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Hit a 3-wood about 300 yards tonight from the light rough. Unfortunately I was only 270 yards away from the green...was just trying to lay up and leave myself a little pitch up to the green.


Realistically, my best shot would probably be a 40 yard pitch that left me a 1 footer for par tonight.

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Approach shot on a par 4 ran long and found itself in the back of a bunker, with a downhill lie, towards a forward steeping green with not a lot of green to work with.  I had been working on keeping my hands behind the ball on sand shots and have been improving out of the sand rapidly.  So I tell my partner I'm gonna stick it, he says that's a lot of sand and not a lot of green.  I take a swing, carry 10 feet of sand, land the fringe, and roll 3 feet to within 1 foot of the hole, save par.

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Here's the best shot of my life:



140 yard PW to there. c3_clap.gifActually, it wasn't an ace. e5_innocent.gif That's where it hit, then bounced off the flag and I had 2 feet for birdie. Next hole, I smoked a hybrid to about 10 yards from the green (250 yard par 4 - played a little mini course), then my chip shot bounced off the flag and I had a tap in birdie. Best overall playing of my life. The only bad shot I hit was my driver on the last hole. I was trying to go three under for the 9-hole round and reach a 314 yard green in one, so I got stupid and blocked my drive. Hit it pretty long, but behind a tree. Had to play out sideways, then chipped and two putt for bogey. 

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Going into 18, I had a 15 foot chip.  I duffed it leading to a double hit, which went in for a bogey.

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Had a 35 ft pitch tap the flagstick and go in yesterday morning for birdie. Would've been better if I didn't screw up the previous two shots.
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Wasn't today, but the other week I hit a massive fade off the tee and I was faced with this for my 2nd:


Was so far right I had no idea where the green was. I had the option of playing out and backwards to the left to the fairway or to go for it missing the overhanging branch just in front of my ball and to get it over the trees ahead....

Well of course I had to go for it...had to use my judgement to get it close to the green. The green is towards the left of the middle of the picture, over the taller trees on the left. Caught a flush 7 iron under the branch and over the trees ahead and landed just right of the green. Up and down for par.

One of the best pars I've ever made.

(My next round I went back to the spot and took a photo as I couldn't be bothered to go back once I made it to the green).

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On 195 yard par 3 hole, I hit one off to right side.   The green was on top of a steep hill and I could not see the hole or even a flag from where my tee shot landed.  From there, I used a GW to hit an 80 yard high pitch shot.   The ball soared, disappeared into top of a hill, bounced a few times (my partner told me) and went in for a birdie.  It took me a few seconds to be convinced that it went in. 

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210 yard par 3. 


Hit my hybrid 10 ft from the pin.

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Not going to bore eveyone with a long story of details but it was a sucession of shots. I went eagle-birdie-birdie on the way to even on the front. Fortunately it was holes 4-6 and I was just +1 through three so I had cushion.

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I had a 60 foot uphill putt to a plateau. Hit it past the pin off the green. Made the 18 footer coming back. So lets see...GIR, 1 putt, and an up and down!
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"Best" really luckiest shot today was on an uphill 500 yard par 5 with the cart path running the entire length of the hole on the right side and an OB fence 3 feet right of the cart path.


I started my tee shot on the OB side of the fence but it had just enough draw to come back in bounds. Hit the cart path at least 4 times (that we could see) and ended up just to the left of the cart path and right at the 150 yard marker.


Hit a fairly poor 8 iron from there and left me with a 25 foot eagle putt (which I missed) but had a tap in birdie anyway.


I've hit that cart path quite a few times in the past and the ball always ends up about a foot OB but this time it must have hit the path just right.

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I shot my very first birdie! Boy did that feel good. Landed on the green in one about 3 feet from the cup. All I had to do was pop it in.

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186 yd par 3 yesterday, knock down 6i in heavy wind that rolled 6 inches from the hole. More of a fluke than anything. I hit it on the toe and good contact would have sent it over the green. Usually I hit 7i there but the wind played a part in every shot decision. At any rate I'm playing the best golf of the year this week.

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The 320 yard par 4 at my course, I have been driving it all summer but this time was different. I hit it whithin 2 feet to sink in an eagle, love that hole ;p

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Between 3...


Hit a drive on a 520 yard par 5 that left my right at the 200 yard marker.


Hit my hybrid 10 feet from the pin on a 215 yard par 3.


Got up and down from a bunker for the first time ever. Blasted out to about 8 feet, sunk the left-to-right putt.

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Hit, a 3/4 knock down pitching wedge into a stiff breeze from 111 yards to 1 foot.  Kick in birdie! 

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Played today and there was a Trackman set up on 10th tee - idea was to guess how far you hit it and see the result. I guessed 237 with my driver, and Trackman showed 246 total. I didn't win any prize for that shot, but was definitely cool to see how far a drive went. Which wAs pretty much in line with my thought on my average drive being between 230 & 240.
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2nd shot on #2 par 5.


Pulled the drive left into the light rough (but it cut the hole short as it legs left slightly).

2nd shot with my 4 hybrid pin high, on the green, slightly left line of pin, and stopped about a foot from the ball mark - 10 foot putt for Eagle.  Pretty shot/flight.  super clean contact.

(which I missed.  easy birdie though)

tough to call, also hitting my 3w on the fairway on the other 3 par 5's just fantastically.


other than those clubs, pretty mediocre 18 on Friday, followed by a more mediocre 9 on Sunday

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