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The 9th hole at Stone Canyon is a devilish  533yd par5:  It's a narrow hole and EXTREMELY narrow at the green with lots of trouble lurking to either side, so I never attack this green in 2 even if I hit a good drive that gives me a chance to reach.  I normally opt to lay up aggressively about 50yds short where the fairway is more generous and attack with my wedges.  I'm pretty good from this range and prefer this distance to a full wedge....."Closer is Better" in my book!! I make a lot of birdies from this range.......



After a good drive today, I hit a 4-Rescue club and laid-up perfectly in the "MONEY" zone where I like to be......the laser said I had 55yds to the pin.   I nipped a nice little 3/4 60deg wedge.....it landed about 4 feet short of the cup.......and trickled forward and into the hole like a putt.  BINGO!!    It's the first time I made EAGLE on this hole.


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30 yard sand wedge pitch from deep rough, bounced once and I heard the "clunk/rattle" of the ball hitting the pin and dropping in for my first ever eagle.


I was by myself, and in complete shock. I heard some whistling from the adjacent fairway and two older gentlemen started flapping their arms and asking if that shot was for birdie or eagle :) First time I've ever had someone on the course I didn't know compliment me on a shot!

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5-iron out of wet rough from ~175 on the flag all the way to about 4 feet from the pin on our index 1 hole. Missed the birdie putt! :doh:

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Played 9 holes yesterday in significant wind. It was blowing 30 consistently, with gusts over 40.


Our #1 handicap hole is 455 yards and was playing dead downwind. I planned on hitting it high and hard with the wind and bomb one (for me) at least 270. Of course, I popped it up and it went about 150 yards, just reaching the fairway. I  then hit a 3-wood as good as I can and it rode the wind about 275 yards, to about 25-30 yards short of the green. I would usually try and fly a lob wedge from there to this particular back pin but, because of the wind, I decided to bounce my gap wedge along the ground, and I chipped it in for a most improbably birdie.

Both the 3-wood and gap wedge were great shots, but I'm going with the 3-wood because it made it all possible.

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Me and a a buddy had a gap-wedge-off to a flag about 120 yds away on the practice range after a round of 18.  We alternated shots.  Neither of us was more than 15 yds from the flag, no mishits, probably hit about 25 balls each. 

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On Saturday it was getting pretty dark as we came off 9 holes, but we decided to do #1 and #9 again. Par on #1, cool, over to #9. We are losing sight immediately off the tee by now, really kinda dumb dark. Hit my drive and the other 3 guys are like "good drive, bet it's in the middle", and it was, right at the 150 marker. Took a 9i and hit it well but had a funny feeling it leaked right. Sure enough it's in a deepish green side bunker with about 40 feet to the pin. I take a 53 degree wedge and thump it, out comes a really nice high shot that carries 80% to the hole, lands and checks up rolling out to 4 inches. That was my shot of the week.

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Miami Springs Golf Club, 140 yd Par 3 #16. It's an elevated green, and an elevated tee. This is my favorite hole on the course, as it is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, and has great landscaping around it. Very beautiful hole. Plus, it's challenging for a short hole, due to the hilltop green that steeply drops in all directions. Miss the green, and you shoot up 15-18 feet to it, no joke. 


Anywho... hit my PW 133 or so of the 140 yards, landing it just past the baby false front, and staying on the correct level. BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT IN THE AIR!!! 


Nice 5 yard draw, ball landed straight in front of the pin. I swore it was going in while it was flying! 


Ended up with a par, missing the 20 foot birdie putt, but making the 4 foot come backer.


Shot 104, my 2nd best score ever, too. The par helped for sure!

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Yesterday on #12 at home course my drive went into a fairway bunker, and then my second shot I thinned and put on top of the mound on some bare dirt. I lasered the distance at 133 and took out a 9 iron and hit a beautiful low trajectory draw on the right side of the green that released and rolled about 1' 6" from the cup, tapped it in for par.

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best shot was today at my lesson. my instructor asked me how i would play a shot (50 yards over bunker) i answered "a flop shot" he said lets see what you got and i holed it… i was so stoked. 

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My friend wanted me to post this one:

Years ago, me and my friend were golfing at our first "real" 18 hole par 72 course (we were about 13 years old). We're on the 15th hole, a par 5 505 yards up a pretty big hill. My friend lines up his driver and just cranks it dead straight, easily clearing the hill.

We walk over to the top of the hill and can't find his ball. After a few minutes, the Marshall drives over to us and tells my friend his ball is about 150 yards further up. His drive ended up being about 340 yards (maybe more due to the hill). The Marshall told him he hit a nice 2nd shot, but was amazed when my friend told him it was his drive. Even after all these years and with better equipment, he still hasn't hit a shot that far.
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Yesterdays shot of the day was a 110 yd sw to 3 inches for a tap in bird. Hit some other good wedge shots but that was the creme del la creme..

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Yesterday's shot of the day was my drive on a 280 yard par 4, had to hit over some small trees, along the edge of a pond. As soon as I hit it I thought that looks good, walked up to the green, the ball was pin high on the edge of the green leaving 20 foot putt which I hit to about 6 inches and then a tap in for birdie.

I did follow that up with a 7 on a par four, doh!

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Yesterday, in 35 degree weather (and in a tournament!), I hit a 4 iron 195 yards into the wind to about 3 inches. As we were walking to the green, 2 tournament officials and a parent all passed me and said something along the lines of "great shot!' Nobody in my group realized how close it was until we got up there and saw it sitting practically on the edge of the hole. Closest to a hole-in-one I've ever gotten :doh:

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Played a quick 9 after work. Hit 3 terrible shots on the 9th hole Par 5 to end up in a bunker about 120 from the pin. Someone didn't rake their tracks and the ball actually is almost teed up on a mound of sand in the bunker. I figure what the hell, take a 9 iron and hit a stock shot that ends up 10 feet from the hole. (I also made the putt for my only Par on the round!)

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chipped in for birdie and had a 200 yard tee shot land 2 feet from the pin today. those were cool

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260 yard par 4. Nice easy swing with my 3 wood .Ball sticks 8' from the cup. Yes , choked on the eagle putt and made the birdie. I'm about 4/50 on eagle Putts this year.
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Two chip ins on consecutive holes. First was simple chip I musta have pumped a few time as the green was sloping away from me. I hit my spot about 4-5 feet from the hole expecting to gradually slow down and it trickery in the hole. Only thing I remember doing different was open face as it was a fade like chip.
Next was sand hole out. It was very similiar about 30 yards away and also open the club face and the ball had a bit of cuts pin and landed close to the pin and went in.
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3 footer for par

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