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Par-5 with a giant oak tree right in the center of the fairway. Planed a hybrid lay up to the left of the tree. Pushed it right into the tree. Hit hard and kicked back 20 yards behind the tree and 145 out. No way to get any kind of lofted club over or under the tree. Punched a low 6-iron that ran up pin high and 8 feet right of the hole.

Left the putt an inch short, right in the middle. b4_blushing.gif
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520 yard par 5, dead into a 20-25 yard wind. For kicks I attempt a "stinger" shot off the tee. With driver, I put the ball back 6" in my stance, and I hit it perfectly as planned. It did not 30-35 feet off the ground at any point, drew slightly, and finished dead in the middle of the fairway, 259 yards from the tee. :). (Made par)
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9th hole Hudson Hills in Westchester NY. Short par 3 right by the clubhouse. I shank my pitching wedge into a STEEP hill for a tee shot. Everyone else is either on green or fringe. I'm swinging at chest height and Bout to bust my ass on this hill but I still manage to hit it to about 10 feet and then sink it for par. Everyone else ends up with bogey.
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Hit one of my best shots ever last Friday. Pulled my tee shot left on the par 4 ninth and a soft draw carried it into the hazard. I was forced to take a drop, leaving me about 200 yards into this uphill green. I had a tree branch hanging out in front of me about 40 yards ahead, but I hit a pure 5 wood draw that bent around the tree perfectly and ended up about 8 inches from the hole for a tap in par after taking my penalty stroke.


Also lipped out a wedge from 103 yards during that same round. Flew it about 6 feet past the hole into an uphill slope, and it spun right back in there to hit the low-side of the hole and lipped out. Tap in birdie.

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Some good chips, and normally I'll pick an approach or a short game shot.  But the last game was a driver on a medium par four.


I was fighting blocking out with a late fade the last couple rounds.  Took to the back nine, but the couple of holes before I finally dialed it back in and this one was perfect, just as visualized - long with a little draw and ended up right in the center of fairway with an easy GW to the green.  Rest of the round picked up from there.

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I entered our Good Friday 4BBB Comp, fatted first shot on a par 3 so that it came to rest about 30 feet from the pin at the very right edge before the green about 7 feet below the pin but in such a position so the pin was tucked behind a bank so I had no straight view and also to the left was a sand bunker.

Pulled out my 60 degree wedged with the aim of getting the ball over the bank but dropping it short enough do it didn't go too far past the whole. Swung...connected beautifully...one bounce...and straight in the hole!

You could have heard the screaming from the far end of the golf course :)

That was the first time I'd ever chipped in like that in a competition and earned myself about £20 in our two's comp :)

Yay for me ;)


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#9 where I was playing is a short par 4, with a lake in front of the green.  There is a bridge on the left and a big tree just to the left of the bridge.   I hit the tree and it bounced dead left behind the tree with the tree, bridge and lake all between me and the flag.   I took a pitching wedge and hacked it through the branches (no leaves yet) over the bridge and over the water where it landed 12 feet behind the pin and stopped.

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Longish par 4 and I hit an indifferent drive into the right rough. Left with 215 yards to the pin, but my lie was really good, kind of sitting up and I knew I could get a wood on it. Hit my 5-wood (usually 200-205) expecting a bit of a flyer and I pured it. It was eating up the pin the whole way and I ended up with 5 feet and made birdie.


Same round, pull hooked my drive into the left rough and had to negotiate some trees if I wanted to hit the green. Hit a big draw with a 6-ron to the middle of the green and made par from about 25 feet.


I'll take the 5 wood because I made birdie, but that 6-iron was tasty.

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~14th hole 160 yard par 3, downhill slightly. I top a 6 iron badly and the ball rolls down the hill maybe 40 yards or so. I then hit a beautiful pitching wedge to within two feet and tap in for an unlikely par.

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3rd hole par 5 short (464 yards)  good drive into the wind with just under 200 to the flag.


