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I was -1 on the 12th hole and it started raining and lightning.Never got to finish. One of my best rounds ever and couldn't even play the last 6 holes .I missed 6 other birdie putts but still held it together to stay below par
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240 yd par 4 - big tree on left so you can barely see the green.      Set up & played a perfect draw with a 3 wood - started right of green & turned right into the pin, rolled by into the rough.


Blew the chip & 2 putted for the FAIL.     But it was an awesome tee shot, just came in a bit hot ...

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117 yards out in fairway hit 9 iron, hit edge of hole and pin on the fly ended up 6 inches away.
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250ish yard driver slice.
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like you, Mulligan Jeff.  A nine iron at the pin.  My ball mark was less than two putter heads from the hole and the ball checked nicely for a birdie putt (which I managed to make).  Swing easy, guys.

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Today I struck a 3 wood 231 yards into the green on par 5 and made the putt for Eagle.. also the drive prior was easily my longest of the day too. Magical hole for me and made my day.
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I was over a 583 yard Par 5 in two.  I'm not really a big hitter.  Now, I cut the corner on the drive.  And I had some wind help.  And it was firm.  And I crushed it.  Measured it on the google classic at about 335 off the tee.  That left me 210 to the pin and I proceeded to smoke a 5 wood over.  Chunky chip.  Lipped out birdie.  Damn par.

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Out drove everyone's driver in my group with my 3H. Absolutely bombed it! Left me a chip for second shot on a par 4. Two putt par and major bragging rights! BOOM!


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After pushing my drive on #11 (dogleg LEFT) right, and into #10 fairway, I opened the face on a 7-iron for height to clear trees on approach to green.  Had 142 to a front, right pin placement.  Ball must have hit short of the green but was right on line with pin.  Bounced once, HIT the pin and left me a 4-footer for my second birdie of the round.


And wouldn't you know it.  Storms rolled in.  We got to finish 13 holes before torrential rains washed out the rest of the round.  Birdie on front nine meant I was +3 on the front and after 13 was +4.


Rain.  Ouch.



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Par 5 Second shot. I have 240 yards to Pin and 220 yards to carry bunker at front of green. Lay up would be safe option, but im not playing safe. Crushed 3 iron, flew bunker, middle of green. Easy 2 putt birdie!

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Par 5, straight dogleg right. Water hazard runs along right and left of layup area and across the front of the green. 2 small bunkers behind the green and thick tree line within 15 or so yards of a horizontally thin green. I have played this hole many times and go for it always because I hate to lay up lol. I bail out a lot to the right side landing area but have been everywhere on this hole except the green. My playing partners always ask me why oh why. Had my tin cup moment today. 210 to a back positioned flag I took a 5 wood and launched it sky high. Greens were wet and soft landed it 20 feet short of the pin and it stopped within 5 feet of its ball mark for a 15 foot eagle putt which I barely missed a4_sad.gif for a tap in birdie worth $33 a3_biggrin.gif.
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I actually had two "best shots" of the week.  


The first was on a 340 par 4 dog leg left.  Some pretty big trees are on the left off the tee so the green is totally out of view.  The usual is to hit straight or just left off the tee over a ravine into a nice sidehill landing area.  The second shot would be to stay a little to the right and kiss the roll off a bank onto the green and hope she doesn't go over the edge.  The backside of the green is woods about 15 ft. from the fringe.  The left side drops off into into a steep no man's land with most balls rolling into the high grass, woods, or rocky and steep cart path.  About 30 yards from the front of the green is a small dried up creek about a foot deep.  I selected my driver and hit a nice solid shot just to the right of the woods that comes up the steep hill.  The key was it being high.  I thought it was probably going to be a lost ball.  After heading down and up the bank with the golf cart I was amazed to see my ball about 10 feet past the cup.  The guy I was playing with said he couldn't believe that shot.  My first chance to try an eagle putt and I missed it by an inch and it went by about 18 inches.  I proceeded to make my birdie putt with a slight half roll around the cup.  I measured the distance with the SkyCaddie and it was 255 yards from tee to my eagle putt.


A few days later I played the local course for the first time in my life.  Number 4 hole is a par 3 153 yarder that has you hitting from tiered tee boxes.  All I know is it looked a long ways down there and the two big sand bunkers looks very intimidating.  Definitely want to be long on this one.  For the life of me, I can't remember which club I used.  lol  I hit it nice and high and I seen the ball hit just between the sand and green.  It dribbled onto the green and was heading towards the hole but I lost it in a shady area just around the hole.  The guy I played with the other day was yelling it in the hole, its in the hole.  I said no way!  He then said it just went by it by an inch.  We got down there and I had a 3" tap in for birdie.  Man that felt good.


I just started playing again last week after a 4 year layoff.  I got into it for two weeks back then with 27 holes under my belt, a few range sessions, and signed up for 5 one hour lessons.  I got the 4th lesson in and was involved in a head on crash with my motorcycle vs a pickup truck the next day.  People have to learn to stay in their own lanes!  The biggies were a tear in my left shoulder and a total left hip replacement.  Oh, I got to ride in a helicopter for the first and only time in my life.  I tried swing a club two years ago at the range but it did not go to good.  I ended up swinging with my right hand just to use up the bucket.  I was hopping mad coming home that day.  Hopefully things keep getting better but I'm due for some much need lessons again.     

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90 degree dogleg right, its about 220 to the end of the fairway, and 190-200 to the corner. Two of my partners in the scramble hit a ball to just past the corner. So I took a 3-wood and hit a giant cut around the corner to about 20 yards short of the green. Really a fun shot to play! 

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I just remembered this pure 8 iron i struck on our 9th hole. The hardest green on our course by far. I hit it and instantly said "thats too good, its dead at the flag" Danced around the pin then spun back 5 metres down to the bottom tier (its a huge slope). Two putts. Not happy.

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Pulled my drive and hit a tree about 100 yards off the tee. Laid up as best I could, but still had an uphill 125 yard shot. Pured a 9-iron that ate up the pin the whole way and ended up a foot from the hole for a very satisfying par.

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Well this is more like 2 shots.


421 straight par 4, and I needed a birdie to have a chance to shoot 40 on the back. Easy, rhythmic practice swing, and pulled the trigger on the driver. It was the longest, straightest drive of my golfing life. I had 118 into a back pin on the second plateau of the green, so I held off my 50 degree right at it, one hop stop inside 5 ft, rolled it in for birdie.

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272 short par 4 from white tees, drive came to rest on lower tier of two tiered green. I felt like Thor for an instant!
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I was hitting some nice 7-irons on trackman.


About 165 total distance 7-irons...

150 carry.


Not exactly at maximum power more like 80%powerlevel. (or so it felt)


the teacher gave me a good tip which worked, actually, strangely enough.


"don't aim at the top of the ball -  aim about half an inch behind the ball and thereby take a small divot"


I most likely had a brain block going on in my golf swing. I had been practising too much off hitting mats. And I had suffered earlier a hand muscle strain because of a duffed shot.

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