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Best shot for the week came early. Par 5, seventeenth hole, I pulled my drive into the trees left leaving me roughly 255 yards to the hole. I had a shot back to the fairway that came in at about 50 degrees needing a heavy draw to run up the fairway. I choked down on a 3 iron and worked on turning my wrists over and a inside out swing. Put the ball back in my stance and hit the shot. It not only drew perfectly but ran up to within fifty yards of the flag for a chip and a bird.
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I was playing a club match and was one down going to number 8, a par 3, 170 uphill to a narrow green. I hit my first ball OB into the woods. I reteed and hit my 3rd shot to 4 feet and made the putt for a 4. The other player made a 5 and I won the hole.

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Par 4 dogleg right with lots of water all down the right side. Water is ringed with tall native grass and bullrushes. This is a nemesis hole that always gives me trouble, its often the blow up hole that sinks my round.


My usual miss is a pull off the tee, probably let the water get in my head too much. Today I purposely took an aggressive line and told myself YOU WILL NOT PULL THIS GOD DAMN TEE SHOT. So I pushed into the lake.:doh:



Took a drop where the ball crossed into the hazard and considered my options. 125-130 yards to the pin. Every inch of it forced carry. Can barely see the tip of the flag because of the bullrushes and native grass. Now, in these situations I usually chicken out and lay up because I know even a slight mishit and its back in the drink but I was in a good mood so I said eff it, going for the hero shot. Belted a PW as high as I could, great contact, looks good...hopping up and down trying to see over the bullrushes to see if I make. Hop, hop, no splash. Hop, hop, still no splash. And then I heard it, that glorious sound, the soft thump of a ball hitting a green with perfect trajectory and I know I've hit the green and held it by that heavenly thump. Trek my way around the hazard till I can see the green and I'm good. :dance:


And made the 18 footer for par.


It's the little things in life...

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Been struggling but managed a 5 iron off the tee on a 174 yd par 3 into the teeth of the wind to 2.5 ft for bird - pured it with a little draw ... Made the round
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Best Shot of my summer! Plus first Eagle of the year :dance:.  Marysville Golf Club (Ohio), Hole 14: Par 4.  Hole plays 390 from the back and is a severe dogleg right.  My GPS yardage to the hole showed 330 to center of the green (hole cut back right) taking the dogleg out of play. This means playing over water and tall trees. I hit a over-cooked fade and the ball ended up 5 ft past the hole for a "tap in" eagle 2.  Judging from the line and where the ball ended up on the green I was maybe a yard right from a legit double eagle....


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Had my first eagle yesterday, 470 par 5, pushed a drive 20 yards right of the fairway, 160 out hit a draw 8 iron over and around the trees and stuck it to 20ft. Made the 20 footer downhill!
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Got a tip from a thread that said at address focus eyes 3-4 inches in front of ball then swing away. I did this throughout round and never hit the ball so flush - I hit one drive 280 yards! Far more than my normal 230-240.
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Par 5. , 519 yard .
Hit my drive slightly downhill 347 yards and bombed it.
Right side of fairway with a small branch in my way.about 172 to the pin.
Took a 9 iron and cut one down hill and rolled up past the pin about 25' away.
No movement on the putt and sank it for eagle.
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380 yd par 4 with a tree in the middle of the fairway about 300 from tee box and a creek in front of green.

hit driver, club head comes clean off but still find the fairway about 280 but right behind the tree  about 110 from green

"You gotta go under it and lay up right?" says my playing partner



Take my wedge over tree to 8" and sink the birdie putt.

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400 yard uphill par 4. I hit a decent drive (for me) and have about 180 in, playing closer to 195. I hit my next shot fat and landed in a cross bunker about 50 yards short of the pin. I hit a mediocre shot out of the bunker and was a foot off the front of the green, with about 70 feet to the pin.

You can guess what happened nest. Bang! Center cut. Routine par.;-)

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Lately....my best shots are par saves.  



#15 at Stone Canyon......572yd par5.

So you can see what I am up against.......the fairway has some width short, but not where you truly need to hit it.   This hole is too long to lay back.....

