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In our league tonight, I was 1 down going into the last hole. A 500 yard par 5. Hit a 3 wood off the tee abot 260. Couldn't go for the green (water in front), so I layed up with a 6 iron, but it rolls under a tree in some light rough. Had to hit a 95 yard pitch under the tree limbs and keep it no higher than 10 feet off the ground. I told my partner I had to hit it halfway to an elevated green. I hit it exactly how I envisioned it up the approach to within 3 feet of a back pin. Sank the put for birdie to halve the match!.
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On the 3rd hole, short par 4, I had too much draw in my drive and it was headed for on, but hit a big tree and went into the middle of the fairway. I killed the drive, and was 135 out, front pin. Hit a 9 iron that was a little right, but hit a huge mound and rolled up for a tap in birdie!
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Pulled my drive into the rough on a tough uphill 400 yard par 4. When I got there it was sitting up a little and I recognized it as a flyer, so I decided to go for the green with a 5 iron. Hit is solid but pulled it again and nicked a tree, knocking it down into a bunker that is 45 yards short of the pin.


I had been working with the pro on my bunker shots, so I decided to hit it like a greenside bunker shot, but with an extra club. 2 feet, unexpected par.

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Pulled driver again well into the deep stuff on a 375 yard par 4. Hit PW from behind two massive trees that were at least 80 feet tall. Compressed the heck out of the ball, 135 yards or so over the trees, a hill, greenside bunker, on to front of green 25 feet from pin. Par.

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14th hole Par 5 498 yards dead straight with a protected green surrounded by greenside bunkers. I hit a good drive to the centre of the green about 250 yards away. I top a 3W next, then hit a 9I into the right edge of the bunker. I'm a lefty so I now have to hit my bunker shot from outside the bunker. I bend down and hit. The ball flies out of the bunker, bounces once, then bounces straight into the hole for an unlikely birdie.

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180 yard , par 3 , 2 iron .
Hit the flag . So close to a hole in one
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It was on a par 4, dogleg left with an island green.  I hit a terrible hook from the tee, into the drink.  Took my drop and was hitting 3 from 150-155 out.  Hit my 7 iron to about 6-7 feet and saved par.


The thread is titled "Best Shot of the Week", but it was likely my best shot of the year.

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Long par 3. Duck Hook my tee shot into water. Third shot from about 130 hits the edge of the elevated green and rolls down barely missing the bunker. I then chip in with my 2 day old 58* wedge from the location in the pic. Bogey saves are gold for my hcp!
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I got nuttin so far. :cry:

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I have two. First was on the 4th home I was in the right rough and my dad was in the left so I grabbed a 7 and 5 and walked to my ball. I ended up being probably 140 away and I hit my 7 around 170. There was also a tree right in front of me so I hit a 3/4 20 yard fade and put it about 10 feet behind the hole! It felt so great

Second was on the last hole. I was 111 out and there was a little group of short trees blocking my view of the flag. Ended up putting it 2 feet to the left of the hole
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From last week. Hit a bomb, lots of roll, 285. Had about 240 to the front, lots of bunkers. Decided to layup, took too little club and hit it in a bunker. Had 75 yards to the pin, green elevated. Hit it straight at the flag, heard it land, hit the pin, it sounded as if it went in. Ended up 6 feet from the flag.

Missed the putt.
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On the Inside 9 course at Northwest Park, hole #2.  I hit a decent drive but it ended up a couple yards in the rough.  I was left with about 145 to the hole.  The lie didn't look that good, so I clubbed up to a 6 iron.  I didn't get much air under it.  It hit 20 yards short of the green, but just kept running.


Yay!  Tap in birdie!


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I've been really struggling in the sand in the last couple of weeks so I'll take the lob wedge out the trap on 16 at Homestead for my shot of the week. Up in the air, out of the trap and rolled to 2 feet.

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Drive on number 11 yesterday, 90 deg dogleg left. Hit a nice baby draw right into the middle of the dogleg leaving a nice GW into the green. I missed the 8' birdie putt, but that's all I got.

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Friday's game - PW from 107 from the rough, VERY elevated green from edge of fairway - just in the rough - past the edge of a small tree - had to cut it tight - pin very short.  Opened the face quite a bit and full swing (normally my 120 club) to a tap in for birdie.....only birdie that day on a really nice new course I hadn't played before.  I think one more roll and I'd have had my first eagle on a Par 4....woulda coulda


MUCH better than missing the eagle putt on the par 5 number 9 and the resulting 3 putt.....  ; )

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On two different holes this weekend, I had balls about 90 yards from the green. Put the ball just a little back of center and stiffed both shots. Two kick in birdies.
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Best shot for me was a chip shot. Hole was above me and I was about 25 yards away. Threw it up there to within 6 inches for a tap in par.

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On a really difficult hole, its a par 4, 300 yards on the card, sharp dogleg right, all up hill, with trees guarding the corner and fw bunkers cleverly placed as well. I hit my 3 wood really well off the tee with enough draw to almost call it a hook and carried it just short of the greenside bunkers. Followed that shot with a great 20 yard chip for a tap in birdie... 


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