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One shot comes to mind from my last round... 9th hole 533yd par 5.    I just barely missed the fairway from the tee and my ball came to rest in a deep lush lie. Horrible lie.... I tried to take a mighty swipe with a 4-rescue to hack it forward.   The result was a low smother hook that didn't go very far.....



I was laying 2 on a steep hillside bank in thick rough with the ball 2ft below my feet and 143yds to the pin.  I had bunkers to carry and a deep ravine behind the green....  Due to the crappy awkward sidehill lie, I grabbed extra club and hit 8-iron.  The shot came off perfectly...to 4ft.  high and soft...right below the pin.   Luckily...I converted the birdie putt!!   


...........all setup by a missed fairway and an even worse layup..........LOL

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Gotta go with my drive on #11 at Oakland Hills. I challenged the left bunker. I nailed it long and carried the bunker and the hill leaving me in the flat with about 145 to a nasty front pin position. I would rather not discuss the next shot but will admit that I bogeyed the hole.


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Played at Green Meadows today because a friend wanted to.


Hole 15 is listed as 291. Was downwind maybe 5 MPH, just a puff. People were putting out, and I'm thinking "I don't hit the ball 291, or 280 on the fly, and this course is averaging six inches of roll today." So I hit a good drive, faded a yard or two (and got up FAST because those trees in the picture below are tall, tall, tall trees), and it looks good. Right at it, I figure 20, 30 yards short.


Get up there after playing Richard's ball a few times and it's pin-high. Then I get to the green and find the big ball mark five yards onto the green.




I go out of my way to apologize to the guys playing in the group ahead of us and they said "no no, great shot! Never seen anyone drive the green before!" and so on. I almost felt bad for apologizing because they were so enthusiastic about it. :P


Anyway, 280 on Google Earth, to the ball mark. :P


"Launch It!" ;-) (Chapter 5).


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This is my shot of the YEAR!  ....at least for now!   


The 18th hole at Stone Canyon plays 435yds gently uphill to the green.  I hit a vicious smother-hook into the right the trees from the tee.  Anything right of the trees is marked hazard so I hit a provisional.   I was very happy to find my first ball just a few feet left of the trees.  I had 225yds to the pin from an iffy lie. (at best)   I felt like I could get a 5-wood on it, but it would be a low bullet.   Bunkers protect short and left, but there is a 5yd gap up the left side of the green that will allow a run-up approach.   


My thought process:  Just get it up around the green somewhere and accept that I will probably end up in the sand.  Due to my angle, playing to the right brings OOB into play, so I went for the gap.  I hit a majestic HEATER that flew as straight as I can point.   It landed short of the green........it scampered through the gap.....and released about 20yds to a middle pin.    8" Tap-IN Birdie!!   Boo Yaa!! 


Leaving the tee, I'm thinking to myself that a double is coming, but then I end up with birdie!..Gotta' love it!!!!

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Playing Wednesday at Goodrich Country Club, near my home, I holed out a 174yd 5h for my first eagle!   Everyone on the course heard me!

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2 birdies last night. Top picture is what I had for birdie on par 5. I was hole high after 2 just off the left of the green, chipped to where it shows. Bottom is what I had for birdie on par 4. I didn't think the shot was as good as it ended up, landed in perfect spot and it bounced and rolled up... I did make both of them ;-)


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I had a few good ones this week, 3 shots stick out in my mind, 


The image on the left is a 250 yard 3 wood to about 30 feet for Eagle. The one on the right is a par 4, 330 yards, I hit the ball to the center of the green. Though I did three putt from 40 feet for par. Though just because of my short game problems the past few years. The best shot I would say was the 15 yard pitch shot. The ball was about 5 feet below the green with a false front. Anything not 3 yards on will roll back off to your feet. I hit the perfect pitch shot that landed about 5 yards on and checked to about 4 feet. Made the putt for par. 




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The best shot I've ever had and probably ever will have happened Friday past, (4th of July).


Eagle Ridge Golf Course at Yatesville KY on the Par 5 460 yard 14th hole - After a 254 yard drive, (which is about as good as I ever do), I was left with 206 yards to the center of the green and I hit a 5 wood on the edge of the green..., when the ball disappeared we thought I had ran through the green but when my other three playing partners and I got to the green one of them looked in the hole and "lo and behold" ALBATROSS/DOUBLE EAGLE...,  the ball was in the cup!!!


