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Had a really good weekend, I need to start learning how to repair green divots better.


On Sunday I was playing behind a really slow group and there was no one behind me so I was playing two tee shots. I'm still a high handicapper so I aim for the middle of the green on most holes. 


My best shot of the week ended up being back to back on a 140 yard par 3. Dead center of the green, great ball flight, identical. 

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#14 at Whispering Woods playing about 180. I three putted.


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Was playing at Philly Country Club on Saturday.  Woke up to a nice call from my colleague that the 4th guy couldn't play so he asked if I would like to. Couldn't imagine a better phone call to wake up to a Satuday! It was my colleague and I playing with 2 USGA employees.  I was a little nervous in the beginning but once we started playing I was fine.


Hole 12, Par 5, 542 yards out.  I smashed my driver a solid 320 in the fairway.  I have about 220 left to the green.  Keep in mind there was some sort of qualifier in the morning so the greens were firm and quick and pin placement was ridiculous.  I hit the perfect draw with my 5 iron.  Landed about 15 yards short of the green and ran up perfectly.  As we are watching the shot unfold, my partner and I go from "oooo that looks nice" and  "ooo that looks perfect" to once it started running towards the pin "oh my......get in the hole!!"


Ended up not going in the hole but rolled to about 5 feet from the pin.  Of course everybody made a few comments while hitting their putts to remind me that I had a nice eagle putt.  I knew there was no way I wasn't going to screw this up.  To my surprise, I stayed calm and didn't tweak.  Banged the 5 footer and walked away with my second career eagle! ....No I didn't flap my wings and make an eagle noise. (Yes I wanted to)

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Was playing at a nice country club, par 4 and I pulled my drive left. I had 155 to the green, big tree about 59 yards away and right in the line of the green. I played a fade/slice 7 iorn. Hit it high, cleared the tree on the left, and then started slicing. Landed on the left edge and rolled all the way to 10 feet. Lipped out for birdie of course
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Played nine holes today. second hole par 5 just shy of 500 yards slight banking dog leg left. driver brings me about 20 yards shy of the 200 stick. Roughly 220-230 yards to the green. Normally I play a layup for my second shot but for some reason today I grabbed my 3 wood and smacked it so pure. landed on the green about 17-20 feet from the cup. thankfully this thread is for best shot of the week and not hole lol. I'm not proud of the next 2 putts I took. Even my par putt wasn't a tap in...but boy did that second shot ever feel great!

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I got my new Bio Cell+ yesterday so I was dying to use it. The hole in particular was a pretty short part 4, not quite drivable but man I was very close today - I ripped one down the middle with a nice mid-trajectory flight and a slight draw. The scorecard said 345 to the green, but it was probably a bit shorter than that, even though it was slightly downhill. Maybe my drive rolled a good bit, I'm not sure, but it was only about 15 feet short of the green. I hit my second shot to a few feet and *gasp* I actually got the birdie!

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Old man golf here. Par 3, about 144 yards, big pond in front of steeply elevated domed green.  Many guys with 3 wood or hybrid and frequently swimming. Feeling great with new grips and took the standard 8i.  POW.  Perfect, well 98% so.   14 inches from cup, after one short hop.  And YES, made the putt which contributed to my first win of prize money.  On my way!

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Last hole had about 50 yards with ball above my feet and a tree behind me. Also a couple huge trees infrint of me. I had to aim a bit right and swung big time inside and just got it over the trees and hooked it back on line. Landed 4 feet behind the hole but sadly just rolled of the green
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Par 4 9th hole I pulled a driver left that I thought was going OB. I get up to the ball and it's under a rake in a bunker up against the far lip about 110 from the green. I had to stand outside the bunker and really squat down. Sculled an 8 iron that didn't get more than 10 feet off the ground. Hits the lip of the greenside bunker full force and sand flies. The ball dribbles out and stops 8 feet from the hole. You know there was no way I was going to miss that putt! I told my group that's how I planned on playing the hole. a1_smile.gif Only halved the hole since my opponent chipped his in. Lucky shot!
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Shot/Hole of the day:  

Number 12 at Stone Canyon plays steadily uphill from tee to green 425yds.  The wind today is brisk and hurting from the right.  (temps were up in the 90s, so the wind made the heat bearable)


As you may have read in my previous posts, I am fighting a big hook at the moment and OB guards both right and left and roll is usually minimal due to the uphill pitch.   I open my stance and give it a go with my 1 day old SDLR  trying to hit a fade.......... and smashed it high up the right center of the fairway....I push it a bit, but the 5' fade drops like a sack of potatoes right next to the 150 marker.  My best drive so far with the new driver..LOL   I laser 160yds uphill to a back pin location.   Hey...the drive worked out OK, so why not fade a 7-iron to the pin? (not my normal shot by a mile) I hit it pure....right on the button!!  I have about 12' putt right beneath the hole.........DRAINO....birdie 3!   That made my day........stepping out of my comfort zone to play a shot I don't usually play.  Holing the birdie putt was icing on the cake!!

