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  Sawgrass Island Green (replica at Tour 18, not the one in Ponte Vedra unfortunately) Plays as #9 on this course and there are ppl sitting outside eating and carts waiting (gets backed up on this hole).  They have it playing 137 and the pin is back left with about a 10 mph wind. I decide it's playing about147 but i have to be careful not to go long. short is fine and that green is pretty huge.  I choke down a hair and envision a nice high draw and struck it perfectly. My buddy was yelling get down but I knew it was perfect. It landed 2 feet in front of the pin to the right and hopped forward a bit and stopped maybe 18 inches from the cup. Everyone was clapping and a cpl ppl shouted "we wanted free drinks"   Yes I made the putt

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just a lot last night - maybe the hybrids overall - example - 2h from 240 up the center and to the fringe - and a couple 4h just like it


hit a LW from deep rough over a small tree that did what it was supposed to do (went a little longer than it needed to but that was on purpose as I didn't open the face as much as needed to stop short because I was floating on tall grass - decided better to have a longer putt vs risk just mowing the grass under the ball and sending it nowhere.....)

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Played 18 on a 9 hole course several days ago and birdied the short par 4 #7 both times around.  I played the same course a couple days ago and pared the same hole on the front 9 and eagled it on the back.  My first eagle ever and it was from 34 yards out.

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From this morning, missed a par 3 long and left. sitting in med-heavy rough with a gravel cart path and an uphill slope of more heavy rough to carry. I was at least 5' below the surface of the green. Hit a high, spinning chip that took one bounce off the edge of the fringe and trickled to two inches. Save par from a lie that could have easily brought on a double or worse.

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At the last tee, 9th hole, 328 yard par4


First of all, there was massive headwind on this particular hole.


The wind almost knocked the ball off the tee ( I could observe that the ball was moving slightly on top of the tee, due to the wind pushing it). I lost my hat a couple times too and had to chase it.


I hit a nice 224 yard drive straight into the middle of the fairway. That left me with 104 yards to the pin, according to laser.


Sadly I kind of fail in the vicinity of the green.


driver + 9iron + 56wedge + 8ironchip + putt + putt = 6 double bogey. That 9iron was just a massive pull for some reason, and it buried badly into the rough.



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Went out for 9 today. I pulled my tee shot into the left rough, and was about 150 out, but I didn't have a clear shot since I was behind a tree. I took out an 8-iron and bent it around the tree and left myself with a 10-foot putt for birdie. I didn't make the putt (got the par), but it was a pretty cool shot. I didn't think I'd pull it off and probably wouldn't 9 times out of 10, but that one time I did!

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Short par 3 hole, flag was about 105 yards out and at the base of a large hump in the green. My tee shot went right at the flag and hit about half way up the hump in the green and then rolled back towards the hole. Ended up about a foot from the hole for a tap in birdie:-D

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I always have a few good ones, but sometimes they are to save bogey or par.................


#8........342yd par4...........an easy hole with an asterisk!!  There is a big carry and lots of hazard from the tee..........missing the fairway is a big problem.   I hit driver and hit a huge block...................GONE.  I normall play driver because a miss to the left is a very long carry...so I might as well hit a club that will make it over.  I hit this too far left though...into no-man land.   I re-tee............ hit 5-wood and NUT- it down the middle.   I have 114 to a back pin on a green that sits diagonal from my approach..........going at the pin brings a deep bunker and ravine into play from my angle.   At this point, am aiming at the flag.......I pull gap wedge and knock it to a foot..........I save bogey.


#15............572yd par5.  I nicked a tree on the left in the chute...the ball came down short and I had a long layup.  I played aggressive to get inside the 150marker and dumped it in the 2nd ravine............I take a drop....hit a 9-iron from 143....the ball hits a downslope and runs 30ft past................................DRAINO..par save!  Gotta love it


#16..........par3 playing 214yds.  Very tight hole with hazard up the left......I play my "LEFTY" draw and hang one.......GONE.....  The ball crossed so short, that I took my laser to take my drop....I has 67yds to the pin over an 7ft deep bunker.  I take my drop and land in a sandy/dirt lie......pop it up in a cloud of dust...........lands....and trickles to 4" from the cup......tap-in bogey.   This is a good bogey!  LOL


All this and more, and it wasn't that great of a day....I think I carded a 78.   My golf game has issues......I am hanging on with smoke and mirrors.. These are 3 typical 1 putt holes in my world..................

