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Not this week, but anyway - I think one of my best shots was around 130yds out in the fairway. Hit  an 8i and it bounced about 3ft short left of the flag, past the hole and spun back right. Ended up about 2" from the hole. This was when 110+ was normal so for me it was amazing!

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today i had 2 drives that went 310+ yards and in the fairway. i was very happy with those

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From 155m a lovely MP67 iron 7, just the right amount of bite so to speak.
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Not one shot...but I had 4 birdies in a row..on a tough course... 3 were stiffies (SandWedge, 8 iron, 9 iron) and one was a 20'er downhill getting up and down on a par 5.

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4 birdies in a row is pretty sweet. I've only got 3 in a row once before.

But this week I did something I've never done before. I hit the last 14 greens in regulation to set up for 14 birdie attempts In a row . I putt very well but missed all 14 birdie putts by a fraction. I could have been 9 under . Oh well. At least I parred them all.
I'm hoping to continue that .
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two hours ago:


short par 4 (375). dogleg right. hit 3W to the LH side of the fairway. course was "carts only" so i had to guess on my yardage, and picked PW before walking to the ball, thinking it was about 115.


got there, and it was more like 130 into the breeze. lazy, i decided not to walk back and grab the 9i, and i put a perfect swing on the PW. knocked it to 8'. i wasn't impressed with the distance, which was probably at the outer-limits of that club, but more with the contact: just pured it. ball exploded off the face, on a beautiful trajectory, and i didn't even "feel" the ball during contact.


made my day (even though i lipped the birdie putt).

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This was a 158 yard 7 iron that I hit yesterday. Thought it had a chance for a minute.

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Most flush 3 wood of my life. Carried 260+ (green center was 255 and my pitch mark was on the back of the green) off the tee and rolled off the back of the green. Slight draw over two trees to a hidden green, as planned. Poor chip and a two-putt par. In other words, it wasn't a great result, but the planned draw over trees and pure feel were awesome!

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Par 3, 197 yards.  Hit a 4 iron to 6'.  Missed the putt...:8)

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18th Hole - Par 4 at my home course, was playing 9 holes for some practice with my rabbits captain. The hole is a short par 4 - 308 yards with fast sloping green. Its fairly easy hole the approach shot is the hardest part of the hole as you have to land it right at the top of the green with a good amount of loft or it just roles right down and sits at the bottom of the green / off it.


I took driver of the tee as we were just practicing and pushed it out right and ended right behind a set of trees. I had no shot at the green so I had to chip out to middle of fairway and left myself 80 yards to pin. I hit my 58 degree wedge perfectly and the ball landed nice and soft at front of green. It started rolling down to the pin and my friend started congratulating me on a good shot. We both thought it was gonna finish close like 1ft or something and we began chatting about how my short game had improved lately. When we turned round the ball had dropped in the hole, we couldnt believe it we had to check the hole. 

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10th hole par 4 last Sunday, First round where I made myself stick to choking up on the driver to see if it gave me better control. Actually worked great except for this hole. Pushed the drive right into the 11th fairway. Players were coming up quick on 11 so I rushed to hit my ball and get out of their way. Ended up shanking it. Still 40 yards to the right of the green, 3rd shot to the side of the green in the rough. Chipped in to save par. Toughest par I have had in a long time. :loco:

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I was playing a short par3 off the top of a cliff to a front pin.............I clubbed perfectly when a gust kicked up.....LOL   I landed on the front of the green, but the ball spun off down a false front.  Yea...I chipped the SOB ball in the cup for a deuce, but I enjoyed another birdie more.


The most satisfying hole was the 572yd par 5.....it's a long tough hole that plays through a tiny ribbon of safe area. This is a rare par5 where you're very happy to make par.   Two long and 'laser straight' shots are an absolute must to make par on this hole.  I hit a nice drive that plugged...........then played a nice 5wood that plugged in a tiny ribbon of fairway.......then wedged to 10ft............made the putt.  The hole is crazy narrow with trouble everywhere, and to be able to hit two solid golf shots without the benefit of roll, hit a nice approach, and then make the putt was very satisfying. I hit 4 perfect shots.............

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After fatting and thining all my chip shot for the entire round. On the second to last hole, i decided to use the toe of the club and make a putting motion from the fringe. And it worked! I hole out
Try it again on next hole face with bare hard lie with fade sloped green. And this time got the ball within tap in distance
Probably not special shot to you guys but it made me want to come back to course again.
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I played yesterday evening and the wind was blowing 22-25mph from the right.........I'm a lefty that hates slice winds!!


I was playing a Par3 with 178yds to a back pin. As a lefty,  I hit a draw and held it into the wind perfectly......it drew a little halfway....straightened out.....and then fell left as it came to rest 7ft from the pin. I luckily made the putt too.  A nice deuce....


I was playing the 5th and the 8th tee butts up going in the opposite direction.  I didn't notice, but the club pro watching from behind......as the ball landed on the green, he proclaimed "drinks are on me"  if it went in.........LOL   Good fun!  It looked like tap-in distance from the tee and I was a little disappointed when it wasn't quite so close when I got to the green.  At least I made the putt.....

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I ripped my 5i today on a 312 par 4 ended up with a par because poor putting but I really launched that ball out of the tee box, set up my next shot for a pitching wedge
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Hole #12 at my local course 512 yd par 5. It was the last hole of the evening as it was getting dark. Hit a 270 yd drive in the middle of the fairway and had about 240 to the hole. Hit a 3 wood that disappeared into the twilight but it went felt great and went straight. Got to the green and it was pin high about 15 feet away. Read about 2ft left to right break and hit the center of the cup for an eagle. My first eagle in a long time. I have had a few close tries but finally got one. :beer:

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Best shot and one of very few good ones unfortunately, was after I pulled a drive into the trees on a par five. I need hit it through a narrow opening and draw the ball back into the fairway. I was also 8 inches above my ball on a side hill lie. I worked at turning my wrists over and took the shot. It was flawless five iron , perfect contact, drew back and landed at the end of the fairway.
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Sank a 30' uphill putt today for birdie. It started straight, then broke severely right to left. I hit it pretty firm and watched it roll right for the hole. It hit the back of the cup dead center, popped up about a foot in the air, and landed just behind the hole about 5" away. I started walking towards my ball to tap it in, but by the time I get halfway to the ball, it starts rolling again and falls into the cup!

It must have came to rest for about two or three seconds before it started moving again. If I didn't see it, I'd swear it couldn't happen.
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