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PLayed at Stone Gate today, its a regular front 9 then a par 3 executive back 9. I got 14 holes in before it got dark. 


First tee, a 280 yard drivable par 4 with a water hazard behind the green. I step up with my Burner Superfast that I just hit about 5 balls with on the range. Crack drive 250 yards right toward the green. I always wanted to drive that hole. 

Anyhow I ended up taking my second shot with my new 64 wedge and got it close enough for a 2 put par. Which for me is quite good. 

My second good shot was on hole 6. I'm participating in  the USGA "tee it forward" campaign so I was playing from the reds, no shame and it's nice to play faster and scored pars and bogeys instead of doubles and triples

Hole 6 is a severe dogleg right, 217 yards from the reds.  impossible to go for the green because of trees blocking the direct route.So I aim for the the farthest tree straight ahead 187 yards or so and aim for that with my new 4 hybrid, planning to fade it around the dogleg since I can carry that club 170-175 max.


Well, I end up hitting a perfect fade and leave about 36 or so yards to the hole. I end up baffling the hole because my short game is shit(3 putts for double), but it was a great tee shot. 

Overall it was a great round,played some of the best golf of my life, It is motivating to have the chance to make a par or even birdie every time I step up to a hole. I high recommend teeing it forward for you macho guys who are playing too long for your handicaps. You know who you are so I don't need to say anything more. 

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220 yd drive fell short and into the mulch on the right side of the first hole today. 180 to go blocked by trees. Set up on the mulch with my bubba Watson fade stance and took a full outside-inside swing on the ball. Got a power fade to the green, stuck it to 5 ft. (Missed birdie). Ball did a literal boomerang. Best part was my playing partner asked what I was doing before my shot. I told him and then executed to a t. Hehe
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576 yard Par 5 dogleg right (right side is protected by rough, then DEEP rough and reeds, and a line of trees).  We've been waiting all day behind the slowest group EVER.  Careful, I'm moving into the 'speed up play' camp even more with you guys.  (I had time to drive back two holes to get my range finder and still get back and wait for them to clear the fairway.....)


Drive faded off into the rough just short of the really deep stuff, I'm under a tree (no real interference), and have a line of trees in front of me from about 40 yards to out to at least 180 yards.  one good thing is I'm only 220 to the green.


We wait at least 10 minutes for the 4-some to putt out.  seriously, and the ranger was no where in sight the whole time.  (this was over 3 hours for a 9 hole).


My new hybrid - 4H (24) have to nail it clean under a branches, and purposely fade it past the trees.  No way I can hit it tight on the right and draw around the other side (more like my 'stock' shot) - the tree with the branches is right in front of me..


Shot went exactly as visualized and likely rolled up on the green as these guys are walking off.  Still over 40 feet to eagle.  I like my hybrid....a lot.  I wonder how close it rolled by the hole as it screamed past to the far side of the green....


Fortunately, I managed a 3 putt (putt was up a short slope to try and almost stop at the top of a ridge and then trickle down to the hole - curving about 6 feet left.  I left it short of the ridge so it trickled nowhere near the hole.)  I'm good at missing eagle opportunities.  Tried it again during the wait and found I had the read correct, it came within a foot.  But totally misread the speed on the 'official' putt.  Still eagle hunting.  (All 3 par 5's here I was green high in two, one from a fairway bunker, so it's bound to happen sometime soon.)


Hole 18, put a 5i on the green in regulation - any time a long iron hits, I'm thrilled.  I thought it was a bad day, but if I can eliminate the penalties, I actually hit decently.




I told him and then executed to a t.


this is the most satisfying thing in the world - calling your shots and then pulling it off

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160 yard up hill shot blind pin location, hit a 7 iron draw to two inches
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Short par 4. Dogleg left about 350 yards, but the green is driveable if you're ballsy. Water all the way up to the green, about 245 to carry, 275 to the center of the green. I know if I pull the ball, I'm good for about a 250-260 yard carry, so I aim about 20 degrees right, and sure enough, hit a straight pull right at the pin...carries the water and bounces right up onto the green. 


3 putt for par. lol

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Actually may have already topped yesterday's drive. Short dogleg right par 5. Only 475 yards, but it isn't easy to reach in two, because if you hit driver, you either need to be short (<270), or carry 280 over a creek. I grabbed my buddy's Adams 9.5* stiff flex driver (mine is still being warranty'd out) and smashed one right down the middle, carrying the creek and leaving us with a 165 yard shot to the green. (We did not albatross it b2_tongue.gif)

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Chipped in for birdie from about 30 yards out on hole 18 at Henry Homberg municipal golf course in Beaumont, TX. None of my buddies/opponents were looking so I just sat in the cart until they asked. I know, I was being a jerk. Lmao, but it was sweet!

