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I've got equally good ones, oddly enough both on par 3's.


1) 3rd hole 160 yard par 3, dead straight and downhill. I hit a 5I short, then hit a SW over the green. I re-hit the SW from off the green and managed to get it in the hole for an unlikely par.


2) 7th hole 155 yard par 3 over water, about 120 to carry the water. I hit a 6I left of the green near trees. I had a good lie from under a tree and took a shot with a SW. Again, I managed to land the ball close to the hole and play the break to get it in for an unlikely birdie.

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Haven't posted on hear for a while but as I have an official handicap again for the first time in 4 years and am playing regularly again figured good to talk about it too!

Played the Silverburn course at Royal Aberdeen for my works Bi-weekly "Monday Medal" this week. Was in 3 bunkers and got up and down from all of them. First two sand shots were pretty special and deserve a mention (3rd was average but made a 25 footer).

First was at the first, probably 20 yards to the pin and left it 5 feet away, with an uphill putt, hit it perfectly, just text book bunker shot.

Second was at the fourth, only about 5 yards to the pin so no green to work with but landed it in pretty much the only place I could and it trundled down to the whole to leave me a tap-in.

Course the real irony is that I have just myself a new wedge.... Dilemma now as to whether I retire my old one!
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about 100 yards in par 4, hit my 58 just passed the hole and sucked it back to about a few inches, didn't drop but still my best shot of the week. 

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Lots of short shots that I've been craving lately working (pitches and chips), but I have to go with the bomb.  


Hole lasered out as a 380 yard, short par 4.  Pretty open, wind behind and to the left - pretty strong tail wind, a couple clubs worth.

Turned to the wife and offered "right of the fairway, and draw it and let the wind bring it back to the fairway"


Ended up right center in the fairway just like called - left only 40 yards to the flag  (also downhill, flat fairway in addition to the tail wind - lately I've upped my drives to nearly 280 including carry, but this one was ridiculous).


was doing this all day today - calling the shots and then actually hitting them, all the full swings very clean.  It's such a new thing for me, I'm really jazzed.

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Just got back from a three day golf outing. I had 3 greenies and 2 skins over three rounds on three different courses (15 players).  Not bad for a 63 year old playing against the younger guys.


Best hole was a 2 on a par three. I hit a 6 iron to 20 feet and made the putt for a skin and a greenie.


Best shot.... Hit a driver over a marsh area (200 yard carry), and then a pitching wedge over a creek guarding the green to four feet. (However, I missed the putt! Drat!)


Worst shot that ended up okay - hit driver and 4 wood onto the green on a very difficult par 4. I then proceeded to 3 putt for a 5, but my partner, John, hit a good 70 yard pitch and made a 15 foot putt for par, which ended up being a the only skin of the day. I was very happy for John, because that was his only skin or greenie of the trip, but was a bonanza for him getting all of the skin money for the day.

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Evenn though I played bad, had one good shot.


Hit my drive which found the grass on a bunker wall, had to wedge out to fairway which left me 266.7 yards to the green ( Laser )


Seeing as my round was lost by then, I pulled my 3 wood, hit it flush to the left edge of the green.


That was my only good shot of the day :)

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Thinned tee shot & overshot green on ~ 150 yd par 3 by about 15 ft.   Lie was elevated & green dropped off dramatically down & to the left - tons of slope.       My bro was on the green & mistakenly pulled the flag.     Really nasty delicate chip - I gave it about 12 ft of break & watched it track perfectly & hit the back of teh cup ... if he didn't pull the pin, good chance it would have stopped it & plopped in for birdie.    Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - jacked again   d2_doh.gif     

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Almost slam dunked my first approach shot of the day... put a nice dent it the hole.

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Turned a missed GIR to a birdie on a par 5 with a 25ft putt from the collar 👍
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158 yd Par 3, wind coming at me, and from right to left, water on the left.

