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Had about 151 to the flag in front of the green and I apparently not thinking grab my 8 iron to take the shot. I over shoot the green and the ball bounces into traffic and gets run over. This spits the ball out and back on to the green...

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Finally got back down to my 6 handicap. It's been awhile.chipped in for birdie on the first hole and birdied the second hole as well.got two other birds and ended up with a 77.
Also missed 6 other birdie putts, that woulda been a nice round if I could have sunk them
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Hit a three hybrid up over some tall trees and landed it on the green 200 yards away, seven feet from the pin.

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110 yards in on number 18 tonight. Took a 3/4 gap wedge and stuck it to 2 feet. BIRDIE! 

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Cranked a 3 wood high, dead straight, over trees, and 250 yards on a par 4. That's longer than most of my drives!

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In a golf match at our club I was one down going to hole number 8, a 170 yard uphill par 3.


Shot 1: OB


Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h, my opponent hits his tee shot just short of the green, and now all he has to do is make 4 to win the hole, or NOT!


Shot 2: I hit a hybrid four feet from the hole. (Shot of the week. for me.)


I make my putt, he chips on and THREE-PUTTS!


I win the hole and even the match, and eventually win 2 & 1.

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Toss up between 2 of my tee shots tonight. 329 yard driver on par 5 with slight wind at the back and 272 yard 18* 2 hybrid downhill no wind. Easily measured out because I used gps on the driver shot and I was right by the end tree on the hybrid shot. It appears that 10.5* setting on the bio cell + driver is the right setting as I've been getting some really good length drives since making that adjustment.


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Hole out for an eagle from 60 yards out.

My best pitch shot ever! 

I been getting close with my pitch shots inside 70 yards all week.

Something just clicked with my short game and hoping it continue

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Played 9 holes at a local par 3 course this morning. Shot 3 pars, and finished up on the 9th hole with a nice 180 yard drive to the green using my 5 wood with only half a back swing. But I was left with a 40 yard putt which I managed for a birdie for a score of  6 over par 33 for the 9 holes which ties my best ever score for this course. i believe I could have done better, but my short pitches were not that great. It was my good putting today that allowed me to score as well as I did. No 3 putts today. Hooray!!!!!

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18th hole, 411-yard par 4 with an elevated green. I hit by far my worst tee shot of the day - huge push-slice that ended up in the first cut on the right side of the adjacent fairway. I must've left the face wide open at impact, cause it was truly a sight to behold. I still had like 220-230 to the pin with trees blocking most of the green (pin was not blocked, though), so I hit a hybrid with a nice push draw to about 15 feet and finished the round with a tap-in for par. 9 times out of 10 I'm sure I miss that shot but eventually something has to go your way! It was a grind today but I finished on a high note.

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Hole in one. 142 yard par 3 with the pin way up. 80% of the green has a huge bunker in front of it, and the green is shallow, Since whatever clears by the bunker by 5 yards is your club. However with the pin sticking out in the front left, even with the bunker I played one club less, pitching wedge, and it hit once short right. Then one hop and in.

Best part, no one was with me, so I didn't have to buy drinks! Ha ha!
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Mine came Saturday. I was about 180 to a back left pin tucked behind a bunker, then a steep hill next to it. The pin was in a spot where I had about a 10"x10" area to land and stop the ball to get anywhere near the pin. I hit a high draw with my 7 iron around the bunker and stuck it to 5 feet. it felt so good

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I had to start out today on the back nine.  Number 11 is 366 yards dog leg left.  I hit my drive good but never seen it at all.  I'm debating to hit another or just go down there and drive around and find it.  I made a few laps and was about to just throw a ball down and get moving because there was a retiree day and things might get stacked up.  I'm saying a few choice words inside while making the rounds.  A 95 year old guy that I was talking to on the previous hole was parked at the senior tee box down below and pulled up and told me it went down by the two trees near the water.  It was in the nasty rough 230 yards from the tee with another 153 yards to go.  The two trees are just to the right about 20 to 30 yards away with a slight overhang in my line.  There is a sand bunker protecting 3/4's of the front of the green.  The green reminds of the up swept pectoral fins of a manta ray with the flag stuck right in the middle of its back. :-D  I hit my 6 iron and heard a few leaves being massaged as the ball went through.  I watched it hit the fringe just past the sand bunker and kick a little to the right.  I started walking towards the cart but stopped because she kept rolling and rolling towards the hole.  It disappeared for a split second as it rolled behind the flag pole then sat there big as life.  It turned out to be 5 inches close for a tap in birdie.  :dance:  

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Copypasta from my swing thread:


Popped/pulled a drive left about 210 yards on a par 5. Right in the left edge of the sand. I'm standing in the rough, foot below my feet...no line of sight to the pin, trees in my way. I grab my hybrid and aim left of the trees in an attempt to fade it toward the green. I hit it flush on a perfect line and it fades right around the trees leaving me about 80 yards to the pin.


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Hit a perfect draw on a dogleg 5 my buddy calls eagle then I hit a 6 iron to 3 ft and make putt

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Played probably the best tee to green on the 18th of my club EVER today. In todays competition the final hole was also a closest to the pin in two competition which I absolutely killed! The photo above doesn't really do justice to the whole because the area down red line is now full of mature trees and Ive put so many tee shots in to the garden centre and also pulled out so many power slices out of bounds right or hooked so many balls in to the water down the left side that this hole has been my undoing so often!


To start with I absolutely drilled the best ever drive on the 18th about  280 yards, which left me 75 yards in to the pin which was right up the front of the green. I pull out my 56 degree wedge, get the strike absolutely right, one hop and the ball stops dead 3 inches from the hole leaving me a simple tap in for my first birdie on the closing hole (and a bottle of wine:).



However the great thing, apart from the drive being spot on, was that in the last month Ive been able to add the ability of getting the ball to stop on greens when needed. Because I have this new dimension to my game it means that I now have the confidence to throw the ball up in to the air in the knowledge that Im going to be able to stop the ball on a dime and today it all came together quite nicely on the closing hole of todays comp! :)





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Stone Canyon #14  199yds to a back pin. 

The green sits diagonal from the tee and is very long and narrow with severe slopes.   I play a very respectable safe shot to the middle of the green and I'm left with a 35-40' putt with about 15 feet of brake up a crazy slope.   I jarred the putt........"IT'S IN DA HOLE!"     Luckily I hit the hole because the ball was motoring!!  It was one of those putts to lag close..... you need to pick an apex point 15 feet left of the hole and let it drip sideways towards the hole.   Had the ball not dropped in cup, it surely would have released far to the right.    Once the ball makes the right turn......the ball keeps on rolling. 

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I played a 277 yard par 4 the best i've ever played it. Admittedly i've only played the course 10 times as im fairly new to playing regularly.


slightly down hill and a ever so slight curve to the right. I hit a hybrid off the tee, slight fade and landed a bit short and rolled on to the green about 17-20' short of the hole. second shot left a fairly straight 4'' putt for a birdie.


over the moon with the drive though!



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