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Last weeks holiday in Spain played los Arqueros in Benahavis again. Lovely course.

Hole 10 is a tight par 4 downhill 340 yards.

Hit my 2hybrid for position left me a 90 yard shot to the green, my 58 deg over the flag and

the ball came back to within a feet off the hole.

Went out to play the second 9 in one over par. double bogeyed the 18th

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Par 4 . 450 yards
Hit a rope on my tee shot and had about 155 to the pin from my very rare center of the fairway.
Also hit a high ball on a rope with my 8 iron 3 ft past the hole... almost went in for eagle.
Made the birdie putt.
Then I had a case of PBS ( post birdie shot) and shot an recorded an 8 on the very next par 5 . One bad hole can really mess up the scorecard .
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475 yard par 5
Topped my drive about 120 yards - it didn't even make to the fairway. Caught a flyer on my second with my 3 iron, and with a baked fairway, ended up with 112 to the flag. Stuck my 52 to within 3 feet. Made the putt for birdie.
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I didn't have a good ballstriking round at all, but I changed my putting stroke and improved my putting this week, and most of my good shots were very good, including 3 or 4 approaches that nearly went in and a few really friendly bounces. It was about 100 degree heat and the course played firm and fast, with flyer rough everywhere. I hacked one 9 iron out from 170 that ended up on the back of the green about 185.


My only birdie of the day came on the shortest hole, playing 117 into a steep uphill green. I hit a full 56 degree with a draw, landed it about 6 feet past and 10 feet right, and it spun back and leftward for an uphill 6 footer. I know the break pretty well so I just hit it perfectly on line with a bit of extra speed and hit the center of the cup.

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Blasted my approach past the hole...bad idea at this place, especially this hole. Pin placement up front, and severly sloped. So I have probably 15 yards to the pin just in the rough. 


Grab my 60, and hit a very delicate pitch shot...lands about a yard in front of me and trickles all the way down just lipping out to 3 inches. It hit the pin, otherwise we were pretty sure it would have gone in.

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Probably won't be able to beat this one this week. 168y par 3, 6 iron to a foot. Made a nice par... ;)

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I had 165 downwind into an elevated green. Hit a lower trajectory 7 iron to 1 foot. Birdie! 

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Playing in my work league, I was playing a par 5 dog leg left. I tried to draw the ball around the corner to try and reach in 2...My tee shot went straight as an arrow, and ended up in the right rough with a big willow tree in my line of sight to the green. I could have chipped out from behind the tree and gotten on the green in 4, but I decided to try my luck with a very aggressive fade (borderline intentional slice) around the tree to leave a short chip to the green. I had to hit the ball almost straight across the fairway between 2 trees (one in the centre of the fairway, the other in the left rough) and hope the side spin would bring her back around to the fairway. Well, it worked out exactly as planned, my ball sliced around the trees, came back onto the fairway, and left me a 50 yd shot to the green (which I did make up and down for birdie). Probably one of the best shots I have ever made.

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last week, the idiots (that's putting it kindly) in the group ahead of us couldn't figure out how to put the pin back in the hole when they were done with the hole. for example, they did such a crappy job on #16, the wind blew the flag down as we were hitting our approach shots.

on #18, par 5 540 down wind, the flag was sitting at about a 20 degree angle in the cup after the group in front of us were done. my playing partner has 250 to the green, from a side-hill lie with the ball about 6" above his feet. he pulls 3 wood and bombs one. the ball never moved offline from the flag, hit the bottom 1/3 of the stick on the fly, and straight knocked that f**ker out of the hole. outside of a hole-in-one a buddy made a few years back, it was probably the most amazing shot i've seen in-person on a course.

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Yesterday in a 9-hole tournament I came up to a 200 yard par 3 right next to the street. I pulled my 5 wood out and ended up hitting one of the worst shots I have hit in a while right off the toe and into the street (keep reading :P). It rolled all the way down the street and ended up being across the street pin high. I hit my sand wedge badly and that landed in the feskew right before the trap. I then hit my sand wedge again to about two feet away from the pin, making bogey. Not bad considering I was across the street and then in the feskew.
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Monster par 4 - 5 iron from really awkward sidehill lie - ball was nearly a foot higher than my feet.    172 yds in to elevated green - choked up & put it to 4 ft (missed the birdie putt as usual), but due to the difficulty with the lie, was one of the most rewarding shots of the year.

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