I hit a quick hook into the ravine.......it crossed the hazard early, so I still had 10 miles to go to the green after I took my drop and hit 3............................... I take my drop...hit 5-wood as far as I could



My 4th shot approach looked something like this...........(except I was further back)...........it's 100% carry to a skinny green hanging to the edge of a huge abyss.  Bail right and hit it onto a huge hill...and leave yourself a hanging lie to a downsloping green to the abyss.....

Or MAN UP....and fire it at the pin!!!



A view of from on top of the hill behind the green to show how narrow this hole plays..............I had 205yds for my 4th shot across this ravine.....

I stuck it to 10ft.................made the putt.....and saved par!!    One hell'of'a par save!!!

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I hit two shots today which I was very pleased with. One occurred on a par 4, where I drove into a practically unplayable lie in the trees left, hacked it out into the rough, and had about 140 yards into the green, beneath low overhanging tree branches. I punched a 6 iron out, and the ball hung in the air just long enough to run onto the green 10 feet from the pin. I didn't see the shot at first (it was blind), and was amazed to find the ball where it was. I missed the putt, of course, and made bogey. The other shot occurred on a straightaway par 5, where my 4th shot, a long pitch, hit a sprinkler head and bounced up to tap-in distance (this one was more a result of luck than of any skill on my part). 

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Played yesterday and on hole #5 I caught up with a foursome with a kid who were (slooowly) hacking their way around the course.  They stopped by the clubhouse at the turn and were chatting when I walked by them and on to the back.  I overheard that half of the group was going home but the other two were planning to play a few more holes.  As I teed up and got ready to hit on #10 it seemed like the two came driving over fast to watch me.  The 5 holes I was behind them I hit some nice drives and was usually within a 9 iron or better for my second shot.  I think they noticed this as they were putting and wanted to see me hit.  Anyway, with an audience I lined up and smoked my best drive ever on this hole, I'm guessing it was out in the 280-290 range and straight as an arrow.  I play the championship tees at this course too because it doesn't seem that long (6300) even at those tees so I think that made me look even more badass.  B-)  Anyway, I've done this a few times this year where people have let me play through and I hit a nice drive but this was just especially beautiful.  :-D 

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Hit 7i about 170 yards to an uphill green.. words can't describe the feeling and sound at impact!  Nice high baby draw that hit the green and then rolled to 15 feet.


still 2 putted for par though!

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My son's best shot of the week.


We played Northwest Park's main course on Sunday.  Hole 7 is a longish par 3.  He was playing from the ladies' tees which was set at about 150 yards.  He's a small 11 year old, maybe 4' 5" tall.  He hit his fairway wood off the tee and it landed in front of the green  and rolled up, past the hole towards the back of the green.  Then he made a nice lag putt and about a 4 footer for par.

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Hole 9 at North Kern, best shot I have ever hit off a tee. Crushed the ball 304 after a small downhill. Was able to reach with a gap wedge. Missed my birdie(killed me inside) tapped for par. That drive felt absolutely amazing. Let me know when I put all the pieces together I can have a great swing, just gotta be consistent. Loving this hobby
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League night, we are down 1 with 3 to play.  One of our opponents who was very consistent that day drives one down the middle and hits the green.  Based on his play so far he is going to par at least. My partner loses his first drive and has to re-tee.  My drive goes right and is blocked by a tree.  Playing for score I would have laid up past the tree and tried to get up and down.  I had been messing around on the range with fades and hooks.  My stock shot is straight to slight draw. I decide to play a fade over bunkers and heather and try and hit the green.  I hit it flush with a 20 yard fade and hit the green.  I two putt for par and we tie the hole.


Not that impressive but not something I normally try, especially in competition.  We went on to tie the match.

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Last hole of the day...stuck behind some trees and push my 7 iron approach right of the green. Left with 55 yards...but again...behind some more trees. 


I have a nice line to the green, but can't get any air under it. I have the cart path in my way and figure if I can land the ball on it, it'll bounce up and roll nicely onto the green. Pitch it up and the ball lands right on the path and bounces and rolls to within 4 ft. Nailed the putt for a finishing par. 


It's between that and a flush 6 iron from 180 that left me 15 ft from the pin.

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