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This may bell the best shot I've hit. I hit a poor 3w that left 278 out on 501 yd par 5. Right of the fairway are large mounds and my ball was in the rough above my feet, it felt like the club was making contact with the ground just below my knees. There is a lateral hazard that splits the fairway but it comes through diagonally, the furthest point it nearest the hole so a lot of guys lay up. It crossed my mind but the hook lie had me thinking the ball would curve left over the point of the lateral closest to me.

I stood wide, choked up on a 7w and whaled on it. The ball didn't hook much and it was a high draw right over the furthest point of the hazard. A real good 7w for me is 230ish which would have been enough to carry the water but I was sweating it. I saw the ball bounce on the other side so I knew I made it. As I rolled over the bridge I saw a ball near the green maybe 20 feet from the edge. But the guys on the green were all going through putt routines so I knew it was mine. I waited until they finished before approaching to apologize. All 3 were congratulatory. One came over and high fived me when I explained it was a 7w. I missed the birdie putt but I played the front again and the next time around I got home in 2 and got the birdie.
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#2, just under 500 yards Par 5, slight leg left.

Perfect drive down the left with draw ended right in the fairway center (cut the corner, made the top of the hill, so got a lot of rollout) - so 175 from the pin.  Lasered it.


There's a 6-some in front of me just chipping on.....


I stick down two tees to mark my ball position and skipped them to go play ahead on 3.  (wrote down the distance on my card and took note of the fairway stakes


so holes 3, 4, 5 and 6


this brought me back close to hole 2....


I was able to find my tees and put my ball down on the exact spot.


6i from there - clean contact down the center of the green and then a little late fade to the right - (the pin is center right and behind the right front trap) - just as visualized.  I had a 12 foot putt for eagle - BARELY miss it, but that approach shot was fun.  Maybe not perfectly kosher due to the sequencing, but fun anyway.  All my favorite shots are ones that go as visualized rather than lucking up.


I finished 18 and was returning my cart when the 6 some was walking up 9.....Great rains this year.  this is a nice and simple course, but the fairways were like carpet

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Second shot to the par-five third that set up a chip and a tap-in for birdie. Perfect little draw, high, and finished exactly where my Shot Center was.

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The drive I had on this dog leg left. I picked out a tree to start it at, visualized its trajectory. The ball painted the picture I visualized in my head. It launched exactly how I saw it, went the exact height, and curved how I wanted. Ball ended up about 50 yards from the green on this short par four around the trees that guarded the corner, a good 50 yard curve. 

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Monster long 228 yd par 3.    Striped a 3 wood straight as an arrow, about 20 ft short on the fringe.    2 putted for par ... nothing epic, but really caught that 3 wood nice and straight...

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351 yard par 4 slight dogleg left. About 5 mph trailing wind. I hit driver to about 30 yards from the pin in the center of the fairway (front location). Truest drive of my life. Felt completely confident over the ball, turned wide, stable, and just ripped it. I wish every shot felt that good. Chipped to about 8 feet and missed the putt. Par :doh:

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495yd Par 5 playing into a mild 5-10MPH breeze and slightly uphill.  I hit a decent tee shot and had 235yds to the pin.  I hit a 3-wood to 35ft.............The lag putt never had a chance because it was offline, but the speed was perfect and I was left with an easy tap-in birdie.  I always like those.....


This green is tough for me to hit because it's hard for me to hold when it's down wind, and hard for me to reach when it's into the wind...LOL    Luckily today, the wind was juuuust right!!  It was the 2nd day in a row I hit this green in 2 under very different circumstances and conditions. 

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I was playing 340 yard par5 (from close tees because beginner).

I teeoff with my trusty callaway hybrid 21deg (or maybe 24deg)

My teeshot flies beautifully high and straight.

As we walk closer to the hole, I realise that I have to hit a full wedge shot to go for the pin. It was front pin indeed. I hit second shot about 2 yards off the green, just short.

Now Im chipping for eagle. The chip was quite accurate at under 1 foot.

birdie putt from like 1 foot... missed, tap in for par.

So my hybrid shot went really great at the start. If the hole is 340 yards, I must have hit the teeshot a total distance of atleast 240 yards.

Because I went with second shot with my 52deg I think and it was a little bit short of the pin.

I definitely shoulda birdied that hole but my putting was totally screwed at that point. It would have been comparable to short par4 at distance of 340 yards.

This happened last sunday.
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210  yd uphill par 3 - never hit the green before.    Hit an easy 3 wood to about 15 ft - of course followed by a 2 putt.  

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My shot of the week was the 169-yard, 2nd hole at Homestead GC (Tipp City, OH).


I tend to alternate between pushing and pulling my iron shots, but got it just right on this 5-iron. It was that feel hitting the ball that is what causes us higher handicaps to keep coming out for more. Flew straight at the pin and left me a four-footer. I made no mistake on the putt for a rare birdie.

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Hole 12 at Glen Eagles in Calgary. Par 3 183 yards


Blocked my tee shot right ( yellow lines ). Ball was about a foot above me and the green was sloping away from me. Used my 60 and popped it out to land on the fringe ( blue lines ) and it trickled perfectly down to the hole ( red line )



And sat on the edge of the cup.:censored:


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big drive left stuck me about 60 yards behind this behemoth of a tree (full and wide and completely in my way)....Par 5, about 230 straightline to the hole.....



I know, I know - take your medicine and punch out to the fairway.  (a straight shot at best would leave me over 150 from the green still, the tree was wide)

Not this time.  Decided to draw my 2h around the tree.  (just a fun practice round with the wife)


nailed it, square face only aiming to the right edge of the trouble  really swung across the ball and it ....... curved....... just a beauty.   it just clipped the right edge of the branches and rolled up center fairway, leaving a 40 yard pitch shot to a 50 yard pin.... I needed to point the start just another few more degrees and it would likely have gone right to the green.  (or, maybe I over cooked it and was lucky the branch took off the bend....either way.  Sometimes good, sometimes lucky I don't get many of these, so I was thrilled)


I got the birdie.  Lot of luck plus some good learning applied.


Not the 'smart' move, but it was the very fun move.


By the way, wife got her very first birdie on a short par 5.  She's never even parred a par 5..... 

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Had my third ever "career" chip in last night for a beaut of a birdie :)


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Had my third ever "career" chip in last night for a beaut of a birdie :)



Nice - I keep my chip in's / epic shot balls on display on top of my cabinet at work - write on them the date and details.    Fun to look back at the epic shots of the years ...

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It's always nice to hit the ball well, but it's even better to hit it as perfect as can be.  I took my 4iron out just to hit the ball up into the fairway on a 310yd dogleg right, and I couldn't have hit it better.  A perfect high draw that went 220. I could only stand there and soak it in.  I did hit a good 52 into the green and sank the putt. So it was good overall, but that 4iron was my best shot of the week.

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Last night 485 yard par 5 slight dogleg right. Driver just into the right rough, 8i to 25 ft, lag putt to 1 foot, tap in bird.

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I pitched a ball into the opened pocket on my bag where I keep my balls (HA!) from about 30 yards last night while practicing.  That count?

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Nice - I keep my chip in's / epic shot balls on display on top of my cabinet at work - write on them the date and details.    Fun to look back at the epic shots of the years ...

My gracious, this is a fantastic idea! :)

Although I did plan on doing this for holes in one but given that could be anything up to 20 to 30 years away I might switch to mounting my chip in balls instead :)


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