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Finally dialed in my driver. I hit 6 drives on Sunday over 300 yards. Averaged around 290 for the day.
Too bad only 10 of 14 drives hit the fairway.
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I hit my final shot on the range today. I'd been hitting it poorly all day but struggling through it, and haven't been sharp with my ballstriking in over a week. I knew my posture and my transition were the culprits but nothing got the ball to curve left properly all day, and I was trying to draw 90% of the shots. I hit maybe a dozen good shots but they were all completely forced, not effortless and efficient.


I set up to just make solid contact with a smooth 7 iron, hitting my standard draw. I always like to hit a good confident shot for the last one. I bladed it and sent it right like so many others, and caused my back to go from slight nagging pain from trying to force my swing to work, to an aggravated condition that decisively ended the full swing practice before I made it worse. I stretched, practiced short game for a while longer without aggravating the pain, stretched again and rested. It's no longer bothering me at this point and I'm continuing to rest it for a few days since the weather is so bad. Nothing serious but you simply don't try to play on a bad back, especially if you're 23.


It was a terrible shot but it told me unmistakably that I was going backwards. Normally I'd grind through the bad shots and hit another 4 buckets until I found the needed adjustments and results materialized, but actual pain isn't normal outside of fatigue. So it saved me from a lot more trouble. A shot that bad did me a favor because I was fully committed to hitting it and failed completely. Most of my good shots teach me nothing; this one wasn't pretty and it wasn't fun and I wanted to charge after the ball screaming obscenities and set it on fire, but it definitely taught me something.


I'm making a bit of a swing change as a result. In fact I'm going for a more consistent method that resembles some of my better swings, which will also place less strain on the lower back and more on the legs and upper back. The main change is my posture, which was suffering as I tried to make the club reach the ball from a too-upright torso position. I'm pointing my left shoulder lower at the top, staying more centered with my turn in an attempt to swing more in to in. I'm also trying to clear my right side since it felt to be getting in the way lately on the way to impact (I'd straighten up and lose my spine angle from address, but my right hip bumped towards the ball and left no room for my hands to get to impact even though my weight was shifted, I had to come over the top or play the ball far from my body and step through the shot to reach it). I could turn farther back the old way, with my hands deeper, but it made me keep the club too flat at the top and prevented everything else from moving as freely or in sequence. I had to do crazy things to hit anything decent, and had a hard time with partial swings. 


Practice swings with the two styles were like flipping the pain switch on and off, respectively. A lot less conscious hand manipulation with the new way and I could feel the club better since it was in a more upright position at the top and I was better connected. Not exactly sure what will happen with the driver or on hard shots, but I'm fairly certain I'm getting enough power to hit my usual distances with no trouble. 

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Forget best shot of the day/week/month.

Best shot of my life.

Hole out eagle from 107 yards in a tournament. So damn sweet!
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It wasn't me, but a 26-handicap guy at our club did something very interesting over the weekend. On a very difficult par 4 (#1 handicap), he hit a 140 yard shot in the hole for a birdie 3 (net 1) and on his next swing, on a 122 yad par 3, he had a hole-in-one (net 0).

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Yesterday, I faded my tee shot just into the woods that lined the hole. Had a small opening between two pine trees. 176 to the center. I had a clean lie but it was on pine needles. Hit a beautiful 5 iron through the gap and it faded toward the green like it had eyes. Landed on the green about 20 feet from the pin. Two putt par. Couldn't have been happier. 

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I hit a wedge on my 2nd shot of a short par 4, landed 10 feet past the hole and it checked and backed up to within 1" of the hole! Only my 2nd round trying out the prov1 it's a fun ball :)

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Had a 224 yard par 3 pulled the 3 hybrid and hit my first ever draw into a left to right wind. Thought I hit it over the green but when we walked up it was 2 feet in front of the hole :). Of course missed the putt 😁
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Several good shots yesterday, but the best was on #18.  I hit a 6 iron to two feet to record a birdie and shoot par on the back 9. It also allowed me to shoot 79 for the round.



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Never had a hole in one, and just another close call here. About a 120 yard par 3, but downhill and wind at my back, so I hit a gap wedge. Landed about four feet past the hole and checks back to about a foot. Must've rolled right past the hole. As it was spinning back I was begging it to go in, lol.

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1st hole tonight. Pushed my drive right, ended up just in the trees. Had to punch out backwards, as it was my only path. Ended up in sand. Duffed the sand shot to about 110 from the pin. 


Then, I hit my pitching wedge nice and easy with a little right to left movement and it rolls just past the hole, settling to within 1 foot. Best bogey of my life. I was thinking a double or even triple after duffing the sand shot.

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On the 9th hole of the Blue Course at Eisenhower Park, I teed off with my TaylorMade RBZ 3HL (basically a 17 degree 4 wood) and hit a straight ball down the left side of the fairway 278 yards. I actually knew the second it left the club it was a home run I yelled BOO YA KASHA from watching Ninja Turtles with my daughter. I marked it off with my GPS watch.


The next ball I hit a knock down wedge too strong to a back pin and had to chip and save par, which I did. I should never complain about any pars!

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406 yard par 4, sent my drive into the first cut on the right. The lie looked safe from the tee, but as I approached the ball I notice that it is 6 feet back of a giant spruce tree with about 4 feet of clearance under the lower limbs...Theres no way to fade it around the tree, so I pull out my 5 iron and punch it under the tree 160 yards and it rolls up to 6 feet from the pin.

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Final hole of a golf scramble I played on Saturday.  About 225 yards out after our tee shot on a Par 5.  Hit a perfect fading 3 iron that landed just short the green.  It took one big hop onto the green then rolled to 6 inches from the cup.  Gotta love tap-in eagles.  a3_biggrin.gif

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Best shot for a score was a chip in for a birdie on a par 4.


Best shot from the fairway:  3 wood uphill into the wind from 210 yards to 4 feet.  (Unfortunately, I missed the putt.  Drats!)


40-39 = 79 today.


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Best shot of the day yesterday - par 4 with a good drive and hit my approach pin high but right of the green in thick rough. Hit my 60* and just popped it up, onto the edge of the green and it rolled in for my only birdie of the day.
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went on my first birdie run yesterday - 3 birdies in 5 holes.    Fun when it all comes together & it requires every shot per hole to be excellent.    Can't believe the pro's do this regularly ...

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i was playing Tuesday on a  par 3 164 yards an used one  of my hybrids  over shot  it  bounced  on the cart path over the green  flew  in the air  about  30-40 feet came back and  landed  on the green luckiest and my best shot  of the week

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Best shot of the week. It wasn't me, but my co-worker. We were playing in a 4 man scramble company tournament on Saturday, at Hyland Hills Golf Course.


We're playing from the white tees, so the holes were playing  short for us. We normally play blues at this course.


So we arrive at the 9th hole Par 4 330yd, very tight driving hole, tree lined fairways. I used my 3WD and put it center fairway about 240. So now that we're safe, my co-worker, who is and really long, he lets loose. What a monster he hit.


We knew it was good, but didn't know for sure how close to the green. We pull up in our carts, and there is his ball, sittin on the green!


We 2 putted for birdie.


We ended up shooting 1 under 71 which was good for 6th place out of 29 teams.


What a great day.

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