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Damn shame I was just out to practice last night. Made a 12 foot putt after getting to a reachable par 5 in 2. Can't call it an official eagle but it's the 4th time in 1.5 months I've gotten it into the hole in 3 on that hole. Courses here still aren't 100% playable due to the weather. Some are closed for the season as a result.

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135 yard par three, (hidden head winds up above the tee box).


the entire foursome hit short into the water


I pulled an extra club, 8i for my next shot (elected to just re-hit from the tee - I have no idea if this is allowed - nor do I care, there wasn't a drop area, but there certainly was a small bit of fairway short of the pond that could have also been a legal drop).

It flew about the correct distance but went right, straight at a big, deep, and WET bunker.  heard a hard "THUNK" but didn't see the impact at all.


I got there and found it.  Fully PLUGGED shot at the top of the bunker just under a gnarly high overhanging grassy lip (this is like a six foot vertical wall).  the only angle that didn't involve the overhang was straight back at the pond.


It was only after I whacked it on the green with a Lob wedge (brute force into the sand and up through the overhanging shag, actually a very good shot from that lie) that I thought "CRAP, I should have taken a picture of this lie"


big win, I think I 3 putted from there - what's that?  a 7?  maybe an 8?


I really wish I had taken a picture - it was GLORIOUS


I think that defined the entire round really



(I actually think my 'best' shot was a 5 iron that I fades - on purpose and it was a big fade - around a tree and about 190 that landed on the green.  Again, if my drive would have been in the fairway, I wouldn't have had to pull that shot out of the bag....lessons learned...actually a bad choice where I got lucky, if I hadn't hit that stroke correctly, a straight shot left would have been in the trees)

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Scratch my previous best of the week. Last night I duck hooked a drive into rough on a long par 5 and played a punch layup from 265 that out rode a berm and stopped in deep grass just above a fairway bunker. 112 out with ball severely above feet with lie that usually forces the ball right. Took a 7i and choked down to the metal and swiped at it like a chip. It came out low and rolled up on the green, over a ridge and stopped on the fringe about 20 feet from the hole. Up and down for par. Played the entire front like that, scrapped to a 43 with 3 doubles and bogey. Got up and down from trouble for par 5 times. The sole bogey was a chip that lipped out.

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3rd shot on a par 5, where I had come really bad of the tee 

210 yards to carry the water and hit front of the green, picked my 5 wood and shot high into the wind


.. sadly I chipped horribly short and 3 puts after that :( 


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Par 4, 415y and a really good drive. Still 160y to the hole and took my I6 out. Easy swing nice contact, ball landed on the green, rolled to the flag and disappeared.....
In the hole, first Eagle ever c2_beer.gif
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In the finals of an amateur tour I've been playing, with 60+ players, nothing was going as planned and on the sixth hole i thought f**k it, and pulled out my driver (not comfortable with it) to at least get some in-game practice

On the second tee with it, I shot a straight 320 yards (didn't manage to benefit from it though)

after that I birdied the 490 yards par 5 in head wind

and then birdied (as the only one that day) the 170 yard par 3, winning "closest to the pin" on the hole, where a brand new Audi was the HIO prize .... by 93 niches

All three holes that was very satisfying on a day nothing else really worked

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Played a short dog leg par 5 where the green is offset to make the hole kind of "S" shaped. Hit a solid drive. Pulled 7I and hit the shot I envisaged which flew high and carried some tall trees to the green for my first eagle putt in I don't know how long.


Hit that 7I just how I imagined. Very satisfying to execute on something with a degree of risk. Led to one of my infrequent birdies so that was nice.

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After two abysmal shots on #9 I rolled up and found my ball stopped just short of rolling into a greenside bunker about 10 inches from the lip. Downhill/sidehill lie with one foot in the bunker and choked up so far both hands were on the steel. Popped up a high pitch with my 60 that rolled about 15 feet past the hole. I probably would have made the par putt coming back but my ball hit a pock mark and it killed the speed and stopped about a foot short but on line. Up and down for bogey, could have been a lot worse.

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I can't think of a single shot form this week worth mentioning....LOL

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I can't think of a single shot form this week worth mentioning....LOL

LOL. Me neither. A week steeped in mediocrity!
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Was golfing with Erik (iacas), JeremieBoop (Jeremie), and Saevel (Matt). Hit a 6 iron and nailed the green from 175 out. Wouldn't be impressive, but I had trees on the left, so I was forced to hit a draw, and actually did. One of about 3 in my life.


Some people might call it luck, I like to call it...well luck I guess, so what?

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Great shot @Slice of Life !


My best shot was on Sunday and It was one of my worst shots of the day and one of my best shots of the year.  It was a 40 yard pitch on a par 5, that I just hit too hard.  Luckily it dropped in the hole and never touched the green save for just a bit of the front edge of the cup.  That was the first time I air mailed one straight into the cup.  

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Not one, but two chip ins today - both coming on the final hole of each 9. Made the day a little more exciting after starting out +10 after 3 holes.

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I hit a 75 or 80 yard wedge that rolled to 6". If it had dropped I'd have saved par, too.

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Aaaah yes...I finally have one!  I played yesterday and carded a good round.   The 7th hole is a 565yd par 5 and the green is a nasty crowned SOB.   It takes skill to hit the green from anywhere...LOL  I've missed it after just missing it...if you know what I mean!!  The ball rolls off from everywhere...



So anyway...I am playing well.....I hit two good shots and I have 56yds to a back pin.  I opt to nip a lob wedge....and lands short of the pin...and bounds over.  I am dead.....there is a deep runoff. I am chipping 10' uphill to a green from behind that slopes steeply downhill and it runs off both left and right.....NO PROBLEM!  I did well to hit the green.......LOL I holed the par put from about 30ft.........


cha-CHING.....gotta love it!  The putter rules!

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Hooked drive pin high with 3h on 196 yd par 3 - holed out from 60 ft.


What made it particularly memorable was that it was to an elevated green, over a bunker with new 60° from a tight lie with a gnarly clump of grass directly behind ball which dramatically elevated the degree of difficulty.

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18 hole, par 4 dogleg right with water on the right, starting at 270. Hit a small slice about 250-260 to the right. Had branches about 5 feet from the ground, about 10 yards in front of me. 130 to the pin, over the whole lake. Took and extra club, hit it under the tree and hit the green, 25 feet from the pin. I was very excited, I usually have problems flying the ball low :)

85 going into this hole....3 putted for a 90 (playing 7000 yards, longest ever for me) a4_sad.gif
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3rd hole. 131 y , par 3. Stuck my pw about 3 f from the pin to win closest to the whole.
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