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My drive took a hard bounce on a fairway that slopes into a hazard on a short par 4 and rolled just past the stakes into reeds. The shot of the day was the 56* wedge I was able to play back into the fairway because it set up an easy pitch. Which I hit close, actually hit the stick but unfortunately another bad bounce to about 15 ft. But I made the putt to save par so all was good.

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Saturday on the Spring 9 at Lakeview Golf Course in Harrisonburg, VA.  Hit a good, low drive that caught the slope right - about 309 yds leaving 202 on the 511 yard par 5 5th hole.  Took 5 iron over the corner of the trees (dogleg left) and drew it on to the green.  Decent putt for eagle but it slid right at the end.  Will always take a tap in birdie though.

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one drive that really fit the curve of a short par 4 maybe,


but actually, a 135 yard PW to within 3 feet on a par 3 was the best shot

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I'm a bit late with this one. Played in a tournament last month in St Andrews that ended on a Sunday on the Old Course. I hit my second 95 yard second shot on 18 to about 10 feet and made the birdie putt in front a large crowd. I celebrated with a nice Pimms Cup in the trophy room of the R&A clubhouse.


BTW we lost anyway.

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I was playing a practice round for a tournament, on the seventh hole I went a little long and left but there is a slope off to that side of the green. So I ended up on hard pan under a smaller pine tree. It was a really awkward shot, I couldn't see the pin or really the green. Normally I wouldn't play it folding there for a practice round but I did. I punched it out at the green with a nine iron hit the pin and settled to a foot. One lucky par.
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I had 2 shots yesterday that almost (but not really) made up for my miserable round.


On our 2nd hole, I hit a 7 iron from about 165 that ended up pin-high and just right of the green.  Since the pin was on the left side of the green, I had plenty or room to work with.  I decided to play a chip that would land just on the green and then, hopefully take the break and settle close to the hole.  I had no real thoughts of making it.  The chip landed exactly where I'd aimed and then got better and better as it rolled closer until it died into the top side of the hole for a birdie.  


Later in the round, the 10th hole, I hit another poor drive (that made me 0 for 8 in fairways hit to that point) that put me under some trees on the left.  I punched a 4 iron below the tree line and into the right side of the fairway.  It left me 81 yards to the pin, which is more than a 3/4 shot but less than a full shot with my gap wedge.  I played a nearly perfect shot that I clipped perfectly off the fairway.  It came in low then hit the green, skipped forward about 5 feet and zipped back to just before the pitch mark.  It settled 9 inches from the cup.  Tapped in for a par save.


Those felt nice.  It was the other 99 strokes throughout the day that weren't what I had planned.



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I've eagled two par 4's this week both from 100+ yards out.

The first one was unbelievable luck. I hooked my drive and ended up in long grass (similar to what we saw at The Open). My approach shot to the green was blind. I picked my spot and hit, I knew the shot was good but couldn't find it anywhere near the green. My playing partner told me to look in the hole which I knew (or thought I knew) was a waste of time, turns out sure enough my ball was in it. Luckiest eagle of my life.

My second eagle like this occured in the very next round. I was playing in a 4 man scramble and we were about 160 yards from the green. I hit a soft 7 to the back of the green and it spun back into the whole slowly. It was one of a few holes that were all my shots.

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Unfortunately not me, but a guy me and my buddy were paired up with. 150 yard par 3, he took an 8 iron and this was the result:


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Hole 9 yesterday.  Short Par 5.  2nd shot.

Decent drive to the inside corner of the dog leg.  Short rough.  Had 185 uphill to the hole and little bit of head wind.  Stuck between my 5i (185 on the flat) and my 4h (210) - I know, that's a big gap.  But the lie was good and I had only a short tree to clear, so a good path.  I figured hit the 5i and come a little short and try to up and down.  Even though the 5i has been my hard club to hit lately.  Hitting long is a parking lot.


That 5i did it.  Caught it really pure and it hit the green.  Rolled over and past only about 8 feet off.  Edge of skirt and longer stuff.



The chip was pretty good too.  9i little chip to a very tight location - not much green to work with.  Landed it on the skirt and thought maybe it would stop short about 6 feet.  But it just kept rolling and hit that down slope I was worried about.  It took the break left (nearly 3 feet of it) and stopped less than an inch short of going in.  One of those where you just stand there for a few seconds and hope for an earthquake to tip it in......  ; )


I'll take the tap-in birdie any day though.