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How about knocking both par 3 tee balls to 15 and 12 feet and making BOTH putts for birdie!  Happened Thursday night during a league round.  Nice seeing a pair of 2s on the scorecard!



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Number 18 at River Forest, par 4, "The Bell Hole." (Blind tee shot, then ring the bell after hitting your approach to the green.)


Put drive on the right side of the fairway. Hit a 6 iron cut shot that finished two feet right behind the hole. (Almost an eagle.) Made the putt for a birdie.

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Lots of good hits.  I'm going with "luckiest shot" of the week.


Was playing super good (hitting very straight, here's the exception) and come up to a short par 4 (344 yds).  Dog leg left with water in the leg.  I'm getting nervous as the nine were the best ever with 4 birdies to this point and I'm sitting 1 under for this nine, 3 over for the round so far(I played back nine first, so the front is coming in for the evening).


So decide to just hit driver straight out and not get cute with the water.  The left side of the fairway (like 10/15 yards of real estate) slopes down to the water.  there's people out there left on the far side of the water, but I'm not going over there, so good to tee off.


Of course - great contact and a hard hook shot.  The ball must have rolled out like a car riding a banked race track curve.  I get around to the other side and the ball is sitting in the medium stuff barely 10 yards above the wafer, and I have a clear LW to the green (60 yards).  I ended up with the birdie..... 


stupid game - two holes left and I just decided to play conservative to finish the round....no need to push my luck, already used it up


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Almost dunked a 122 yd par 3 for an ace yesterday. It pancaked 14" in front of the cup
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Almost put it in the jar from 84 for eagle. Tap in birdie.
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543 yard par 5. Pulled my drive a little, but smoked it and it got hung up in the right rough. 263 to the center of the green. I pull out the 6 iron to lay up. My buddy says wtf!!??!! Go for it! So out come the 3 wood. I swung real easy as I needed the distance and we all know what happens when you try and kill it.

So the ball takes off sure and far. Lands on the green and checks up 35 feet from the hole. Made a really nice roll with the putter. Missed the eagle by an inch. Tapin birdie.
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Not a single shot but an entire hole. Hit a 3 wood on a par 4 that the wind pushes toward the water. It's six inches from the edge. Off come the shoes. I'm almost up to my knees in a lake. I do a baseball swing and drill the ball into a tree 20 feet ahead. But now I have a clear shot of 100 yards to the pin. Hit a wedge that the wind knocks down short in the rough. I'm really butchering this hole. So I decided to chip it in. Basic par 4. Finished the hole barefooted.
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This shot made my day last night. I was scoring well but playing weird, went on to shoot 77 hitting just 28% GIR. It was very windy and several times it took my ball into tough spots. On 14 it was cross wind from the right and my shape is right to left so I tried to hit a low bullet and it didn't work out. I pulled it hard and it flew over white stakes into unmaintained prairie grass. Must have had some steam on it because it was about 20 yards further than it looked to be from the tee. I got lucky because the OB on this hole has a corner, it's straight up the left and then near the 15th tee it is a pretty much a 90 degree angle. The ball was right at the edge of the prairie and rough behind the 15th tee but in the deep stuff but sitting up decent. I was 121 from the green with trees in front. I punched a 9 iron thinking I'd need more club to get it there if the club snagged in the grass. Popped it out and to my surprise it came out low but not hot and landed on the right side of the green. The hole has elevation so I couldn't see where it ended up but when I rolled around there it was about 12 feet from the hole. I missed the birdie putt but par was easy and I was thinking double after I hit a provisional.
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Nearly missed my first ace today. I don't know how it didn't go in.

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Hit my first 260+ drive. (Which resulted in an easy par on a 405 yd hole) Still haven't gotten it consistently in the fairway but my confidence in my driver is growing.
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