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I haven't posted in this forum in a while because my game is in the toilet right now. I'm an 11 trending upward on my handicap over two strokes and the can't figure out why. So... to say I'm discouraged is an understatement.


But I finally had a shot that I've been proud of worth posting that led to good overall results. I have hit a bunch of good drives over the past 10 rounds only squander great opportunities with miserable irons or wedge shots.


So here is my shot... I was playing the Red Course at Eisenhower and we were on the 16th hole. A short 150 yards to the center of the green with a front middle/left pin gunned at 136. I usually play this hole conservatively and just aim for the middle of the green with a 9 iron. We were playing Sixes in my foursome. The 1st team teed off and you saw the wind just grab their balls and knock them down out of the air. It was like they hit a wall and fell just barely on the green. My partner said to me the wind doesn't look like it, but it's up there and in our face. I asked him should I club up and hit a knock down 8 or try and club up even more and hit a cut into the green. Not willing to make a decision for me, he told me to hit whatever I was more comfortable with. So I grabbed a 7 iron and decided to hit a cut, since I'm more comfortable with that shot. 


Long story short, I executed the shot and landed on the same tier a few yards deeper than the pin and maybe 25 feet or so to the right. I almost made the birdie and thought I had it until the last foot when it broke down on the low side. I tapped in for par. It made me happy at that moment. Don't ask about 17 and 18 because they bordered on disaster. 

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Been working on fairway woods off the deck & hit a 4 wood 225 carry yesterday to the fringe of an elevated green.    Best FW ever hit off the fairway ...

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Bad tee shot into the right rough on a par 5. 280 yards to the green and I blast my 3 wood from the rough straight at the pin, about 10 yards short of the green. 


I would go on to make par. :/

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Got my first chip in birdie over the weekend ...felt pretty freaking awesome...
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165 yard par 3, 7 iron to 3 feet. Always happy with any chance of a birdie on a 3. Unfortunately my friend trampled the area around the hole. I tried to clean it up but the ball moved as soon as it hit the area. Tap in par which should have been a birdie.
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Hit a nice downhill, double breaking, 40 foot putt. Was great to watch it wind its way down to the center of the center of the cup... good feeling!

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255 yard approach with a 3 wood on a par 5. One bounce from the fairway, onto the green, where it rolled to 3 feet. Made the putt for eagle.


My TM RBZ 3 wood is BY FAR my favourite club in the bag. I have to hand it to TM, its longer, straighter, and far more consistent than any wood I have ever hit. My average 3w shot went from 230 with my Wilson Staff DX-i to 245 with my RBZ.

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Didn't have many good shots this week, making them easier to remember.


Best one has to be the approach on 16. I put my drive in the fairway bunker, about 190 yards from the center of the green. Hit a 5i to the front of the green. Bogeyed the hole though, because I brushed the ground on my birdie putt which left me well short (it was that kind of day).


Honorable mention goes to the tee shot on 17, 4 hybrid 200 yards to the front of the green. Made par on that one.

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Par 5 hole, hit my hybrid twice to leave a 7 iron third shot. Pin was tucked on the right side with water in front of the green and a large bunker. I was trying to play to the left side, where it's much more open with no bunker and you can take the water out of play. I "misfit" my shot right over the water and just left of the flag. Lands about 12 feet, made par. Not the plan, but I'll take it!
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Chipped in for Eagle from 77 yards on Saturday.  Ended up shooting 83, which is my best round since my heart attack in January.


It was a great ball striking day for me.  If I could remember how to putt I would have easily been below 80.

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Originally Posted by Kletus View Post

Chipped in for Eagle from 77 yards on Saturday.  Ended up shooting 83, which is my best round since my heart attack in January.


It was a great ball striking day for me.  If I could remember how to putt I would have easily been below 80.

Congrats on the eagle and great round. Welcome to the forum and I wish you many more great ball striking days! 

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Thanks TourSpoon!


I've been a long time lurker... just never bothered to create a login and post.   I go to a couple of golf forums, but so far.... this one seems to have the most level headed posters.

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Par 5 yesterday, Slice my tee shot OVER the trees to the right, and land in the other fairway. Nobody was on this tee so I decided to play the hole from this side instead, smack a second shot to within 95 yards. Then hit my gap wedge up over a shed and tall trees to within 10 feet of the cup.


I would of course, miss the birdie putt. e1_poo.gif

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My Dad sunk a 135yard eagle on a par4 at the weekend.


He was -2 after 5 holes, but then went onto make +13 overall. To be fair it was ridiculously windy over here in the UK at the weekend!




I hit the flag from 60yards with a SW, but the bounce was pretty unlucky and made for a long putt

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My best shot last weekend came on a par 4 dogleg left (410 yards) right after I pushed my drive right into a horrible lie sitting down in the rough. The pin was back left at 185 on a deep green that had a large bunker in front. The carry for the bunker was 155. I took a 6 iron figuring it would squirt out with little spin. The ball knuckled out low and just carried the bunker and rolled out to the back fringe 20 feet from the hole for an easy up and down. 

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Saturday - Fairway bunker from 225yds to pin, Rolling fairway.  19* hybrid out of the sand rolls to within 5 ft of the pin.  Missed the birdie putt of course.

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The #2 hole at Cherry Valley is my nemesis - it's a short par 4 (~ 300 yds) & I could never figure out why my tee shots (with my usual slight draw) would always end up in or near the woods left (from the tee box looking up the hill, it's not as apparent as on the aerial view) - it looks like if you shave the trees to the right close enough, a straight shot should make the fairway - the dogleg right isn't readily apparent from the tee box (see yellow line on aerial view). It's a really dramatic uphill BLIND tee shot (fairway is probably 40 ft higher than tee box).

So, I eventually figured this is one hole that absolutely has to be played with a big fade - no other way to do it (trees on the right on top of the hill are way too high to try to go over). For me, the 7 wood is the perfect club for the layup distance required (190 yds) & has enough height to make it up over the hill. So, as a novice attempt to counteract my draw, I opened my stance, opened the club head, leaned slightly back, swung outside to in to saw across the ball & bended it right around the right treeline & made the fairway !!!! Probably the most rewarding shot I ever hit due to the degree of difficulty for somebody who's stock shot is a draw - to successfully work it around the corner like the hole is meant to be played (see red line on aerial view). First time I was ever happy to see a big nasty slice !!

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Pitched it in for par from 30 yards out with my 60 degree.


I'd worked on my wedges ALL weekend, and it paid off.

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