Nevertheless, I was stoked and of course my buddies ribbed me pretty good for being so lucky...., but hey...., you have to take the good with the bad. lol

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My Best shot was on Sunday at Delaware Golf Club here in Columbus.  Hole #4, Par 5, playing 505 upwind 10mph...  Driver off tee left me with 215 yrds.  Went with 4 hybrid to reach in 2 ... Over-cooked my 4H and it was destined for forest OB territory.... Frustrated I dropped my club, said some kind words to the ball...watched as it hit a tree DEAD SQUARE and the ball ricochets off the tree, 2ft from the cup for a tap-in Eagle. 



Trees are never my friend so I'll take this one for the hundreds of times they've F'ed me over...


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My best shot this week was on a par 4. I hit a bad drive but got lucky that I had a chance. I ended up behind these big trees but they were about 20 yards in front of me, giving me a chance to go over them. 


I was just across the two hundred yard marker, but the green was slightly downhill so I figured 190 to middle of green. I pulled out my 3 hybrid as it was a perfect club for that distance. My mindset was just to put a solid strike on it and make sure I get over the trees.


I hit the ball really solid and high expecting it to be about 10 yards short of the green and maybe in the greenside bunker. My playing partner said "nice shot" and I figured it was close to the green. I get in my cart and in the fairway and could not believe it but I was about 10 feet away from the pin. I missed the putt however, but it was still a great shot for me. 

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Gotta go with 40 yard pitch, 3rd on par 5, with little green to work with. 1 hop and stop to 4'. Made the birdie putt.

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Was playing skins with a few coworkers last night. Got to a par 3 with the prior 2 holes being tied, so 3 holes were on the line. I yanked my PW left, about 6 inches inside OB. 2nd guy hits his to about 20 ft, and 3rd guy is just short... Thought I was toast. My 2nd shot was under a bunch of trees with the ball about a foot under my feet. Hit a nice little chip through an opening between a bush and tree to 5 feet. I made par and they both made bogey and I won the 3 holes :)

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hit a 110 yard approach shot to 2 feet and sank the putt for my only birdie of the day. it was a beautiful look shot the whole way... landed about 1 foot from the cup. 

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105meter 52deg wedge, downhill hole though. (not exactly sure how that distance was calculated on the course placard)


followed by medium distance birdie putt...


now the putt was medium distance I think, it was easily missable, but I figured that there was no slope, so it was a dead straight putt...


and it went dead straight in the hole.B-)

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Jazzed on this one - 480 par 5, into a pretty stiff wind.  approach shot lasers to 235 to pin.  Pin is very short, maybe 12 feet from the near edge  pin and right half of green is hidden behind a maybe 60 foot tree which is at about 160 (no issue, but visually looks worse than it is) - left side guarded by bunker.  But my drive ended up as good as this hole gets - so had a line.  I can make an argument to lay up, but not nearly as fun...


2H is about 235 normally for me but pretty tight distribution for clean contact, but I know the wind will knock it short.  And if I hit fat or thin, it should fail to a good layup distance anyway.  Anyway, got a really clean contact and it flew laser straight straight at the pin, just as visualized (it always surprises me when that happens).  It ended up 8 inches off the edge, but on the apron - maybe a 12 foot putt uphill to the hole.


Of course I left the eagle putt 1 inch short of the hole.  Lots of good shots this round (including two blind approaches that both netted the other two birdies), but this one easily the best of the bunch.  Really a good round.



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For my game, it was yesterday the pitch shot I had on hole number 10 at Community Golf course. 


The green slopes a lot from front to back, and I was over the green back left. The pin was in the middle of the green. I hit a great pitch shot to about a foot on the green, nice and soft. The ball rolled and caught the lip of the hole, but was still going too fast and ended up 10 feet bellow the hole. I would say majority of people either end up leaving the ball short of the green because they get too fancy, or they end up at the front edge or off the front of the green because it is very hard to keep the ball on the green. 


I sank the putt for a par! 

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The past two seasons I was about a 6 handicap. Now I suck and can't hit the ball. I just wanted to throw that out there and let everybody know.
I use to hit 300+ us drives now they fade to maybe 260 on a good day.
Long irons fade awefully , short irons are spot on with good distance. Wtf
Three weeks of misery .probably the wrong area to post this but I thought I would share my agony with everyone .
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Here's mine


Hole 6 Sandy Pines Golf Club, 308 yards par 4, 245 yards to the hole from the tee box, but trees blocked the direct path. It was a scramble, and two of our players got the ball down the right side in the fairway. So I took a shot at playing a big CUT!!




This is the result, a 70-80 yard cut around the trees to about 5 yards short of the green with a 3-wood. 

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