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Working on my swing big time, and my first iron shot of the night was from the rough about 135 yards away. Trying to concentrate on the new swing details, I rip a 9 iron right to left about pin high. One of the first draws I've ever hit with an iron.

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I played a tournament that ended Sunday on The Old Course at St Andrews (yes, Sunday). I managed the hole my sand shot out of Strath bunker on 11 for a two.

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1st hole tonight. Real tight fairway, and short. 320 yards. I pull out my hybrid and my friend keeps calling me a girl, wimp...you name it. Makes me grab my driver...


Blast a little draw right in the center of the fairway about 15 yards from the pin...pitch up and putt for birdie. :)

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Yesterday.  Good drive on a par 4, but approach wobbled and fell into bad lie in sand.  Nipped it up from the sand to 3ft and saved par.

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Played today? What was your best Shot of the Day?

Playing well requires you to think back to a successful shot you made. Here's your chance to tell us about it. I'll start with my best shot of today.


My best shot of the day was the approach shot on hole # 3 at River Spirit GC, Cat Tails course. From 196 yards out, I hit a sweet Taylormade 4-hybrid to the green. It was straight and cleared the water hazard guarding the green. It landed pin high, about 7 feet away from the hole.


And yours was?

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Today I used the theory that trees are 90% air and from 120 yards out surrounded by trees I went for it. Made it without touching a branch and left myself a 10 footer that I easily sank.

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A 30 yard pitch shot to a raised green over a pot bunker. Hit my lob to within 1 inch...one freaking inch...couldn't go in :/

Another was a drive on a par 5...hit it and immediately lost sight of the ball. Hit a provisional just in case. Drove up and it's right in the middle of the fairway just before the creek...about 290 yards!!!
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Was laying up on a par 5 because the group in front were still in range. Hit a fluke 7 iron that went +/- 200 yards. No idea how that happened, no GPS but I was clearly ~50yrds from the blue 200y marker and my next shot was roughly halfway between the red 100y marker and the center of the green. Know it was my 7 because it's the only iron I have that's got a graphite shaft. Parred a hole that usually kills me and I was playing for a bogey a1_smile.gif
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Long par 4 in a two man scramble today...our best approach was pushed right by some trees. Our only shot was over a pot bunker to a tight pin. He played it safe and pitched up rolling about 10-12 feet by. I say "I'm gonna flop it", much to his dismay as he tells me to play it safe and that I'm gonna skull it across the green.


Anyway, Flop it way up in the air with my 60 over the bunker and about 2 feet from the pin! :)


Also holed out a 12 footer with the game on the line. We lost on the next hole anyway, but if I missed that putt, it would have been over.

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On a par 5 that is about 460 yards, weird dogleg hole. 2nd toughest hole on the course. The previous hole runs the opposite way to the left of this hole, so it's open to go across the bend if you can clear the trees.


I have improved my slice to a controllable fade with my driver, so I decided to go for it and cut the corner.Hit it just to the left of those trees you see and it faded around them down to the middle of the fairway. Probably 215 yards total or maybe a little more as the crow flies, but put me in a great spot considering I was around that corner already.


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hit a booming straight drive on a par 4 probably around 340 yards. Had a half little sand wedge in and stuffed it pin high but 35-40 yards away the putt had about a foot and a half of break in it. Sunk it for my first ever miny birdie run
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15th hole, 330yard par 4 downhill with a river that runs across the hole near the green. I hit my tee shot to about 110 yards and then hit a 9I from there. The ball landed short left of the hole, but ricochetted off of a large river rock and bounced right and onto the green about 20 feet from the hole. I two-putted for par.

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Mixture between two...


Pushed my tee shot right and was in some thick rough in the woods. No clear shot at the green about 230 yards out. Aim in between two trees to the left and set up to slice the living hell out of it. Smash it and it banana slices all the way around straight to the pin, leaving me about a 20 yard pitch to the pin.




Pushed my tee shot right (see a pattern here?) and I'm stuck behind some trees in the rough about 210 yards out from an uphill green. Aim left of a tree in hopes of hitting a slightly less banana-y slice, and smash it on the green pin high about 15 feet from the cup with my hybrid..

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140 yd par 3 - pulled my 9i & left it 35' short under a pine tree.


Had just about enough room to bend over & get under the tree - punched a 7 wood ... bounced it up through the rough, onto the green & made a 7 ft par putt.  


Love executing creative shots like that ...

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Man, you should have seen my 4 iron from 170 yards skim the fairway bunker and go no higher than 6 feet on to the green then stop pin high 6 feet from the hole - sank the putt too!! 

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This happened in my Thursday golf league - 130 yard approach on short par 4 hit 8 iron, I saw it hit the green but couldn't follow the shot. By the time we got to the green we noticed that no balls were on the green. I looked behind the green thinking my approach went long. Someone in our group says check the cup. My playing partner looks and yells "ball in the cup"! An eagle from 130 yards out! I bought beers in the clubhouse. The next week in my golf league a similar occurance. Heck who needs to break 80 lol.
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It's a mixture between the one I duffed in the water on a short par 3, or the one that I duffed in the water right after that one...

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No great shots this week except a 330yd drive and a 250 yd 3 iron shot.
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