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Playing a long Par 4 last week, pulled drive left rough, had about 195 left. Green was uphill, tree in front of me, I thought no chance to go at it. Took out 3h, played it back in stance, punched it pure and perfect under the tree limbs followed by the prettiest trajectory I have every hit. Ball flew straight up the hill and hit the fringe, popped on green and left me 6ft for birdie! Missed putt, but wow was that a shot! 

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2 shots tonight on par 3s:

130 and 160 yards respectively

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Another 155 yd shot last night, approach shot:

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^^ nice approach shots ... I haven't had three that close ALL YEAR !!

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Originally Posted by inthehole View Post

^^ nice approach shots ... I haven't had three that close ALL YEAR !!

Thanks, I don't know what it is the last 2 days, but I've just been able to throw some darts.

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I've played two rounds this week so I'll pick my two best shots from eacrpin4l
At Indian Creek the other day, aside from the beautiful drives I hit my best shot on that course on the 18th hole(to keep coming me back for me) I had hit some water hazards and it wasn't going good. I managed to clear the water hazard leaving me with a 55 yard approach from a first cut rough lie to the right of the flagstick. I decide to take my trusty Titleist Vokey 56 and take a solid half swing pitch and just pop it out, which landed within 6 foot of the hole. it was q  beautiful shot which of course I ended up missing the putt. 

Today I hit many good shots at The Trails of Frisco. Started with a clean 225 yard drive on the par 5, followed by a layup with hybrid and then approach with hybrid just a little left.  I chipped on teh green two putts for bogey. 
I also hit an almost GIR on a par 3 hole 5  I think, ended up bogey that one. 

What takes the cake was hole 8 a drivable par 4 at 207 yards. I took 3 wood of the tree hopping to hit the green but land just short of a green side bunker. I take a great pitch which was close enough to birdie( mayne 8-10 ft), but it wasn't my time and two putrs for par. 

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Hooked a drive on a 393 yd par 4 that took a hard bounce and landed within a foot of the cart path. Lots of rain last night so mud ball. Stood on the path and hit a knock down 9i to 3 feet and made the birdie putt. No point in relief because of the surrounding mud. Only highlight of an otherwise less than average day.

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Best drive i have ever had, Par 4 387 yards. Drive went according to GPS 301 yards of course that was with roll. Hole was slit, down hill with a little wind at my back.

I never have hit a ball this far best I have done is about 250 with roll.

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Drive just over the green on the back fringe of this par four at 310y to the pin. Yes, it is very much down hill. Don't want to miss it in the rapids short though. Two putts for birdie.

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the last hole at my home course is a short but difficult par 5.  the fairway is only about 20 yards wide with a large bunker (about 50 yards long) on the right and a lake running the entire length of the hole on the left.  if you place your drive correctly, you've only got a 160-170 yard shot over the lake to the green, which is very heavily guarded by bunkers.  i hit a 7-iron from 165 and stuck the ball 4 feet from the pin, which i proceeded to roll in for my first eagle on that hole.  so i guess this was more the "best hole of the week" for me since all three shots were basically perfect, though if i had to pick one, it'd be that 7-iron to the green.

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420 yard par 5 9th hole to end the round(I tee it forward, 36 hcp). I nail a nice drive, gues it carried to 220 yard because I was left with just about a 200 yard shot from the edge of first cut rough and fairway. I decided to be aggressive since this had been a good round so far(Just one triple and nothing worse). I pulled out my 3 wood and nailed it 200 yards, the shot was parallel to the flag stick, just pulled it slightly to the left but managed to clear the large greenside bunker designed to put the risk in risk/reward. 

Anyhow, I hit a clean one and find that my ball has cleared the bunker and is just in the right side rough around the green. A simple pitch and I'm within 6-7 foot of the hole with a solid shot for birdie. Thought it could be my first bird, but alas nerves got to me and I sent the ball 2-3 feet past the hole on my put. Recovered nicely for my only par on the 9 hole round today, and to finish with too. 

Other notable shots from this round were a 250 yard drive down the drivable par 4 and a GIR on a 115 yard par 3 using a PW. My game is improving a lot and I'm loving it. 
I'm knowing my distances better, hitting cleaner, crisper and more up in the air not to mention distance. Once upon a time I was lucky to hit a driver over 210, now I'm regularly pounding it 250. 

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Wasn't able to take a picture this time, but I had an approach last night stop about 4 inches from the hole that would have been an eagle on a par 4.

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Friday I had a bad drive that was right edge of the fairway, with the trunk of a huge and gnarly tree directly between the ball and the flag.  230 out, a firm head wind, pin all the way back.


Visualized a 5 wood cut through a large gap in the left side branches - I needed about (just a LOT) yards of cut to get all the way back on line.  Figured if I could get it started bending then the headwind would help out the cause.......


I managed to get about 20-25 yards of cut and ended up on the left side of the green, but pretty short - but on the green (a straight shot would have missed by at ton).  The ball mark was on the fringe/green boundary.  Happy shot, that one.


It's fun to pull off the shot - I've decided that when I try to shape a shot, I'd go for small and medium effects and not the dramatic bending.  I'm getting much better results.  Biting off more than I can chew just ends up with shanks and duffs.



Played a bit too much the last 5 days, game degrading a bit more each day.  break time.

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Once again my best shot this morning was a flop shot from 25 yards over a tree about 60 feet high with the green sloping away. Landed it 2 feet from the pin.


That spot is supposed to be dead but I've gotten it up and down from there 3 times in the last 3 weeks.


That's the bright side. The not so bright side is that I keep yanking the ball left on that par 3 and putting myself in that ridiculous situation.

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290 yard 3 iron.



OK so it took 3 or 4 massive bounces on the cart path to get out there ... gap wedge to 15 ft & actually made the birdie putt.    Memorable hole just for the story of outdriving my buddies by 40 yards with a 3 iron !

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310 yard par 3 off the deck (GPS confirmed). I normally hit that club well...260 isn't out of the question on a good whack, but this was 310...and most of it was carry. I'll probably never hit a 3 wood that well again...hell, I''ve only ever carried my driver off the tee that far about 2-3 times. And it was 310 in the right direction...getting home in 2 on a par 5.


Funny thing was, I wasn't trying to crush it...just a nice tempo, what felt like an even nice swing. 

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377 yd par 4... hit my 3W off the tee and ended up left off the fairway under a tree with 180 to go. I had a clear swing path but due to the tree (and a few other trees between myself and the green) could only see about half of the green, and couldn't see the pin at all.


I grabbed my 5I, aimed for the right side of the green and hoped for the best.  I hit my only draw of the day - EVERYTHING else faded - around the trees to about 15 feet.  One of those shots that keeps me coming back =)

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Chipped in for birdie with a 6i after blowing a 9i over the green on a uphill 144 yd par 3. Severe downhill lie but the line to the hole was somewhat flat. I bumped it straight down and it bounced in the fringe and rolled towards the hole at a slow pace. Even if it had missed I would have had a putt of less than a foot so I felt good about it. Wasn't just luck.

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