----> normally a 4h for me, I took the 2h because of the wind - just as visualized - little fade to the green - pin high - 12 feet away but on a cross slope


I like it when the shot comes out as pictured.



(missed the Eagle putt.  hit a good line but left it short.  never leave an eagle putt short - left some work but made the birdie anyway)

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2nd shot hole 3 after a yanked drive that flew to the far side of the adjacent fairway.

Hit it left enough and far enough, that I had a nice cut shot past the fairway tree line (if you hit a bad drive, hit it so bad that it's past trouble).


190 to hole, green at least 40 feet elevated.  Strong wind left to right.  Big bunker guarding short and left near corner of green.  Flag long from me, short to left edge, green fast and domed a bit.


Visualized:  Strong 5i (like a 205 yard shot), light cut, where the wind takes it even farther, hopefully landing just left of the trap and bouncing somewhere on the green - most likely rolling over into the far fringe - that shot would have trouble holding the green - accept it.


Reality:  Strong 5i (like a 210 yard shot), light cut, where the wind takes it even farther, going right down the line I want..pinseeking.......  ......  that's the great part. 

More reality:  Not really enough club, hit the far edge of the trap and ended up on the sand upslope maybe 5 yards short of a great shot (finished a good sand shot but left, at least a shot to save par - nope, two putt)


Hitting approach shots like I visualize just makes my day.  Even if this one didn't result in a birdie or a par save, it still wins over the other more obviously good shots of the round.


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I played in a scramble yesterday at Arroyo Trabuco in which my tee shots were more erratic than usual. My first 3 drives went left into the Environmental Area/hazard. But I managed to put it all together where it counted - the LONG DRIVE hole. I teed it up a bit higher than usual, focused on making a good swing (not trying to "kill" it) and flushed a beautiful high draw down the right side of the fairway that curved back to the center. I must have hit a downslope, because when we got to the ball, I was 327 yards from the tee box. Even at Arroyo - which plays like a desert course with hard fairways - that is a pretty big drive.


I was pretty sure my mark would hold up and it did. My prize was a $250 gift card to Golf Smith. Now I just gotta figure out what to spend it on......

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I hit my drive right behind this small tree that sits close to the green on the short par 4. The pin was front left. So I had to go over the tree, drop it just past the bunker between the tree and the green, and prayed it stayed on the green because that area is sloped pretty good and fast. Which I did, I stuck a flop pitch to about 3 feet for birdie!! 

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Yesterday, me and a buddy were playing a round after work. On 16 it was getting pretty dark so we picked up the pace to try and get a full 18 in. Tee off on 18 and hit a fat 4 iron. Get to the ball and can barely see the green. I guessed the distance anywhere from 200-225. Hit a beautiful 3 wood and all I know is that it went straight. As we drive up trying to see it on the fairway I am convinced it took a bad bounce and is lost until I see it sitting a few feet off the green pin high. Get up and down for par. 

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Played 9 last night. The 2nd hole was a 162 yd par 3. I made solid contact with my 7 iron and it was right at the flag. It bounced off the flag stick and ended up 2" from the hole... This is the 2nd time that I've had this happen. I've never had an ace and wonder if the golf gods just aren't siding against me in getting one. On a side note, even with 2 birdies, I still struggled to a lackluster 41 for the 9 holes...
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Overall I was happy with my play and there were quite a few nice shots. If I had to pick one I would say that it would have been a 110 yard shot that I hit with my 56° to within 2 feet for a bird.

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Best drive of the week: Par 4 372 to the center of the green. The twosome in front of us were on the green. Landed directly in the middle with 61 yds left to the middle of the green. The guys on the green said, "there's no room for steroids in golf. haha" haha. It was pretty awesome.


Best iron shot of the week: Par 3 101 yds. Used the AW. The pin was behind an oak tree (they were having a tournament later that day). Hit it over the tree and within 3 ft of the hole. Stuck it. Birdie.


Best putt: about an 8 ft putt with heavy down hill right break to save par on a par 5

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Bladed a chip with my 50* but made the 20 ft come back putt for par :)
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