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I had one shot of the day and putt of my life..
The shot was on a par 3 130 yards over water. I hit a easy 9 and hit it thin and out to the right edge of the green but I was slicing hard and ended up about 3 inches behind the hole! Horrible strike turns into closest ever to getting hole in one!
Now the putt.. It was on a green where the slope is so deadly that if you drop the ball at the top off the green it rolls back to the front rough. The pin was in the middle and my shot was front left of the green about 30 feet away. I aimed a good 7 or 8 feet above the hole and smashed it and it went in for bird.. First of the year!
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Shot of the week for me was on a 198 par 3. Down hill and across a pond. Hit  a 5 iron too far and landed 20 yards too far and about 10 yards right of the green. And to beat it all I was behind two trees. Grabbed my 58 degree wedge and found a gap in the trees. Hit I nice little lob hook and landed it an inch from the cup to save par. The guy I was playing against just shook his head.

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I was playing about a 510 yard par 5 with a dog leg left, hit my drive about 260 with a fade and got slightly around the bend, leaving me about 250 to the pin which was on the very back of the green, okay so I'm think a nice 3 wood might get me about 225 or so with a nice pitch onto the green... nope.. Nailed the 3 wood and put me on the green in 2 with a 15 foot eagle putt, of course I missed, but walked away with a proud birdie.
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Shot of the week wasn't actually mine. I was playing with my dad over the weekend and he missed a green right pretty badly. He probably had 20 yards to the flag and no green to work with as it was a tucked, right pin location that day. He opens up a LW and pitches the ball directly into the hole. The shot didn't bounce and roll in, he just flew it straight into the cup. Unbelievable.

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504 yard Par 5.  Easy dog leg Left.  Then over a lake to a set back green

Two shots, really. 


Driver was super clean, maybe 285 after roll.  Light draw and everything.  perfect for this hole.

only 243 from the hole, but a little headwind, so 3w.  Another baby draw, landed first quarter of the green, and stopped at the back of the green (total maybe 250 or 260).

Left a 'real' chance for a 40 foot putt for eagle.  missed by only a half foot and nice 3 footer for birdie.


That 3w was a fun shot.


The round was really kind of crappy, so that birdie (and birdied the other Par 5) on the back nine made my day.

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My best shot wasn't out on the course instead it was out on the driving range.  I was gripping down on my sand wedge trying to zero in some distances with full swings all the way to half swings with different grip positions.  I was aiming at 75 yards and hit about 5 or so shots right at the target.  The sixth or so shot wound up hitting directly on top of the PVC pipe and bouncing about 15 yards straight up.  It was very rainy here, so I was the only one at the range (go figure).  Anyways I was laughing quite a bit and thought I should share it.  The link below shows the yardage markers my range uses.



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I have one worthy this week. Playing a par3 and dipped my right shoulder and block/sliced a ball into a line of trees just short and right of the green. Looked for it for a few and the group behind us was coming up so dropped one on a ridge about 30 yds out. Pin was cut about six paces on...I'd been practicing flops so here was the opportunity. Clipped it perfectly...landed on the fringe and rolled straight to the cup and in (for par).

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Played a scramble today . Last hole we were on was a par 5 . 584 yards
Drive was great.. I was standing next to a sprinkler head on my second shot that said I was still 275 yds out. I let the other guys hit first to put one in play . We had a great second shot. So I couldn't lose I let one rip. I literally gave it everything I had with my rocketballz 5 wood. Perfect smash that landed 20 yds in front of the green and rolled onto the green about 25' from the cup.
I swaggered up to the ball as confident as I had ever been , putt the ball and it rolled in the cup for eagle.
It probably was the best played hole I could imagine.
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Played in a greensomes comp on Sunday BUT I thought my tee time was 2pm so I just wondered up taking my time when the pro shouts out that my group had just teed off and that I was late!


Cue hurried shoe changes and riffling through my bag for everything I needed and then running up the fairway to catch up to everyone else! No chance to warm up and get focussed and just had to get on with the job!


My shot was about 200 yards to the front green with water down the left and behind the hole and a big 100 foot oak tree on the right so any deviation would have been leathal! I pull out my 7 iron (as I thought my 6iron would have been too big and Id rather hit a hard iron than trying to hit a soft iron shot as my game isnt quite at that level of control yet!), couple of practice swings and then hit the straightest of straight approach shots ending up just short of the green...followed by the biggest sigh of relief from myself...and my playing partner!!! :)





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The highlight of my round today was a chip-in from behind a green.  The back edge of the green runs off into a deep tightly cut chipping area well below the surface of the green.  The pin was tucked on the back shelf.......  any recovery shot that runs past the cup with any pace will release 40ft past.........


