual.
175 to the pin. Pured a 7 iron on my second shot straight as an arrow long high and perfect. Hit 8' from the pin and gently rolled stopping 10" from the cup.
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Mine came at our 17th hole, Index 1, 480 yard, par 4, dogleg right.

Chunked my drive and mishit my hybrid to a spot in the left rough 220 yards out.

So I take my 3 wood and cream it to 15 feet from the pin.

Not bad even if I do say so myself.

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Today may have been the best golf I've played ever. I was hitting it furhter than I ever have. Was on the tails of the group ahead all day long, had to apologize more than once after hitting it close. I'm not that kind of player but it was an entire day of "best of season" shots.


Anyway I'll keep it short but there were two shots that really got me glowing.


#1 483 yd par 5, hit driver and 6i to hit the green in 2

#2 missed the green right and bounced it into a water hazard. Found my ball sitting on some dead reeds about 8 ft into what's usually a pond so well below the green. Hit 56* wedge to 6 ft and got up and down for par.

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Had a good round for me today on 9, my driving was yucky but the short game was pretty much on point.  


My best shot that really had me smiling was the second on a short par 4 where I ended up in the long grass underneath a tree, some hills and a bunker between me and probably ~75 yards to the flagstick.  I took the risk of using my 55 wedge to go up between two huge tree branches.  Lucky for me I calculated right and the ball split the branches and came down perfectly on the green.  Felt damn good, that SW was my golden club for the round.

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