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Hooked one into the parking lot, hit a prius.   Felt great coming off the face....









not serious by the way.

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40 yd chip shot , had it roll to within sniffing distance of the cup, maybe an a*# hair or two away from dropping. There was literally more then half the ball over the cup and it didnt drop. Dont even know how that is physically possible.I waited for gravity to help me .didn't help ... still parred it.
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Had a 40 ft chip in on my Birfday Monday. Always nice...nicer when it isn't for bogey lol

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Best hole of my life today. 499 par 5. Hit driver down the middle about 290. Hit 4 iron with a draw over a hill to a pin I could barely see to about 3 feet. The best part was I know I hook my long irons too often so I protected against the "big miss" and it was beautiful. Eagle. The rest of the round? Not so much :( After missing birdie putts from 10 and 12 feet on 1 and 2, I went 8 over through 7 holes. Then the eagle. Then par, then 2 tee shots OB on 12. Then it was 111 degrees with no wind so I went home to sleep in the AC.

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Last round tee shot landed near a small tree on fairway left. Tight lie.  Plenty of room for back swing, but I knew I would hit the branches on a full follow through. Distance was about 169 yards to the green. Concentrated on just making solid contact and abbreviated follow through but a little more than a punch shot. Ball came out perfectly, maintained head position, did not hit the branch but stopped right at it, landed on front right edge of the green. Lag putt for a two footer into the cup for the par. Club was 4H.

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Hole 16. Hit a decent drive, fade my 5w off to the right of the green. Chip up and a little too far onto the fringe. Chip off the deep fringe and ride a nasty break into the cup abut 30 feet away for par!!

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Can't decide -


1 - I had two 5 woods from about 230 that both ended up within 10 feet of the cup.  Approaches like that all day.  But then the last hole was pretty neat...

2 - Last hole, 3rd shot - I had a nice 60 degree flop from a little green side bunker that flew just like planned to a very short pin and stopped less than 2 feet from the cup. 


That hole I first drove into the left fairway bunker but managed to hit a nice connection (but pushed - maybe 15 feet off line for a 135 yd shot) to the greenside pot bunker - I had to be happy with it even if I missed the green.  So I had 2 sand shots on a par 4 and I still get par.  kind of an "up and up and down".  4 decent connections, just barely a pull on the drive, and barely a push on the first sand shot - but all of them hit the right distances and correct contact.


I have to go with the sandy.  I don't get to practice that much, let alone with the lob wedge....

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Probably the ridiculously long putt on 9 at Fox Meadow during the TST outing.

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212y shot to the green with water on the right, to set up my second eagle of the year.
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Absolutely blind 2d shot into a long par 4. 190 yd 4 hybrid. Picked out a cloud as an aim point. Hit it to 8 feet.

Made the putt too. a1_smile.gif
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471 yard Par 4. Hit a good drive and had 196 left to a back pin. Hit a 6 Iron to about 8 ft, but missed the put.
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Not me, but my friend, John.


• On hole #1 at River Forest John hit his 2nd shot on a par 4 under trees.  His shot from the trees from 80 yards was to within 4 feet and he made a sidehill putt for a par.  Nice start.


• On hole #2 at River Forest John hit his tee shot on a par 4 behind a lot of trees.  You talk about jail, the only shot I saw was sideways, but John hit a stinger through the trees and ended up 30 yards short of the green. His third shot was to within 18 inches, and an easy par.  The shot through the trees was truly exceptional, in that, the trees are evergreens with large thick branches.  Even after two.  Amazing


• On hole #3 at River Forest John hit his 3rd shot on a par 5 under trees. (Can you sense a theme here?)  His fourth shot, from 140 yards, had to go under some limbs and across a pond with only a narrow 10' wide cart path between a second pond that is left of the hole. Well, John's fourth shot hit the cart path and bounded just left of the green.  Unfortunately, he did not make the chip and bogied the hole.


Three holes and three amazing shots from the trees.  I now call John by a new name:  Paul Bunyan.  I love this game!

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3rd hole, 166 yard par 3, at a local par 63-course. It was really (and I mean hat-flying-off) windy today, near gale force I think. Anyways, I decided to play the wind and hit a 4H. I watched the ball start out left, then gently aim down the flagstick, landing 5 feet from it. I made the putt for a nice early birdie!

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Topped my 3W, and was left with 225 out, 3 feet behind this tree. Hit a miracle draw with my 3 iron, and 2 putted from 30 feet.
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A hole in one at the Peter Hay par three course in pebble beach! My first one ever. It was a short hole and I hit sand wedge, but with distance control to think about and a tree right before the green to the right, it was no cakewalk. It had a nice draw and rolled right in.
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Very short par 4... 275 yards. Slightly up hill (maybe 15' above the tee box). I normally hit driver on this hole and have to thread it between two really tall trees to get on in one. With the trees a little fuller than the last time I played the course, I opted for a 3 wood. Struck it perfectly (total surprise. the fairway goes way out to the right of the green so if I slice, I've got just and easy 60* into it, which is usually the case.) Anyway, couldn't see the balls final resting spot until we got up by the green. Ball was sitting pin high, about 12' right of the cup. Rimmed out the putt and tapped in for birdie.

Doubled the next two holes....
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I hit a good driver, a good 7-iron, and a good putt to make a birdie at a 477-yard par four earlier today.


That was about it.

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Hmm, if i include the past 7 days from now, so saturday.


Saturday it was the second shot on hole 9 at Fox Meadow's. 9 iron from 150 yards, with a in the face cross wind to the right, water right, tree blocking my view of the green. Trusted the ball would flight low. Hit the ball under the branch, held it into the wind, had it come to rest about 7 feet from the pin, knocked in the putt for birdie.


Monday it was after popping up a 3-wood. Left myself with 195 yards to a green with water protecting the left side and front right, hit a 6 iron to 12 feet, sank the putt for birdie.


Those two would be a tie for me.

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