I aim right, hit it solid to the right, and watch it draw back toward the pin just like I envisioned.

Lost sight of it as it landed, so of course I'm excited/confused as I drive up!

It was RIGHT in line with the hole but about 7 feet short. I made par.
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Today on the par 5, 8th hole, I skyed my drive to within 262 yards of the hole. With a little wind to my back, I faded a shot with my 3 wood to within 20 feet. Missed the eagle putt but made the birdie.
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Yesterday on a 9 hole round I had two shots that for me were both pretty great.   On my second shot on a 380 yard par 4 I played my 5w from middle of fairway 185 yards to within 15 feet of pin. 


But even better, on a previous hole I missed the green on a 172 yard par 3 by short by 15 yards, but I chipped it too within 1 foot of the pin to save par.

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150 Yd. Par 3, 9I to 3 feet. Made the birdie. My first!
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From 25 yards I hit a low pw pitch up the sloped green that skittered up and put the brakes on right next to the hole for a kick-in up and down. Second place was the same shot with my sand wedge from 15 yards from the pin for the hop, hop, and stop to 3 feet. The course had receptive greens. 

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This one.  Hanging lie, into the wind, from 185.  Stupid game......




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Ok here i go, hole 8 at my local golfclub ( golfclub de koepel ) mens competition so an evening round. After we had rain the whole day at 17.00 start time it was dry, but still very windy.

Hole 8 is a dogleg left par 4 off average length about 390 yards big hill on the left and 2 bunkers on the right. so very small on landing area.

I selected driver as the club to hit ( should have known better ) i once again pushed it way right almost hit the water from left side  7th hole, i was in thick rough ( and again i should have know better ) hit a 4 iron. Club duck in the ground shooting out 180 yards forward again almost in the water. i was left with a 60 yard shot out of the rough with a steep downhill lie.

The pin position was front right, to make this situation worse i had to go over a hill ( couldn't see the flag ) and over a green side bunker to the green that slopes away from me.

Took my atv 58 deg wedge. Aimed it 8 feed right of where the flag should be ( because of the wind ) opened the club face and focused on keeping the club face open during the swing.

Than i made a little aggressive swing to get it through the long grass. The ball flew out landing just over the bunker on the green rolled about 8 feet past the hole and made my putt for par.

That pitch shot just felt so awesome it just did exactly how i pictured it.


Later that day on hole 13 i drove the ball way right again now in the rough on the upcoming 14th. about 170 from the green. To get there i had to hit a high draw over the tree line that separated the holes. green well guarded by bunkers. Again i should have known better that the selected 6 iron wouldn't carry the trees, so i hit the tree ball came straight down. now i was in the woods behind a tree that was in line with the green. Only thing i could do was to pitch it low in the right front bunker, wedged it out over the pin about 13 feet from the hole, leaving a nasty right to left downhill putt. I saw the line and hit it, it went in the center off the cup on the last roll. Best bogey ever.


best shots on my latest round

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170 yard par 3, I pop up my drive short of a bunker on a side hill about 65 yards from the pin. I am on the right of the hole and the pin is tight right, next to a green side bunker. The prudent move is to hit a ball a little to the left ( the whole green tilts that way), but I am in a tight BB match and my partner has already hit his green side shot about 20 feet from the hole and I am not going t get any closer with that approach.

There is no way to spin the ball out of this rough and the ball is a little above my feet, so my only chance to get close is to hit the shot onto the right fringe and hope it bounces left toward the hole. I execute it perfectly, landing in the fringe about 25 feet short of the pin and it roles up to 3 feet. Best up-and-down in a long while.

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Not me but a golfer I was caddying for....


#14 Oakmont Country Club....


The Drive:  plugged into the face of a fairway bunker.


The Drop:  still in the bunker, 144 from the pin.


The Shot:  never left the flag, stopped right in the heart of the hole, but three inches short.  (I guess I underclubbed him.)

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