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My only GIR and only par today came on a 156-yard par 3, which plays over water and is longer than it looks. You see a lot of shots come up short into the pond. I had been hitting my irons well the past few holes, and hit a 9 where I would normally take 8. The ball landed right next to the flag and rolled back to about 10 feet away. My first putt was awful - didn't hit the hole and rolled 3 feet past. Luckily I made the comeback putt for par. 


I'm hoping this is not the best shot of the week - I still have 2 more days of golf - but it is probably the best so far. 

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Not your "normal" best shot, but one worth mentioning yesterday......

Short par-4 and I blocked my drive right. Ended up behind a tree, about 100 yds out. I had a small chance to hit a hard cutting slider that could have rolled onto the green. A miss would have put me short-sided into the bunker from Hell. I didn't attempt the hero shot. Played a little 7-iron pitch to 30 yards and got up and down for par. Pushed a hole my buddy thought he had won. a1_smile.gif

I'm always pleased when I make the right decision to NOT follow a bad shot with a stupid shot.
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In the bunker, thought for sure that when I hit it it was going way past the pin (thought it was thin) turns out the ball stops like a dime about 2 feet from the cup. Tap in par!

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Best shot this week was a third shot into a par 5 with a 3w from 225yrds.

The Hole is short, less than 500yrds, but dogleg right about 60 degrees so plays longer.

My drive was well struck but pulled into the tee line in the left. My ball came to rest a foot from a tree so had to punch a 4 iron back to the fairway as far up as possible. Executed the shot well, ran about 90yrds and caught the opposite edge of the fairway.

I had 225yrds left playing into a stiff breeze. I didn't think it could get there but pulled a 3w in the hope of getting it as far up there as possible. Just nailed it 100% pure.

My ball carried into the greenside bunker on the right of the green. The longest 3 wood I've ever hit for sure. Missed the sand save par though...

Not the best resulting shot of the week but my god was it the purest I've ever hit a ball. Dead straight, high and carried forever! The shot that sticks out most this week for sure.
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195 to the pin (middle of the green) on a par 5. Had a branch, i had a gut feeling would be in the way of the shot. So i took a 4 iron and hit a low sawed off cut shot to 30 feet.
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Best shot of my life today.   136 yard par 3...green sits deep down in a valley.  pin was located center right, behind a bunker that guards the front right side of the green.  Landed probably 5 feet to the left of the hole and then trickled right to within 18 inches.  If the greens had been a little dryer and a nice chunk of mud from the huge ball mark hadn't got stuck to the ball, who knows might have been. lol   was playing by myself as I often do but a grounds keeper who had been doing bunker maintenance had pulled his tractor up to the tee box and turned it off so i could hit.  I would have even had a witness. tapped it in for birdie.  of course then on the final hole, a par 5 left a 5 footer for par and an 89 hanging on the edge of the cup.  lol  ahhhh the joys and frustrations that can be shared in the same round.


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4th hole (par 4, 400 yards) at a new course I was trying out. I hit a long drive that goes just right into a bunch of pine trees. I get to my ball about 145 yards away from the hole and see that I have no direct shot to the green, just a small opening in the tree trucks about 6 feet wide and about 30 feet away from me, right of the flag. I'm on a slight downhill lie also, but I hit a 7I dead centre through the gap. The ball flies out and over the trees in front with just a little left movement midair. It lands on the green and rolls to 6 feet. I made the putt for birdie too.

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Hole #12, Par 5 Saxon GC, Sarver, PA - Actually, this was the best shots of the week. Eagle 3 on a par 5.


I hit a booming driver, TM R11, 9.5° and only had 190 yards left. I hit a TM V-steel 17° 4-wood onto the green about 20 feet away. I rolled a 20 foot putt into the hole with my Odyssey 2-ball puter.


This was my 13th eagle in the past 50+ years and my 3rd eagle in the past year and a half. However, this was my first putt for eagle since November of 1999 and 5th time that my eagle was made on a par 5 by hitting the green in two shots and making an eagle putt.


I love this game.

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