My options:::   I could putt, skip into the bank, or fly the ball to the putting surface.  We've had a ton of rain lately and skipping into the bank was not an option and I didn't like the putting option either.  The green surface was about eye level and I pulled my 60degree wedge and went for the soft pitch.  The first few feet on the green are uphill........and then it runs steeply down to the cup.  I used a simple pitch sweeping stroke with the ball a little forward in my stance and it came off perfectly.  It landed about 1' on the green onto a small up-slope area....and then trickled down the slop into the jar!!   I love it when a plan comes together!!  LOL


A nice little birdie 3 from not a very good position.....

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Today, having a pretty good round, 3 over at 15. Came up on a tight par 4. Waiting for the group ahead must have thrown me off my rhythm, cause I topped my 3 wood and sent it blazing grass straight ahead.
No biggie, on the edge of the fairway, 181 yards out. Grab my 6, but I'm on a slope and my feet are well above the ball. Another worm burner....But, it went straight.
Ok, so I'm 95 yards out, and now I'm pissed. Determined not to thin another one, I pound the ball with my 56 degree, fly the pin, and it pulls all the way back to within a foot of the cup. Tap in to save par.
Short bus to tour pro stuff in one hole!
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Interesting enough, I was in a scramble where the last putt for us to win was a fifteen foot downhill BIRDIE  putt.  The lady in our group was asked to putt first to show us the line but she didn't listen to us and went ahead to just drill the bottom of the cup.  

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Have to laugh because what have been and probably will be the best shots I've ever hit happened during a scramble yesterday. Things are starting to syn up so hopefully I can take this back on to the course.


Odd course, from the tips just 6100y, they had us playing from whites so very short at 5800y. Hole 4 449y par 5, yep par 5. I'm the big hitter so I am last, usually strategy if at least one ball is in play go for it. All day I've been coming through the ball hard and winding all the way around. Something about not caring and just going for it unlocked something in my driver swing.


Anyway I mashed it, big high draw that looks like it's never going to land. It's a slight dog leg left. What we couldn't see was the left side is basically bare ground. It lands between 2 pines on a mound and bounces forward hard. Couldn't see where it stopped. We get up there and I just laughed. 109y from the green. All luck though I did mash it but it had to have rolled at least 60y after the bounce on that hard dirt. So short par 5 driver and 52* wedge to 8-10 feet, my shot again. They let me take the 1st putt since it was my good shots and I made it for an eagle. Had to happen in a scramble.

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Crystal Springs - this is such a narrow tight course - I didn't dare pull the driver on the front 9. #7 - pured a 3 iron off tee, beautiful high & straight ball flight - rolled out to around 230. There's something really rewarding about a long iron shot like that. I'm falling deeply in love with that club ...
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After shooting a dismal 47 on the front, I got it together and was even par for the back through 17. !8 is a tough, long par 4 and I made the mistake of trying to step on my drive and, of course, screwed it up. Pop up that went about 140 yards. I had about 220 to some bunkers that are about 60 yards short of the green and I tride to layup short of them, Instead, I smoked my five wood, which is usually about 200-205 for me, into one of the bunkers. We have these annoying little fingers in some of our bunkers and it was inevitable that my ball came to rest in one of them. Par was almost out of the question and avoiding double was going to be challenging.

I just made sure to stay down in my stance and took a full swing with my sand wedge. It just skimmed the lip of the bunker that was less than a foot in front of the ball and flew up on the green, about 20 feet past the pin. That may be the best shot I've hit this year. I missed the putt for par, but still shot one-over on the back, my best back nine in 2-3 years.

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I had my last practice for my high school golf team for the season.  I am not an amazing golfer (usually a high forties shooter for nine, haven't been playing great this season though, trying to fix my swing), but I love to play and it's my favorite sport.  Since it was the last day, we played a scramble (pick the best shot out of the two) and my teammate was a senior, who's usually a low forties shooter.  Anyway, on the third hole, I smoked a drive right down the middle and left it 115 from the pin.  We took my drive, I hit my pitching wedge onto the green and left it within 3 or 4 feet of the pin.  Definitely my best approach shot of the season.  He took the first putt and we made birdie.  At the end of the round, we were two over and four out of the five drives we took were mine and we also had quite a few of my other shots, when at the beginning of the round I didn't think we would take that many of my shots at all.  A good last practice.

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I pitched in for eagle and put one to 8" on a par 170y par 3 this week.  I would have to say the pitch in.

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Two feet shy of an ace on a 188-yard hole. Never left the flagstick.

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