Closest to an eagle I've had so far.  if the chip had rolled another quarter turn, it would have been my best shot, of course.  But I'm always jazzed to hit that 5i well.


Still eagle hunting.  (Screwed up on the other par 5 - straightaway hole and I tanked my 3w 2nd shot.  hate that.)

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Final hole of a 9-hole round. 165 yards. 8 iron to within 40 feet. Major downhill putt with about 3 feet of break. Birdie. Let's go home to the A/C. It's 108 degrees in Phoenix today with 70% humidity. Sunday is my first 18 hole round in 3 months. Looking forward to it.

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Par 4 yesterday in the rain.


Long par 4, hit hybrid off the tee since it's a narrow fairway...it's ok, but short. Grab my 3 wood since I'm still about 250 yards out. Hit it thin and it slices right into a fairway bunker, leaving me 155-160 yards from the pin.


Grab my 7 iron, and hit the purest bunker shot of my life...ends up pin high about 10 feet to the right.

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4th hole, 123-yard par 3, downhill and tree-lined. I hit an 8I short of the green and ahead of a 5ft bunker, but on the up-sloped hill of the bunker. I had one foot in the bunker and one foot out and the ball was knee-high. I took my SW and hit the smallest of chips. The ball lands on the edge of the green and slowly rolls to within 1 foot of the hole. I made the putt for an unlikely par.

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Missed 15 yards left in the rough on a par 3 with an elevated green sloping away. Anything there is dead 99.9% of the time. Hit a flop shot with an all out full swing that probably went 60 feet high and came down a few inches from the hole.


The guys on the green said it was the "coolest shot" they ever saw.


Hard to think of a 15 yard shot as one of my best shots ever but I actually think it was.

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I have 2 in mind.


Played 14, went out at 6pm and mixed round. Got to 12 and hit the big dog twice out of bounds behind a 4 ball (me on my own). Putted out for my 7 on a Par 4 298 yards.. The 4 ball let me play through, but decided to skip onto the 16th.


16th - par 3 - 170 yards. Came off the last hole thinking even if I hit 100 yards straight will be fine, confidence was shot. Pulled out a 5 iron and straight down the middle, I'm thinking 'Go on, keep on' ball bounces right on the fringe onto the now 8.30pm green before slowing up about 6 feet from hole.


Of course, I missed the putt - yet if it was for par, I'd have sinked it!


2nd shot


Same day.


18th, Par 4 - 340 yards - Hit a fade 3 hybrid/wood from the tee to about 230 or so. Got 7 out into the wind on a downward angle in links golf too and hit it perfect bounced right on cue with where I planned, rolled and sat 10 yards from the hole. Rolled in. to end the day not just to think that I love golf, but to a nice sunset too.

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My wife's 3 wood shot from rough went about 100 yards straight and hit a sitting deer in her stomach.  They were about 15 of them sitting across a fairway.  Before the shot, I warned her not to hit one but would she listen?  Of course not.  Luckily, the animal wasn't hurt.   It just got up and trotted away.  So far, she hit several bird species, couple of deers, and a human (me) but this line drive shot was the best.

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League golf Thursday night... I had right at 200 left to the flag on a short par 5. I hit a 3 hybrid that was dead online, landed on the green just short of the flag and rolled to the back fringe. I two putted for my birdie (well, technically a 1 putt).

Anytime I can hit my hybrid that accurately, I'm thrilled!
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A guy at our club over the weekend had a terrific par, hitting his first shot OB and hitting the next one in the hole on a 164 yard par 3. He's never had a hole-in-one.
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360 yard par 4 at the course I played yesterday with a fairly solid wind behind me. I had never played the course, but the guy I was playing with knew it well. All I could see were mounds and mesquite ahead and I had no idea where the green was. He said to take it right at the pumpjack in the distance. Hit a really good drive right at it. We drive up and my ball is about a foot off the green and about 25 feet from the hole. In retrospect though, I wouldn't have hit driver had I known what the hole looked like. There were huge mounds and several bunkers around the green. So maybe it was more of a lucky shot. 

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